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In this sitcom, a cranky Atlanta firefighter has to contend with disruption in his life when some of his extended family moves in to his house. They're a wacky bunch, and they're turning the man's life upside down. If it weren't for his wife, the guy's whole life might fall apart. The series is one of Tyler Perry's many, many TV and film projects, and it aired from 2006 to 2012.

Tyler Perry's House of Payne is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (278 episodes). The series first aired on June 21, 2006.

Where do I stream Tyler Perry's House of Payne online? Tyler Perry's House of Payne is available for streaming on TBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tyler Perry's House of Payne on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, FuboTV, The Roku Channel, iTunes, BET online.

8 Seasons, 278 Episodes
June 21, 2006
Cast: Brandon J. Dirden, China Anne McClain, Allen Payne, Doc Shaw, Demetria McKinney
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Tyler Perry's House of Payne Full Episode Guide

  • CJ is forced to put his Aunt Ella in her place regarding how he runs his household.

  • Ella suspects there are deeper issues behind Lisa and Malik's fight over a toilet seat, and Curtis's relationship advice to his nephew backfires.

  • When Lisa invites herself to stay with Ella and Curtis after a fight with Malik, the family forces the feuding couple to sit down and work things out.

  • C.J. tries to give Malik a lesson in compromise after Lisa takes over the only TV in the house, and Miranda makes it known to the family that she's going on a date.

  • Calvin grills Kaleb and Jazmine after catching them together at his parents' house, leading Jazmine to realize what kind of guy her boyfriend really is.

  • Despite her dad's warnings, Kaleb keeps trying to see Jazmine, and Curtis asks Calvin to wait at his house for a mysterious package to arrive.

  • Ella helps Curtis keep it together when his nephew, CJ, and kids invade his place for an extended stay, and his money-challenged son also keeps showing up.

  • After trying Jazmine's vape pen, Curtis gets extremely high, and Ella is confused by his odd behavior.

  • CJ and Janine get to know Jazmine's new boyfriend.

  • Curtis enlists C.J. and Calvin to help plan a surprise birthday party for Ella, and Janine discovers a vape pen and weed mints in Jazmine's pockets.

  • Miranda decides she must move on from Calvin.

  • Curtis revisits old habits while Laura and Calvin explore their new romance.

  • Curtis upsets Ella and must change his tune.

  • Jazmine gets candid with Ella about wanting to have sex for the first time.

  • After his divorce, Calvin decides to date again.

  • Calvin and Miranda have mixed feelings about their divorce.

  • Miranda is having second thoughts about her and Calvin's divorce.

  • Lisa and Malik disagree about relationship roles.

  • Jazmine is pressured to have sex before she is ready.

  • After Janine lets slip about a baby on the way, Jazmine tries to coax the whole story out of Ella.

  • C.J. and Janine decide to stand by Malik's side.

  • Malik confesses to Curtis that he thinks Lisa is pregnant.

  • Malik is hesitant to give the news to his family about Lisa's pregnancy.

  • Curtis must deal with resentment after he is called back to work. Floyd learns important details of his heritage.

  • Calvin faces his attacker Travis Harris in court when the shooter's trial finally arrives.

  • Calvin and Miranda try to save their marriage before it becomes too late.

  • Floyd's new invention causes friction between him and Curtis. Calvin questions Miranda about an unusual amount in her bank account.

  • Jazmine ask CJ to go to the school dance with a boy.

  • Ella receives news of the death of her mother Eunice.

  • Calvin and Miranda anticipates the prospects of having their own place. Jazmine jobshadows the PR office with CJ and Janine.

  • Floyd decides to host a night of fun and gambling at the Help Center, and Curtis gets quickly sucked in by the casino-like atmosphere and games. Jazmine lands herself in some serious trouble for talking during class time.

  • Calvin takes Miranda's money and goes to a strip club. C.J. give Janine a bad evaluation.

  • Jazmine stands up to a cyber bully. Meanwhile, Miranda and Calvin have a pregnancy scare.

  • Calvin's behavior at work gets him suspended. Meanwhile, Jazmine wants Ella to teach her how to bake.

  • C.J. coaches Jazmine's soccer team.

  • C.J. takes action when technology takes over the family.

  • Curtis and Ella keep popping in unannounced to C.J. and Janine's house. Jazmine is accused of cheating on an exam; she's covering for a friend.

  • Janine and Miranda co-chair a Help Center event and all they do is fight. Malik doesn't want to stop wearing his wedding ring.

  • Malik takes caffeine pills irresponsibly and Curtis subs for Ella at a Help Center training program.

  • Malik and Summer have their marriage annulled. Miranda temps at the office when Janine needs an assistant.

  • Malik finds out his friend is gay. Curtis loans Ella money.

  • Curtis does community service at the Help Center. Miranda doesn't invite Janine to a concert.

  • C.J. and Janine have a party and don't invite Curtis and Ella. Malik and Summer argue over an obscure anniversary.

  • Malik marries Summer. Calvin and Miranda have a hard time adjusting to living with Curtis and Ella.

  • Miranda is hurt when she overhears Curtis and Ella talking bad about her. C.J.'s department enjoys the softball team until a horrible Janine wants to join.

  • Malik and his father bumps heads when Malik leads a protest against a man being put to death. C.J. lead the arson investigation that put the man away.

  • Malik tutors an athlete who can barely read. Curtis is overly canind with the newspapers and causes a PR scandal for C.J. and Janine.

  • C.J. and Janine have a fight which carries over into the office. Malik takes a class on evolution and doesn't know if he believes in God.

  • C.J. is offered perks as a city official. Miranda and Curtis bond.

  • Malik and Summer volunteer at a crisis hotline. Curtis goes overboard with the neighborhood watch as he tries to catch a criminal.

  • Ella is preparing to open a battered women's home in the church's unused classrooms, but it is shutdown.

  • Calvin and Miranda's condo gets foreclosed on and they are forced out.

  • The family meets Malik's new free-spirited girlfriend, Summer.

  • Curtis runs for neighborhood watch president. C.J. helps until he realizes he disagrees with some of Curtis's policies. When Curtis challenges C.J., C.J. decides to run himself. Meanwhile, Malik runs up his parent's credit card.

  • Ella runs a gun buy back program at the Help Center that is threatened by rival gang members. Curtis, bored, wants to volunteer at the Help Center and causes mischief.

  • Calvin is invited back to work, then decides he isn't ready and doesn't show. Floyd has a new girlfriend who looks awfully familiar to Curtis. Curtis realizes he knew the girlfriend, when she was a man.

  • C.J. is left to look after the twins during the big game. Ella gets in the way of Calvin's transition back home.

  • Calvin plans to get revenge on Travis Harris for shooting him. Curtis makes plans with Ella then pretends to be sick when he gets tickets to a baseball game. When footage of Curtis at the game is aired, Curtis does everything he can to keep Ella from finding out.

  • A depressed Calvin admits to Ella that he think he would have been better off dead. The family is very concerned and Curtis has a heart to heart with Calvin. Deshawn's mother visits and wants Deshawn back. Deshawn decides to go live with her.

  • Calvin has nightmares about being shot and is uncomfortable at home with Miranda who is overwhelmed with caring for an ailing husband, two kids, a career and home. Ella and Curtis are worried that Calvin isn't receiving proper care and wants him to move in with them. Curtis prepares the house for Calvin.

  • Calvin might get discharged from the hospital after he finally awakened. Curtis attempts to mortgage his house for money to pay Calvin's medical bills.

  • Calvin battles for his life at the hospital. Ella's unwavering faith won't let the family get down

  • The family gets ready to have one last Sunday dinner at Curtis and Ella's

  • The Paynes say goodbye while praising God in church.

  • Miranda takes over renovating the condo while Calvin and Deshawn bond.

  • Miranda's new client hits on her while the family honors Curtis.

  • Curtis becomes a contestant on Paynefully Fit, while Deshawn get advice about girls.

  • Ella becomes director of the center; Malik mulls dropping out.

  • Malik gets hazed.

  • Janine sponsors a young girl; Curtis and Ella become DeShawn's foster parents.

  • Calvin is allowed supervised visits; Ella's friend Felicia visits.

  • Miranda frets over her unemployment; C.J. looks into firefighter response times.

  • Curtis wakes up as a Jefferson.

  • C.J. hires Calvin, whose performance is disappointing; bored with retirement, Curtis takes up painting.

  • Calvin and Miranda plan Calvin Jr.'s birthday party; Curtis and Ella have trouble with the Homeowners Association.

  • After budget cuts force C.J. to lay off firefighters, Roland must use his PR skills to avoid altercations; Calvin and Miranda want to move upstairs.

  • C.J. forgets Janine's 3-years-sober anniversary; Ella gets DeShawn an ugly outfit for school-picture day.

  • DeShawn bullies a classmate and gets into trouble; Miranda and Janine fight over petty things.

  • DeShawn is placed in a gifted-students program to avoid being expelled from school; Calvin and Miranda hire a contractor to repair their condo.

  • Curtis, Ella, and Floyd try to bring DeShawn a reality check when he wants to join a gang. C.J. and Calvin tussle over their living arrangements.

  • Calvin finds out that Tracie checked Calvin Jr. out of the hospital. Calvin and Miranda try to find a place to stay.

  • Ella's mother and sister Evie visit, and Ella experiences the effects of their mother's disease; Janine texts C.J. a sexy picture of herself.

  • The aftershocks of a fire impact Miranda and Calvin; Tracie and her new boyfriend show up at the hospital causing a huge argument. In the ending moments, the baby seems to be fine.

  • Malik goes off to college; Miranda is overwhelmed when Calvin Jr. visits.

  • Deshawn's mother shows up at the Paynes'; C.J. upgrades Janine's wedding ring.

  • Janine is on the brink of a breakdown. Deshawn gets a lesson in the negro baseball league.

  • As Claretha secretly deals with the possibilty of losing her home, the family participates in a talent show. Calvin and Miranda combine their unique talents for the show.

  • Ella brings home a troubled youth from the Help Center. Meanwhile, Janine and Miranda compete to get in a competitive day care.

  • Jayden may have autism. Janine blames herself. Meanwhile, Curtis lives by the rules of the bible.

  • C.J. is offered a promotion making him Janine and Roland's boss. Meanwhile, while packing the house Curtis finds a bag of weed in an old box of his and Floyd smokes the weed. Calvin asks Curtis to babysit and Curtis ends up babysitting Christian and Floyd.

  • Miranda gets cooking advice after she makes a horrible dinner for Ella's club. Meanwhile, Curtis gets his tonsils pulled and can't talk.

  • Curtis and Ella decide to intervene when they see Janine and Roland at dinner until C.J. shows up with a woman. Meanwhile, Miranda goes on a grooming strike.

  • A music producer wants to sign Jazmine. Meanwhile, Calvin is embarrassed about his new job as a grocery store manager.

  • The family befriends a sex offender who moves into the neighborhood and all hell breaks loose when they find out his secret. Meanwhile, CJ and Janine decide to heed the advice of the marriage counselor. They go on a journey to find a hobby the two of them can share.

  • CJ and Janine go to marriage counseling. Then try the therapists way. But in the end they yell and scream at each other and they feel better. CJ sexes up the reunion between him and Janine. Meanwhile, Ella misses her graduation because she has to take Claretha to the hospital.

  • Jazmine prays to pass a test and no longer wants to apply herself. Meanwhile, Calvin grows jealous of the baby.

  • Ella is overwhelmed and falls behind in her studies due to church duties, household duties, taking care of Curtis and the rest of the family. Ella fails a test she needed to graduate and she snaps on the family. Meanwhile, Calvin realize it's the day of their anniversary, and he pretend he didn't forget.

  • After the death of a young firefighter, Ella decides it's time for Curtis and Ella to do a will. Meanwhile, Miranda's mom pays a visit.

  • Claretha reveals she has leukemia. Miranda's cousin Vanessa hooks up with Calvin's friend.

  • Malik gets ready for college. The men offer him advice and buy him condoms.

  • Jazmine starts wearing make-up and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Curtis and Ella have a weight loss competition. CJ and Janine reconcile when they see how their kids need them and how much they love each other.

  • CJ and Janine deal with marriage issues after CJ kisses her friend, Monica. Meanwhile, Calvin gets out of jail and Miranda has the baby. Janine asks for a divorce after CJ starts to go out of control on barking at Malik after he confronts CJ about kissing Monica, Jazmine told Malik when she overheard and saw CJ and Janine arguing

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