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K-On! is about the story of four Japanese high school girls who are looking to join the light music club at their all girl's high school in hopes of saving it from being removed. Unfortunately, these four girls are the only members in this club. This group consists of Yui Hirasawa, the guitarist, Mio Akiyama, the bassist, Ritsu Tanaka, the drummer and Tsumugi Kotobuki, the keyboardist. During their last year in high school, the girls meet another guitarist named Azusa Nakano.

K-On! is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (41 episodes). The series first aired on April 2, 2009.

Where do I stream K-On! online? K-On! is available for streaming on TBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch K-On! on demand at Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Apple TV online.

2 Seasons, 41 Episodes
April 2, 2009
Cast: Aki Toyosaki, Yôko Hikasa, Satomi Sato, Minako Kotobuki
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K-On! Full Episode Guide

  • An unaired episode of K-ON!! released in the ninth volume of Blu-ray and DVD. The girls plan a trip abroad and go to the passport office to apply for passports.

  • Set before episode 23, Nodoka arrives in the clubroom with a sample of the graduation yearbook. The yearbook needs to be checked by Sawako, who is sick with a cold. Curious about what her apartment looks like, the girls decide to pay her a visit. Whilst looking through the album, they find a mysterious hand in the group photo, which turns out to be Ritsu's. Despite Sawako's objection, the girls decide to help her out around the apartment. They briefly visit Azusa, who is busy rehearsing for her freshman reception with Ui and Jun.

  • In order to recruit members for the next year, the girls try to come up with pitches for a new recruitment video.

  • Since Yui and Ritsu have siblings, the other girls wonder what kind of siblings they would have.

  • Azusa makes a cake for her friends and visits the shrine to pray for success and good fortune for them all.

  • The girls prepare for senior photos and college entrance exams.

  • The girls talk about the souvenirs they bought during the school trip to Kyoto.

  • The club room is closed for repairs, leaving the girls nowhere for practice. While trying to find a suitable location for their practicing, the girls try to come up with lyrics for the song Tsumugi wrote. Failing to find anywhere in the school to practice, they rent out a studio, but end up wasting time discussing lyrics and run out of time before they can practice, though the club room reopens the next day. The following night, Ui helps Yui write some lyrics, but ends up catching a cold, leaving Yui, who has always relied on her, to look after her instead. Realizing how important she is to her, Yui writes some lyrics dedicated to Ui, which are approved by the other club members.

  • Ritsu and Tsumugi get into shenanigans while Nodoka helps Yui with her homework.

  • Yui decides to enter a talent show, though the others are concerned about her preparing for the show with finals approaching.

  • On a very rainy day, Yui gets completely soaked trying to keep her guitar from getting wet. While Yui lets her clothes dry, she temporarily wears a maid costume made by Sawako until she gets told off about it. Azusa later helps Yui maintain her guitar. When it continues to rain the next day, the others recommend Yui keep her guitar in the clubroom overnight, though it causes her to worry late at night. The following day, Yui is so overjoyed to be reunited with her guitar that she brings it to class, but Sawako tells her to put it away.

  • The third years go on a school field trip to Kyoto. On the train there, Mio is a little annoyed at Yui's and Ritsu's childish behavior. Mio realizes that she will have to watch over both of them during the trip. After visiting various shrines and attractions, the group returns to the inn where the girls' bad habits continue to annoy Mio. The next day, they have a look around Kyoto, though Mio laments that no one wants to participate in any tourist activities. However, when they get lost on the way back to the train station along with Nodoka's group, Mio gives in to the jokey nature of the others and loosens up for the rest of the trip.

  • Yui, Mio, Ritsu, and Tsumungi are all in the same class and members of the same music club. They want to bring in more members so their friend Azusa won't be the club's only member once they all graduate.

  • The band practices their autographs, builds snowmen and attempt to eat.

  • Yui is still sick from her cold, which is possibly attributed to her wearing a short yukata for too long. As the band tries to make do with Azusa as lead guitarist, Yui supposedly shows up over with her cold. However, her playing is too perfect and a slip of the tongue reveals that she is actually Ui, who had managed to play after a few days practice. Yui appears, but is still in no condition to play, so Mio suggests that she stay home until the day of the live performance. Yui eventually makes it in time, but forgets her guitar at home, so Sawako fills in for her while she goes to get it. Yui returns in time for the second song and the performance goes well, and the band even does an encore.

  • The school festival is coming up soon, but a dispute between Ritsu and Mio causes major distractions.

  • When unable to convince Sawako to get her band back together for a wedding, Yui ends up taking the guitarist role in the band… much to Sawako's surprise.

  • Yui juggles two priorities: studying for finals and preparing for the upcoming talent show. Azusa decides to join her act and help her study for finals.

  • The group promotes their club for the incoming freshmen.

  • Ui remembers how Yui once attempted to give her a white Christmas by sticking pillow stuffing on the tree outside. Ritsu decides to hold a Christmas party for the club, and while her initial plans of holding it at Tsumugi's house fail, they eventually decide to have it at Yui's house, also inviting her friend, Nodoka Manabe. They also decide to do a gift exchange, and go shopping for various gifts. Ui prepares a lovely Christmas dinner for the group, which gets a little out of hand when Sawako shows up out of no where. During the gift exchange, Yui and Ui give each other some warm things for the winter. After the rest of the group leaves, snow falls and Yui and Ui decide to sleep together, although Yui ends up hogging the sheets. In the New Year, the club decides to go to the shrine to make their New Year wishes.

  • Yui finds relics of the past light music club, which inspires her to practice over the summer.

  • Midterm exams are here, so all the girls have to cram!

  • In order to make enough money for their preferred instruments, the girls get part-time jobs as traffic surveyors.

  • In danger of being disbanded, the light music club's members scramble to find members.