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  • TV-PG
  • 2014
  • 6 Seasons
  • 6.5  (577)

Bring It! is a reality TV show that aired on Lifetime from 2014 to 2020. The show revolves around the Dancing Dolls, a competitive hip hop majorette dance team, and their coach Dianna Williams. The show captures the lives, struggles, and victories of the dancers and their coach as they compete in various dance competitions.

As the show begins, Dianna Williams, also known as Miss D, enlists new dancers to join her team. The show features auditions for new members, and the viewers get to see the rigorous selection process that every aspirant must go through. Not all dancers who audition make it to the team, and this adds to the show's suspense and drama.

Once the team is selected, the real action begins. The Dancing Dolls team practices routines, choreographed by Miss D, for upcoming competitions, and the cameras capture their progress. Miss D and her assistants, Kayla and Tina, push the girls to their limits, making them improve their moves and create new and unique routines.

The show presents various competitions in which the Dancing Dolls team participates. We get to see the girls' difficult journey as they work hard to perfect their routines and costumes, facing various obstacles like injury, illness, and drama within the team.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Bring It! is the competition factor. In each season, the Dancing Dolls face new dance teams from different states, and the winner takes home a trophy and prize money. Viewers get to see the Dance Competitions themselves, including the Dancing Dolls' preparation, their performance, and the judges' decision. The show also features intense and highly competitive opponents, such as the Purple Diamonds, the Divas of Olive Branch, and the Infamous Dancerettes.

Another exciting part of Bring It! is the rivalry aspect. It is not just the competition against other teams that creates tension, but also the internal struggles of the dancing dolls themselves. Throughout the show, we see a lot of drama among the team members themselves. Whether it is disagreements over routines, rivalries among different team members, or personal struggles, the show captures it all.

Moreover, Bring It! often features guest judges who are well-known in the dance industry. These judges provide constructive criticism to the team and also motivate them to improve their performances. Some judges who have appeared on the show include famous choreographer Todrick Hall, Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles, and Olympic gold medalist Dominique Dawes.

Bring It! is not just about competition and rivalry, it also highlights the individual journeys of the Dancing Dolls. The show follows the personal stories of several team members, including the captain Camryn Harris and the co-captain Makya Griffin, as they balance school, family, and their passion for dance. The show also explores the individual struggles of each dancer, such as dealing with self-doubt, the pressure to perform, and low self-esteem.

In conclusion, Bring It! is an exciting and engaging reality show that captures the world of competitive dancing. The show highlights the hard work, dedication, and passion behind the crafting of each dance routine, while also following the personal lives of the Dancing Dolls members. The combination of fierce competition, internal drama, and the journey of each individual makes Bring It! a must-watch show for everyone who loves dance and reality TV.

Bring It! is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (132 episodes). The series first aired on March 5, 2014.

Bring It!
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The Curse of the B-Squad
7. The Curse of the B-Squad
March 15, 2021
The B-Squad attempts to break their losing "curse" as they prepare for an epic Stand Battle including participation from the DDP and the boys.
A Boy, A Kiss, A Choreographer
5. A Boy, A Kiss, A Choreographer
March 15, 2021
It's a battle of the duos in the Dollhouse as Coach D breaks the team into pairs of two for a choreographing challenge where the winning duet will represent the Dancing Dolls at an elite competition.
Survival of the Fittest
4. Survival of the Fittest
March 15, 2021
Coach D must prepare the team for a huge survivor-style elimination match, where heavy hitters can be picked off by the opposing teams.
You Think You Can Choreograph?
3. You Think You Can Choreograph?
March 15, 2021
It's a senior showdown as Coach D gives four graduating vets a chance to choreograph a trio, and the winner's routine will represent the team in a national competition.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 5, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (577)