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  • TV-14
  • 2012
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.5  (12,648)

The Client List is a Lifetime television series that was broadcasted from 2011 to 2013. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, the show follows the life of a woman named Riley Parks who works as a masseuse at a spa in a small Texas town. Her husband suddenly abandons her and their two children, leaving her with no choice but to find a job to support her family.

Desperate for money, Riley takes a job at a local day spa known as The Rub. However, she soon discovers that the spa offers more than just traditional massage therapy. Under the table, the spa provides sexual services to its wealthy male clients. Although the offer initially shocks her, Riley is soon drawn to the lucrative income that comes with the job.

As she continues to work at The Rub, Riley is faced with the daily struggles of juggling her secret work-life as well as taking care of her children and navigating her personal and social life. In doing so, she forges friendships with some of her co-workers, including Selena (Alicia Lagano), Dee Ann (Desi Lydic), and Georgia (Loretta Devine). Together, the women support one another through the various challenges that they face.

Throughout the show, we also see Riley's attempts to keep her work a secret from her family and close friends. Her best friend, Lacey (Rebecca Field), and her mother, Lynette (Cybill Shepherd), are both suspicious of her sudden wealth and observe her frequent absences from work.

In addition to Riley's personal struggles, The Client List also touches on wider societal issues, such as the exploitative and abusive nature of the sex industry and the difficulties that single mothers face. The show addresses these themes with sensitivity and nuance, making it an engaging watch that explores complex issues without being patronizing.

The Client List is filled with compelling performances from the cast, with Jennifer Love Hewitt leading the way as the show's protagonist. Her portrayal of Riley is empathetic, raw, and believable, and her chemistry with the supporting cast is undeniable. Loretta Devine shines as Georgia Cummings, a confident and compassionate woman who becomes Riley's mentor and friend at The Rub. Other notable performances include Colin Egglesfield as Riley's brother-in-law Evan, and Naturi Naughton as Kendra, one of the sex workers who works alongside Riley.

The show's setting is also a major highlight, with the small town of Sugarland, Texas providing an engaging backdrop for the story. The quaint, suburban milieu and its characters provide a refreshing change from the standard, big city drama that dominates the TV landscape.

Overall, The Client List is a well-written and well-acted drama that tackles important issues through a compelling and relatable storyline. Its characters are fleshed out, its themes are meaningful, and its message is powerful. If you're looking for a thoughtful and engaging drama with a side of romance and intrigue, this is definitely a show worth adding to your watchlist.

The Client List is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on April 8, 2012.

The Client List
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Wild Nights are Calling
15. Wild Nights are Calling
June 16, 2013
With the prostitution task force closing in, Riley is desperate to shield her family from a vengeful competitor and protect her employees and customers from the law. Lacey finds out the truth of Riley's attack and Selena and Derek make a decision that could threaten their employment at "The Rub".
What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am
14. What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am
June 16, 2013
Riley risks becoming a target of a police investigation in an effort to prevent a strip club owner from blackmailing the client list's customers.Dale and Lacey are the recipients of exciting news and Derek wants to get more serious with Selena.
Whatever It Takes
13. Whatever It Takes
June 9, 2013
Riley volunteers at a charity golf tournament and discovers a judge's plans to create a task force that could put her and the Rub in serious jeopardy. Later, Travis tricks Kyle into hosting a sleepover.
When I Say I Do
12. When I Say I Do
June 2, 2013
Riley is preoccupied with planning Georgia and Harold's upcoming wedding. Kyle continues to search for a way to contribute financially to ease Riley's burdens. Meanwhile, Evan and Trimble go undercover in a massage parlor as part of a prostitution investigation.
I Miss Back When
11. I Miss Back When
May 19, 2013
In the aftermath of Lacey's attack, Riley convinces her to attend their high school reunion. When Taylor sees her soon to be ex-husband, Beau, moving on with another woman at the reunion, Riley is forced to intervene.
What Part of No?
10. What Part of No?
May 12, 2013
Riley feels responsible when Lacey gets attacked by a man breaking into Riley's home, so she embarks on a mission to determine his identity.
Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
9. Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
May 5, 2013
As Riley attempts to let Kyle back into her life, Lacey has a hard time supporting her. Kyle turns to Dale to help him find a job. Meanwhile, Joey, an ex from Selena's past, shows up unexpectedly with demands.
Heaven's Only a Sin Away
8. Heaven's Only a Sin Away
April 28, 2013
In the aftermath of her high-priced infidelity, Riley is surprised when Kyle shows up at home following his unexpected release from jail.
I Ain't Broke, But I'm Badly Bent
7. I Ain't Broke, But I'm Badly Bent
April 21, 2013
When Riley bonds with a wealthy, single dad client, Dylan, she finds herself in a tempting situation. Meanwhile, Riley is overwhelmed when Kyle loses all his visiting privileges after fighting with a fellow inmate.
Unanswered Prayers
6. Unanswered Prayers
April 14, 2013
Dale's secretive behavior makes Lacey suspicious. Meanwhile, Riley forces Kyle to cooperate in a police investigation, even though it could jeopardize the safety of their family.
Hell on Heels
5. Hell on Heels
April 7, 2013
Riley seeks advice from Kyle when she discovers Linette's intentions for Katie to enter the Beaumont Belles Mother/ Daughter pageant. Meanwhile, Riley questions her feelings for Evan.
My Main Trial Is Yet To Come
4. My Main Trial Is Yet To Come
March 31, 2013
Selena is skeptical of Riley's new hire, Nikki, and Riley attempts to maintain stability in the wake of all the new changes.
Cowboy Up
3. Cowboy Up
March 24, 2013
Linette stays with Riley while she recuperates after a car accident. Evan secretly accepts a dangerous job to lighten Riley's financial burden.
Who's Cheatin' Who?
2. Who's Cheatin' Who?
March 17, 2013
Riley's secret life at the spa could be exposed when Detectives Monroe and Dunbar mistakenly assume Riley has information that would help their investigation against Kyle.
Till I Make It On My Own
1. Till I Make It On My Own
March 10, 2013
In the second season premiere, Riley's husband Kyle may be forced to go to prison. Riley concocts a risky plan in an attempt to keep her family together.
Season 1 Recap
0. Season 1 Recap
March 4, 2013
Get caught up on The Client List, television's hottest show; with this exclusive recap of everything you need to know about Season 1.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 8, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (12,648)