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This show chronicles the crazy, dramatic lives of five celebrity couples. They are required to live in the same mansion and go through intense relationship counseling by a husband and wife professional counseling team. The famous pairs are forced to attempt to work out their relationship issues through emotionally and physically challenging drills, games, and exercises.

This season of Marriage Boot Camp features the following celebrity couples: Trista with Ryan Sutter from the Bachelorette; Tanisha Thomas from Bad Girls Club, with Clive Muir; Gretchen Rossi from Real Housewives of Orange Country, with Slade Smiley; Jersey Shore's JWoww, with Roger Mathews; and the Braxtons singer, Traci Braxton, with Kevin Surrat.

By the end of the season, couples will then be able to decide as to whether or not they should break up (or divorce) or make up, and get married. The emotional turbulence that the couples endure as they try to work out their relationship issues pushes them to consider if their potential (or current) marriage could actually work.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on WE tv
9 Seasons, 93 Episodes
May 30, 2014
Cast: Jim Carroll, Elizabeth Carroll, Spencer Pratt
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Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Full Episode Guide

  • In the Season 9 finale, the ring ceremony leads to major decisions, heartache and divorce papers. Later, an unexpected guest derails one couple's trip to the altar and wreaks havoc in the house.

  • A surprise lie-detector test wreaks havoc in the house; one couple tries to flee the house to dodge questions of a cheating scandal; and a singles' night out on the town leads to a booze-fueled disaster.

  • The couples face their own worst enemies: themselves. Later, Kailyn and Javi's child-support war ignites; and a standoff between Peter and Amina sparks a firestorm.

  • The stars are sent to the slammer when a lesson in forgiveness sparks a rebellion. A prison break in the house leads to the biggest shut down in series history.

  • Puppet therapy turns kinky when the stars get candid and expose their sex lives; Peter gets caught in the act with his ex, Tara; and Asifa and Bobby's heated fight leads to the biggest exit in boot-camp history.

  • A blindfolded paddle-board race forces the couples to navigate the treacherous waters of communication; Kailyn and Javi come to blows; and Javi is pushed to his breaking point and jumps ship.

  • Jealousy and infidelity run rampant when the couples are forced to watch their partners flirt at a singles mixer; Mehgan goes ballistic when DeAndre crosses the line; Amina finds comfort in a stranger.

  • The stars battle it out in a vicious game of blame-throwing and become forced to carry their heavy burdens together; Asifa exposes Bobby's dirty laundry; Kailyn and Javi war over infidelity and child support.

  • With their relationships on life support, the couples stare death in the face when forced to pull the plug on their partners; a brutally honest letter to widowed single mother Juelia comes back to haunt JJ.

  • In the Season 9 premiere, a "Teen Mom" and a powder keg duo from "Shahs of Sunset" rock boot camp; a "shock" gun wedding sparks chaos; and a divorce bombshell and a surprise guest shock everyone.

  • A surprise lie detector test sparks chaos; Paula and Farrah nearly come to blows; Kendra threatens to leave; things spiral out of control, bringing the Boot Camp to its knees.

  • Surprise guests shock the families, exposing dark childhood secrets from generation to generation; Marc finally cracks; Kendra continues to feel unloved; Debra returns and drama explodes.

  • Panic strikes when the families face their communication issues in an escape room; Marc goes ballistic; Kendra finds a daunting clue about her mom's looming tell-all book; Farrah discovers her mom's big secret.

  • The families face their communication issues in an escape room; Marc goes ballistic; Kendra finds a daunting clue about her mom's looming tell-all book; and Farrah discovers her mom's big secret.

  • Thanksgiving sparks family war when negative traits are scored in a brutal game of football. Later, Farrah takes a tumble; Paula gets put in a big time-out; and Debra's gone, but her secret erupts.

  • The blame game hits the families like a ton of bricks in the fight to keep relationships afloat; cheaters pay the price when busted; Farrah and Debra's abuse issues erupt; Debra's big secret.

  • A birthday bash takes a deadly turn; families say final goodbyes at a surprise funeral; Paula unleashes her rage while the Sorrentinos' loyal brotherhood destructs; Kendra faces her worst nightmare -- her mother.

  • Four reality stars and their toxic family members check into Boot Camp as a last resort; after two years of silence, Kendra and Patti face off; a surprise holiday celebration sparks a brutal confrontation.

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