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Bring It is a dance show that features the Dancing Dolls, a dance team from Jackson, Mississippi. The show will highlight the group in practices and during competitions. In one several episode coach Dianna Williams interact with her girls parents, but make them stand out DollHouse Dance Factory during rehearsals. She even exchanges a few smart remarks with a few of her parents.

In the show Williams uses tough love as a tool to teach her girls the value of hard work. In addition, she is not afraid to push her students until the routines right. The Dancing Dolls are an award winning dance team, and Williams is veteran coach herself.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on Lifetime
4 Seasons, 91 Episodes
March 5, 2014
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Bring It! Full Episode Guide

  • Dianna concocts a Willy Wonka-inspired creative routine for the Battle Royale. Meanwhile, Kayla struggles with her dance career outside the Dollhouse; and Rittany reaches a breaking point.

  • With Battle Royale just around the corner, Coach D holds auditions for a solo role that Rittany's gunning for Crystianna to get. Later, Coach D makes cuts to organize a battle squad, but first the Dolls must get through a battle against two of their biggest nemeses, Sharon and the Southern Royalettes and Neva and her Divas of Olive Branch.

  • The Broadway Dance Center asks Jackson to pick one Dancing Doll for their summer intensive scholarship; Kayla and some of the girls perform a no-rules, underground, freestyle hip-hop competition.

  • When the Dancing Dolls are going up against their hometown rivals, the Purple Diamonds, Coach D makes a BeyoncĂ©-inspired routine that will have the girls performing in a pool; Kayla second guesses her future after a bad audition in Los Angeles.

  • The Dolls compete in a grudge match against Compton while one doll gets a dream offer. Later, Demi Lovato surprises the girls.

  • The Dancing Dolls discover Coach D swapped studios with Tyrus, the coach of the Elite Stars. Later, he decides to bench Coach D's pros and takes a risk on fresh blood.

  • The Dancing Dolls compete against the Prancing Tigerettes. Later, Coach D is a little too eager with a futuristic robot-creative routine and a new category called tag team.

  • Black Ice is back and Miss D is putting on the pressure. Meanwhile, Crystianna and Makylah find themselves tested when they have to choreograph a routine for a co-captain's battle; and Rittany throws herself a roaring '20s-themed birthday bash that's full of surprises.

  • Coach D shakes things up at this week's stand battle.

  • Dianna heads to Birmingham to get her new dancers ready for a scrimmage against the Jackson, Miss., team. Later, Kayla steps up at home; and Torrey takes matters into his own hands at the Jackson studio.

  • The Dolls use props in their performance; Faith and Daija learn a ballet routine taught by Torrey. Later, Faith has a case of FOMO due to her busy schedule.

  • Dianna unexpectedly hires a new ballet coach, leading Tina to believe the new guy will replace Kayla. Later, Kayla searches for a studio to teach hip-hop classes; and the dancers struggle to master new lyrical skills in time for a freestyle competition.

  • Coach D has a big surprise in store for the Dolls - twelve girls have been chosen to go on a field trip to New York City! Unfortunately, it will be strictly business.

  • It is imperative to Coach D that the Dancing Dolls slay the competition; the dancers get a crash course in "New Orleans bounce''; some of the girls attend Beyonce's concert; the parents get a rare night out.

  • The Dancing Dolls perform a boxing-themed routine against Black Ice; Selena experiences her first ride along to become a bounty hunter; Kayla gets Camryn, Crystianna and Makyla ready for their first Captain's Battle.

  • In the fourth season premiere, Coach D takes on her rival Neva in a New Orleans dance battle; the battle squad gets new members; the DDP welcome a new member to the viewing room.

  • Coach D tries her hand at a spectacular stepping routine for the ultimate competition--the Summer Dance Slam.

  • Coach D demands more from the girls during the week of the final competition before the Summer Dance Slam; Dana has a big surprise in store for Faith's sweet sixteen.

  • Coach D's plan to include 30 new dancers in a football field competition could jeopardize game day for the team; the tension between Selena and some of the other mothers boils over.

  • Enemies become allies when the Dancing Dolls and their hometown rivals, the Purple Diamonds, take on the city of Memphis in a city vs. city competition.

  • The dancers compete for a scholarship and a spot on the elite dance crew. Later, Coach D struggles to prepare the battle squad for college-level performances; and Tiny and Rittany create accounts on a dating website for Selena and Mimi.

  • Dianna seeks help from her husband for a basketball-themed creative routine. Later, Tamala points out inappropriate behavior in the viewing room.

  • Following multiple losses in the freestyle category, Coach D decides her team needs to shape up; Rittany gets fired up when Dana enlists Kayla for some private lessons.

  • Dianna decides to take on the Divas of Compton again. Later, one parent becomes upset in the viewing room following the girls' freestyle routine.

  • Dianna gets more than 100 dancers to compete against her rival, Neva from the Divas of Olive Branch. Later, the DDP intervene after Dianna gets upset while preparing the girls for the grudge match.

  • In the third season premiere, Coach D separate the Dolls into two teams for a dance battle and to train new dancers for the summer season.

  • Dianna and the DDP kick-off the new summer season of Bring It! with "summer-tactic" countdown celebration.

  • Vivica Fox sits down with the cast and their rivals to discuss the drama from Season 3.

  • After losing the Battle Royale for two consecutive years, Dianna overwhelms her team with difficult choreography and ambitious stands that involve guest appearances from alumni.

  • The Dancing Dolls compete with eight of their fiercest rivals to secure a spot in the Battle Royale; Camryn reaches her breaking point; Mimi is fired up over the new mothers' lack of support for their captain.

  • Neva oversteps her bounds in this week's Stand Battle in response to Miss D's drag-queen stunt, jeopardizing both teams. Later, Dianna must make a risky decision in the face of state testing; and a new coach threatens to sideline Kayla.

  • The Dollhouse goes retro as Dianna choreographs a '90s-inspired TLC-themed dance, but when the leading roll is given to an unlikely Doll, Dianna struggles to get the team ready on time.

  • Two consecutive losses put the Dancing Dolls under extra pressure; Dianna's controlling ways limit Kayla's efforts to help the team; Rittany blames Faith for the group's losing streak.

  • There are more jeers than cheers this week as the Dolls rehearse for a pom-pom competition against their Texas rivals, Xplosive, and the new girls struggle to catch on.

  • Church bells are ringing in the Dollhouse as Dianna prepares an ambitious Gospel duet with an unlikely pair.

  • It's "Fright Night in the Dollhouse" as the Dolls are competing on Halloween and Dianna has big plans for a spooky, show-stopping routine. But fierce rivals, The Purple Diamonds, await the Dolls at the competition.

  • Dianna and the Dolls have a demanding schedule with a competition, a homecoming parade and a halftime show on the docket, as well as preparing to face one of their most formidable rivals.

  • Diana has to change choreography unexpectedly and the girls have no time to practice battle stands. The veteran Dancing Doll parents clash with a new mom.

  • Dianna works hard to get her new team in shape; and Crystianna and Faith compete for a solo. Elsewhere, Dana tries to convince the moms to let her give them makeovers.

  • In the third season premiere, Coach D is on a quest to lead her Dolls to victory against Compton; and there's a new battle team at the Dollhouse who clash with the veterans. Later, one of the parents digs up the past with Dianna.

  • Coach D hosts a New Year's party inside the Dollhouse to kick off the new season of Bring It! Dianna, the moms and the Dancing Dolls answer viewer questions.

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