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  • 2015
  • 2 Seasons
  • 5.2  (173)

Little Women: NY is a reality television show that premiered on Lifetime in 2015. The show follows the lives of six women who are all little people living in New York City. Lila Call, Dawn Lang, Jazmin Lang, Jordanna James, Kristin Zettlemoyer, and Misty Irwin are the main cast members of the show.

Each episode of Little Women: NY provides a glimpse into the personal and professional lives of these women as they navigate their way through the challenges of living in a big city. The show explores their relationships, careers, and experiences as little people.

Lila Call is one of the main cast members of Little Women: NY. She is a single mother and an aspiring actress who is trying to break into the entertainment industry. Lila is also an advocate for little people and uses her platform on the show to bring attention to the struggles they face.

Dawn Lang and her twin sister Jazmin Lang are both little people who are best friends with Lila. They work together in a talent agency and are both pursuing careers in entertainment. Dawn is also a model and Jazmin is a radio host.

Jordanna James is a personal trainer and model who is also a little person. She is a fitness enthusiast and uses her platform on Little Women: NY to promote body positivity and inspire others to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Kristin Zettlemoyer is a little person who runs her own clothing store in Brooklyn. She also has a passion for music and is an aspiring singer. Kristin is a free-spirited and independent woman who is always on the lookout for new opportunities.

Misty Irwin is a little person who works as a makeup artist. She is also a mother of two and is divorced from her husband. Misty is a strong and independent woman who is focused on providing a good life for her children.

Overall, Little Women: NY is an emotional and inspiring show that sheds light on the unique challenges faced by little people living in a big city. The show also highlights the strength and determination of these women as they work towards their goals and navigate the ups and downs of their personal and professional lives.

Little Women: NY is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on March 25, 2015.

Little Women: NY
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The Newest Little Person
7. The Newest Little Person
June 15, 2016
Baby Kinzley arrives; Dawn divulges one of Lila's deepest secrets; Jazmin makes a difficult decision.
It's Go Time
6. It's Go Time
June 8, 2016
DJ asks Jason a loaded question. Meanwhile Dawn learns more about Lila's scandalous love life.
Jason Gets His Groove Back
5. Jason Gets His Groove Back
May 25, 2016
When Dawn and David dig up the past, things get explosive. Meanwhile, Jason has a confession to make to DJ, and an unwelcome guest crashes Katie's baby shower.
A Rough Patch
4. A Rough Patch
May 25, 2016
The group is finally introduced to Katie's boyfriend PJ but things don't go so well when they express their concerns about the health of Katie and her baby.
Into The Wild
3. Into The Wild
May 18, 2016
As the rift between Dawn and Jazmin increases, Jason tries to plan a peaceful weekend away for the group that quickly erupts. A secret is revealed that rocks the group and puts someone in danger.
Agree To Disagree
2. Agree To Disagree
May 11, 2016
A night of belly dancing gets heated when Jazmin confronts Dawn about being a disappointing sister-in-law. Meanwhile, one of the girl's receives shocking news about her baby.
New Roommates, New Drama
1. New Roommates, New Drama
May 4, 2016
While Jason surprises everyone with his new love interest, one of the girls makes a big announcement.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 25, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    5.2  (173)