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In this thriller series, a young woman is misled by a government agency that trains her to be an assassin in return for releasing her from prison. When she discovers the agency's sinister plot, she turns on them and seeks revenge. The series aired on The CW from 2010 to 2013.

Nikita is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (74 episodes). The series first aired on September 9, 2010.

Where do I stream Nikita online? Nikita is available for streaming on The CW, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Nikita on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, CW Seed, IMDb TV online.

The CW
4 Seasons, 74 Episodes
September 9, 2010
Cast: Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford
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Nikita Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Nikita seeks vengeance upon MDK. Meanwhile, Michael finally tracks down Nikita and tries to force her to surrender before the military opens fire and kills her.

  • Ryan's confession could unravel Nikita's world. Meanwhile, Alex is suspicious of Sam after giving him a suitcase of fake diamonds to deliver to a contact in France.

  • Jones assumes control of the operation and offers Amanda and the team complete freedom if they will walk away from the mission. When their plane lands in Pakistan it is overtaken by a local drug czar and his thugs who demand $10 million.

  • Tension mounts between the U.S. and Pakistan after Amanda plants evidence that Pakistan plotted with Nikita to kill the president. Meanwhile, Ryan believes Amanda kidnapped Birkhoff; and the CIA captures Alex and interrogates her about Nikita.

  • Amanda replicates VIPs with the Shop's help and Nikita discovers that one of the doubles is the FBI director. Meanwhile, Alex holds Sam at gunpoint and demands that he restore what he stole from her, but they are forced to work together after an attack.

  • The fourth season finds Nikita on the run after being framed for assassinating the president. She follows a lead that could potentially clear her name and is suddenly back with her old team.

  • In the third season finale, Amanda puts her plan into action that places Nikita in a life-threatening situation and forces her to choose between saving Michael or herself. The team tries to prevent Amanda but, with a diminished Division, fears she may have them out-gunned.

  • Seized from the wreckage of Division, the black box falls into the wrong hands.

  • Alex reverts to her old ways in the wake of tragedy. Meanwhile, Nikita and Michael assess the damage to see what can be salvaged before the president realizes the extent of the destruction.

  • Nikita endures Amanda's horrific mental conditioning process, and discovers Amanda's deepest, most guarded secret ever. Meanwhile, Alex struggles to save everyone as events violently escalate.

  • Alex reveals her desire to leave Division to Birkhoff, while Owen begins unlocking memories from his real past.

  • Nikita and Michael learn of a new prosthetic hand that could restore Michael to his old self, but it comes with a heavy price. Meanwhile, Alex and Sean investigate to determine who inside Division, is behind a mutiny that ends in bloodshed.

  • When Nikita decides Division should accept a government mission to eliminate the President of Chad while he's in Paris, Alex refuses to take part. Upset that Nikita is keeping secrets from everyone, much like Percy did, Alex plots for a backup plan.

  • Amanda holds Alex hostage in exchange for Ari. Michael assigns Nikita and Sean to handle the exchange of prisoners, but Ryan changes the plan at the last minute, leaving Michael suspicious.

  • When Nikita and Amanda are both captured, the two team up to escape. Owen is furious with Michael after Michael assigns Alex to be Nikita's backup.

  • When Shadowbot is tipped off about Ari's whereabouts, Nikita and Owen attempt to pick him up before the FBI can get to him.

  • A CIA agent named Naomi happens upon a file detailing Madeline Pierce's involvement with Division and turns it over to the Director of the CIA, Morgan Kendrick.

  • Michael resumes his role inside Division running Operations. Meanwhile, Nikita learns valuable information about Birkhoff and heads a secret mission that takes her into dangerous territory.

  • Craig Silverstein talks about a survival expert who is suppose to be dead and some new troubles Michael must face.

  • Nikita and Owen fight a rogue "cleaner" named Liam, while Michael accepts a new position at Division.

  • Sonya's allegiances are tested with dire results.

  • When an arms dealer is captured, he is used to tempt Amanda. Meanwhile, Birkhoff tails Amanda's mole and Alex starts to fall apart.

  • Amanda sends a rogue Division agent to break Owen out of a Russian prison, but Owen is able to escape before she gets to him.

  • Nikita questions Division's reasons for continuing to run Percy's old missions. Nikita, Michael and Sean attempt to stop a terrorist attack but are short-handed after Alex is shot.

  • A young girl is brain washed by a rogue Division agent.

  • In the third season premiere, Ryan assumes control of Division with Nikita's support. Their first mission under the new regime is to catch "The Dirty Thirty," the rogue agents who ignored the Division recall after Percy's death.

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