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In this sitcom, a group of airplane-crash survivors try to make the best of life on the deserted island where they ended up after the crash. The biggest obstacle is learning how to cope without all the conveniences of modern life, but there are bigger problems out there, too. The series is, for the most part, a parody of the drama/thriller series Lost.

Wrecked is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on June 14, 2016.

Where do I stream Wrecked online? Wrecked is available for streaming on TBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wrecked on demand at HBO Max, Vudu, TBS, iTunes online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on TBS
3 Seasons, 30 Episodes
June 14, 2016
Cast: Zach Cregger, Asif Ali, Brian Sacca, Ally Maki
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Wrecked Full Episode Guide

  • Barricaded in the mansion and surrounded by the rich, the survivors mount one last attempt to escape Declan's island.

  • The survivors attempt to turn the tables on the rich and lure them into a trap.

  • With Karen gravely injured, Owen and Danny must journey to the center of the island to defeat "Chettywompwomp." Florence learns more about Karen's backstory. Much like having to write these ridiculous episode descriptions, Pack, Todd, and Jess face a futile task.

  • Attempting to hide from the others during "The Hunt," Pack and Jess run into a new threat on the island. Knocked unconscious, Todd must navigate his dreamworld with the help of an unlikely ally.

  • On the eve of "The Hunt," Martha offers to the survivors' one last meel of their choosing -- as long as they can all decide together. And yeah, we know meal is spelled wrong above. We just don't care, because, truly, no one is reading these. So who cares?.

  • After Jess loses her recollection of the last decade, Todd attempts to spark her memory. Steve and Declan face off in a battle of wits. Like, seriously, what are these episode descriptions being used for? iTunes? Amazon? Are they just buried deep in the TBS app?.

  • After discovering Declan's sinister plot, Danny goes undercover with the rich, while Pack and Karen attempt to escape the compound. I wish we could escape writing these episode descriptions, am I right? Because no one actually reads these, right?.

  • After surviving the Cruisifornication explosion and washing ashore on a new island, the survivors uncover a menacing threat, begging the question -- wait, does anyone actually read these episode descriptions?.

  • Danny and Owen manage to escape their cell with Florence's help, but Corey comes looking for them. Meanwhile the other survivors escape the sinking ship and discover that Pack has the money.

  • After the explosion, all of the clues lead to Owen as the guilty party... since Corey planted them. Meanwhile, Steve finds a secret in the bowels of the ship while looking for a backup generator.

  • The survivors discover that the pirates hijacked a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute cruise liner. However, things turn ugly when there's only enough running water for half of them to take showers. Meanwhile, Danny feels left out when Owen bonds with Florence, and Pack bonds with Bruce.

  • The survivors try to rise up against the pirates and escape. Both Steve and Karen have hard choices to make, as Karen remembers her past with Father Daddy.

  • After the prates return their luggage, Jess realizes that they're going to leave and suggests a reverse indecent proposal with one of their captors. Meanwhile, Steve tries to get through to the Barracuda's emotional side, and Owen and Florence share a burgeoning romance.

  • Rosa returns to make Owen face the realities of fatherhood. Meanwhile, Todd realizes that he cheated with Chet's wife.

  • After something taints the water upstream, Florence and Karen hike into the jungle to find the source while the others debate whether they want the pirates to spoil “Game of Thrones.” Steve strikes up an unlikely romance.

  • After the pirates decide to stay on the island, Pack tries to negotiate a truce; Steve pitches Danny on a new business venture.

  • The newly arrived pirates try to ransom Danny while marooning the others; Steve tries to make amends for murdering a survivor.

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