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  • TV-PG
  • 2009
  • 7 Seasons
  • 7.5  (21,067)

Drop Dead Diva is a comedy-drama series that aired on Lifetime from 2009 to 2014. The show features a unique storyline that revolves around a young, shallow model named Deb Dobkins, who gets into a fatal car accident and is reincarnated in the body of a brilliant and plus-sized recently-deceased attorney named Jane Bingum.

The series follows the trials and tribulations Jane faces as she tries to reconcile the differences between Deb's former persona and her new body and life. With the help of her new boss, Grayson Kent (Jackson Hurst), a handsome attorney who once turned her down when she was still Deb, and her best friend Stacy Barrett (April Bowlby), a bubbly aspiring model, Jane navigates her way through cases, relationships, and her new reality.

The show's cast is led by Brooke Elliott, who delivers a fantastic performance as Jane. She is brilliant and likable, carrying the show and making the audience care deeply about her character. Her relationship with Grayson is a central theme throughout the series, and the two actors have excellent chemistry. Jackson Hurst portrays Grayson with charm and emotional depth, making him a perfect foil for Elliott's Jane.

April Bowlby's portrayal of Stacy is both hilarious and touching. Her character's unabashed adoration for Jane and constant support are heartwarming, making her a standout supporting character. Margaret Cho plays Teri Lee, Jane's assistant, and brings her trademark humor and wit to the role. Kate Levering portrays Kim Kaswell, Jane's nemesis and a fellow attorney at the firm. Levering skilfully portrays the character's complexity and vulnerability, making the audience feel empathy for her despite her often underhanded tactics.

The show's writing is smart, funny, and poignant. The show's creators, Josh Berman and Craig Zadan, tackle controversial issues such as reproductive rights, transgender rights, and body shaming with sensitivity and nuance. The show's writers also explore Jane's relationship with Deb's former fiancé, Grayson, and the complications of keeping her true identity a secret from him.

The show's production design is also notable, with vibrant, colorful sets and costumes that highlight the characters' personalities and moods. The show's opening credits sequence, which features vibrant images of fashion, food, and law, is both visually stunning and engaging.

In conclusion, Drop Dead Diva is a must-watch series for fans of comedy-drama. The show's blend of humor, heart, and social commentary distinguishes it from other legal dramas, and Brooke Elliott's portrayal of Jane Bingum is a standout performance. The show's talented cast, quality writing, and excellent production design make it an excellent watch for anyone looking for an entertaining, thought-provoking series.

Drop Dead Diva is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (95 episodes). The series first aired on July 12, 2009.

Drop Dead Diva
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All or Nothing
13. All or Nothing
June 9, 2013
When Tim goes missing, Holly reaches out to the tribe and Tim's platoon for help. Denise catches Michael in a compromising position. Latasha and Quincy receive news about his military career.
12. Damaged
June 2, 2013
Latasha worries about Quincy's future in the Army. Gloria agrees to go out on a date with Hector, but is torn when Patrick asks for a second chance. Denise volunteers for a relief mission to an earthquake ravaged country.
Adjustment Period
11. Adjustment Period
May 19, 2013
The men return from Afghanistan, but not all come home unscathed. Holly is excited to reunite with Tim but he struggles to readjust to life on the home front.
10. Reckoning
May 12, 2013
Everyone rejoices when the troops get orders to return to Fort Marshall. Maggie bonds with Caroline after getting her out of a tough situation. Latasha worries about the unexpected expenses that keep piling up.
Blood and Treasure
9. Blood and Treasure
May 5, 2013
The tribe gathers for Claudia Joy's dedication ceremony. Denise gets caught up in an emergency at the hospital. Michael and Kat (Brooke Shields) bond at a non-work function. Patrick reluctantly breaks it off with Gloria to keep the peace within his unit.
8. Jackpot
April 28, 2013
Despite their best efforts, the tribe falls short of their fundraising goals for Claudia Joy's garden until Gloria discovers Holly (Elle McLemore) has a hidden talent that could help them.
Brace for Impact
7. Brace for Impact
April 21, 2013
After an awkward conversation with Jackie, Gloria decides it's for the best if she calls things off with Patrick. Denise tries to help ease the tension between Gloria and Jackie. Michael bumps heads with the new Air Force Colonel.
Losing Battles
6. Losing Battles
April 14, 2013
When Denise helps Michael sort through Claudia Joy's clothes for charity, the pain of losing her best friend resurfaces. Eddie's (Burgess Jenkins) impending deployment prompts Caroline to insist on living with her real mother, not Maggie (Torrey DeVitto.)
5. Disarmament
April 7, 2013
Gloria meets a new guy at the Hump bar. Jackie s son comes home with some surprising news. Denise and Frank celebrate another anniversary apart.
Hearth and Home
4. Hearth and Home
March 31, 2013
Joan is disappointed to be pulled from combat, but is trying to make the best of it now that she s back home. She's upset to learn that Roland still plans on taking the new job. Denise attends to Latasha's son when he is rushed to the emergency room.
3. Blowback
March 24, 2013
Denise has her hands full when she agrees to watch David and Sara Elizabeth. Latasha, Maggie and Denise are brought together when their boys, David included, get into trouble.
From the Ashes
2. From the Ashes
March 17, 2013
The tribe tearfully comes together to say good-bye to a loved one. Roxy and Gloria befriend a young Army wife. Roland is offered an amazing opportunity to expand his research work, but he and Joan must make a difficult decision.
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  • Premiere Date
    July 12, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (21,067)