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  • TV-14
  • 2016
  • 6 Seasons
  • 5.5  (391)

Little Women: Atlanta is a reality television show that premiered on Lifetime in January of 2016. This spin-off of the popular Little Women franchise follows the lives of a group of women with dwarfism living in Atlanta. The show primarily focuses on three main cast members: Andrea Salinas, Amanda Salinas, and Monie Cashette. Andrea and Amanda, also known as 'The Tiny Twins', are originally from Texas and moved to Atlanta to pursue their dream of opening up their own dance studio. Monie, on the other hand, is a Georgia native who works as a hair stylist.

Throughout the show, viewers get an inside look into the ups and downs of these women's personal and professional lives. They navigate relationships, pursue their careers, and support each other through both triumphs and high-stress situations.

One of the primary storylines throughout the show revolves around Andrea's pregnancy. She reveals in the first episode that she is pregnant, which comes as a shock to Amanda and the rest of the cast. As the season progresses, Andrea struggles with the challenges of being a pregnant little person and questions whether or not she is ready to become a mother.

Another significant storyline centers around Monie's relationship with her on-and-off boyfriend, Morlin. The two struggle with communication and trust issues, but ultimately decide to try to work things out.

Other notable cast members include Tanya and her husband Devon, who are navigating life as newlyweds, and Minnie, who frequently finds herself caught in the middle of drama between other cast members.

Overall, Little Women: Atlanta offers a unique and engaging look into the lives of little people. The show is equal parts heartwarming and dramatic, making it a must-watch for reality TV fans.

If you're interested in checking out the show for yourself, you can watch Little Women: Atlanta online through Lifetime's website or on a variety of streaming services. Whether you're a longtime fan of the franchise or just looking for a new binge-worthy show, Little Women: Atlanta is definitely worth a watch.

Watch Little Women: Atlanta Online and discover the entertaining world of these formidable African American women with dwarfism. Join them in their adventures and breakthroughs as they deal with relationships, life's challenges, and more. Watch Little Women: Atlanta Online today and see what this amazing reality show has in store for you!.

Little Women: Atlanta is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (116 episodes). The series first aired on January 27, 2016.

Little Women: Atlanta
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The Reunion Special
34. The Reunion Special
September 23, 2021
The ladies of "Little Women: Atlanta" reunite with Terra Jol to take a look back at Season 6. Tempers flare, life-changing developments are revealed and their dear friend Minnie is lovingly remembered.
Unfiltered: Little Women, Big Moves
33. Unfiltered: Little Women, Big Moves
September 16, 2021
Monie and Abira join host Loni Love to dish on their romantic relationships and Monie's birthday party disaster. The ladies reveal their true feelings about Morlin and Bumpman and where they currently stand with Tamera.
Unfiltered: Cute Dates and Roller Skates
32. Unfiltered: Cute Dates and Roller Skates
September 16, 2021
Monie and Abira join host Loni Love to dish on their romantic relationships and Monie's birthday party disaster. The ladies reveal their true feelings about Morlin and Bumpman and where they currently stand with Tamera.
What Would Minnie Do?
31. What Would Minnie Do?
September 16, 2021
The ladies face difficult decisions that challenge them to boss up or give up. Monie struggles with a big proposal from Morlin and her future with him while Abira puts her relationship with Bumpman to the test. Meanwhile, Amanda shifts her focus onto starting a family but Jordan comes back with an ultimatum. And Tamera offers Andrea an exciting career opportunity, adding pressure to Andrea's fear of moving on without her sister.
Skating on Thin Ice
30. Skating on Thin Ice
September 16, 2021
Morlin comes back to Atlanta in order to show Monie how much he cares, but when his appearance at her roller-skating birthday party, makes everyone uncomfortable, Monie loses it. Meanwhile, Abira rekindles her romance with Bumpman, while Juicy has an eye-opener about her relationship with Josh. Finally, Tamera invites the ladies to an improv show to show off her acting skills but when she takes the stage, it becomes fight or flight.
Unfiltered: All Mixer-ed Up
29. Unfiltered: All Mixer-ed Up
September 9, 2021
Host Loni Love grills Ms. Juicy, Tamera, and special guest, Jessica the matchmaker about that singles mixer. Tamera reveals why she decided to return to Atlanta, plus Jessica offers romantic advice to single folks and the LWATL cast.
Unfiltered: No Holds Barred
27. Unfiltered: No Holds Barred
September 9, 2021
Loni Love talks to Abira and Ms. Juicy about who really won that jingle competition. Plus, Ms. Juicy reveals why she thinks Amanda got so upset with her at the voter registration event, and Abira freestyles about her LWATL co-stars.
Cupid Crisis
26. Cupid Crisis
September 9, 2021
After meeting her old friend, Millionaire Matchmaker Patty Stanger, Juicy starts playing Cupid for the other ladies. However, when Abira's "love match" creates drama at her costume party, the mood turns from celebratory to a circus.
Rice to the Occasion
25. Rice to the Occasion
September 9, 2021
Tensions continue between Amanda and Juicy. Meanwhile, Juicy's friend, Mia X from No Limit Records, gives the gang a challenge that has all of the ladies boiling over.
Unfiltered: A Tiny Truce
24. Unfiltered: A Tiny Truce
September 2, 2021
Monie and Ms. Juicy join host Loni Love to spill the tea on their PJ & Heels party and those controversial size 16 shoes. Monie dishes on her TikTok faux pas, and Juicy sheds light on what exactly went wrong between her and Tamera.
Sharing is NOT Caring
23. Sharing is NOT Caring
September 2, 2021
Change is in the air after Nashville. The ladies encounter a surprise visit from an old "friend", causing major friction between the Twins. Abira fears for Phebe's future as a Little Person and takes necessary measures to ensure her well-being. Meanwhile, Juicy's loose lips cause a major blow-up between her and Amanda when she makes a secret public to all the girls.
Stop Horsing Around!
22. Stop Horsing Around!
September 2, 2021
Monie's attempt to make a career connection makes her the butt of Ms. Juicy's jokes, and Monie's revenge gag goes one step too far. Meanwhile, the Twins plan to visit Minnie's grave on the way back from Nashville, with or without the rest of the girls, while Tamera makes a big decision about her future in Atlanta.
Unfiltered: Talkin' Tennessee
21. Unfiltered: Talkin' Tennessee
August 26, 2021
Host Loni Love chats with Amanda, Andrea, and Ms. Juicy about their Nashville misadventures. The ladies reveal who is most responsible for making Tamera feel left out, and Loni puts the twins' psychic skills to the test.
Music City Meltdown
20. Music City Meltdown
August 26, 2021
When Amanda gets invited to Nashville by a prominent music manager, she invites the rest of the gang to go with her. The little women hit the town, drink whiskey and line dance in Music City. Tensions rise as Abira attempts to work Amanda's connection, while Tamera separates from everyone, raising questions of whether she belongs in the group.
Unfiltered: Little Women, Big Alter Egos
19. Unfiltered: Little Women, Big Alter Egos
August 26, 2021
Host Loni Love is in the studio with Ms. Juicy and Monie to break down what happened behind the scenes at the Alter Ego photo shoot where Tamera wasn't invited and Andrea was a no-show! Then Loni pumps Ms. Juicy for all the juicy details on her relationship with Josh.
Model Mayhem
18. Model Mayhem
August 26, 2021
Juicy invites a celebrity photographer and asks all of the girls to do an "alter ego" photoshoot.
Unfiltered: Don't Give Up, and Let's Get Down!
17. Unfiltered: Don't Give Up, and Let's Get Down!
March 19, 2021
Host Loni Love is with Monie and Abira to dish on what happened between Monie and Tamera after they finished smashing dishes in that rage room. Then Abira explains why she decided to give Tamera another chance and a big break, plus, she performs her new song "Don't Give Up" live in the Unfiltered studio!
Takeout: Carnivore Delivery
16. Takeout: Carnivore Delivery
March 19, 2021
Guy and Hunter Fieri are cooking up recipes sent by DDD alums; monster beef ribs from Las Vegas; a waffle-hamburger mashup from Atlanta; pizza and wings from San Antonio.
Unfiltered: The Dawn of the Tamera Era
15. Unfiltered: The Dawn of the Tamera Era
March 12, 2021
Host Loni Love greets Ms. Juicy and has a warm welcome for the new girl, Tamera, while getting to the bottom of why the other women were being so cold to her on that boat!
All The Rage
14. All The Rage
March 12, 2021
A relaxing day on the lake turns tense when Ms. Juicy surprises the girls with a new friend. Meanwhile, Andrea encounters tough competition as she struggles to impress at her first modeling audition.
Unfiltered: Big Little Allies
13. Unfiltered: Big Little Allies
March 5, 2021
Host Loni Love holds court with the twins, Andrea and Amanda, and Abira to see if they can put their differences aside like they did at that Black Lives Matter rally to really talk. Abira explains how she accidentally got drunk before that self-defense class and all three women play a game where they have to guess the nice thing their frienemy said about them, or drink!
Little Women, Big Voices
12. Little Women, Big Voices
March 5, 2021
Abira shows up tipsy to a self-defense class, causing Juicy to question what's really going on. Monie's efforts to repair her broken marriage are undermined by Morlin's bad behavior, while Amanda faces life changing news.
Unfiltered: Memories of Minnie
11. Unfiltered: Memories of Minnie
February 26, 2021
Host Loni Love brings Andrea, Amanda and Juicy together to celebrate the life of their friend and sister, Minnie and to take a look back at all their favorite Minnie moments.
A Life Worth Celebrating
10. A Life Worth Celebrating
February 26, 2021
After losing their sister Minnie in a tragic accident, the ladies of Atlanta come together to honor and celebrate her life.
Unfiltered: The Leprechaun Job
9. Unfiltered: The Leprechaun Job
February 19, 2021
Host Loni Love asks Ms. Juicy what she was thinking asking the women to dress like Leprechauns and Abira tells us why she wouldn't do that for all the green in the world! Plus Abira explains why she's in favor of sex education while Ms. Juicy educates us on what exactly she was doing with that carrot at Abira's party last week.
Miss Management
8. Miss Management
February 19, 2021
As Amanda takes control of her music career, Minnie's management skills come into question.
Unfiltered: Two Twins & aTalking Stick
7. Unfiltered: Two Twins & aTalking Stick
February 12, 2021
Host Loni Love passes the talking stick to twins, Amanda and Andrea, as they tell us their side of what went down at the shaman session. The sisters discuss being banned from Abira's birthday and whether The Tiny Twinz are splitting up for good, plus Loni gets them to sing a little something!
Spiritual Smackdown
6. Spiritual Smackdown
February 12, 2021
Amanda takes control of her music career, while the management skills of Minnie come into question.
Unfiltered: Glasses, Jackets and Hatchets, Oh My!
5. Unfiltered: Glasses, Jackets and Hatchets, Oh My!
February 5, 2021
Host Loni Love welcomes Abira and Monie to discuss the continuing fallout from the fight at Juicy's event. Plus Monie tells us what was on her mind when she attacked Morlin's jacket and Abira tells us what she thinks of not being invited to "Bury the Hatchet".
Unfiltered: The Eyewear Bash Rehash
3. Unfiltered: The Eyewear Bash Rehash
January 29, 2021
Host Loni Love sits down with Monie and Ms. Juicy to get to the bottom of why Ms. Juicy revoked Monie's invitation to stay with her. Then the women break down the brawl that busted out at Juicy's eyewear event.
Minnie's Got A Man
2. Minnie's Got A Man
February 5, 2021
Monie struggles to make sense of her crumbling marriage; Amanda deals with a health issue; and the Twins and Abira continue to battle it out. Most of the girls are able to bury the hatchet, but someone feels left out, leaving tensions high when Minnie introduces her new man to the group.
No Respect For The Queen
1. No Respect For The Queen
January 29, 2021
Monie makes her return to Atlanta looking for support and a place to stay, but Ms. Juicy has other ideas. When Abira feels slighted by the Twins, their long standing feud erupts into all out chaos, catching the rest of the girls in the crossfire.
Kick-off Special
100. Kick-off Special
January 22, 2021
The ladies of "Little Women: Atlanta" reunite with host Terra Jole, to take a look back at the previous five seasons. Old rivalries ignite and shocking confessions come to light as the girls answer tough questions about their relationships.
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Little Women: Atlanta is available for streaming on the Lifetime website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Little Women: Atlanta on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Vudu, Lifetime, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    January 27, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    5.5  (391)