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  • TV-PG
  • 2010
  • 3 Seasons
  • 5.5  (1,754)

Are We There Yet? was a comedy series that aired on TBS from 2010-2012. The show starred Terry Crews as Nick, a newlywed, stepdad and successful entrepreneur who tries to balance his work and family life. The show follows Nick's struggles as he tries to keep the peace between his new wife Suzanne (played by Essence Atkins), her two kids Kevin (Coy Stewart) and Lindsey (Teala Dunn), and his own children, the mischievous, teenage son Kevin Jr. (played by Ice Cube's real-life son, rapper/actor O'Shea Jackson Jr.) and his sweet, young daughter, the precocious, precocious young girl, Lindsey (played by Teala Dunn).

The basic premise of the show is that Nick always seems to find himself in some sort of ridiculous, humorous situation. Whether he's trying to impress Suzanne's children, deal with the antics of his own children, or simply navigate the ups and downs of married life, Nick always finds himself in unusual and often hilarious circumstances.

In addition to Crews, the show featured an impressive ensemble cast, including Keesha Sharp as Nick's business associate, recurring guest star Tequan Richmond as Terrence, Kevin's best friend, and returning guest stars like Tony Rock and Terry Alan Crews (Terry's real-life brother).

One of the show's biggest strengths was its ability to tackle serious issues in a comedic way. Many episodes dealt with subjects like race relations, bullying, and family dynamics, but always with a humorous spin. The show also tackled the challenges of being a stepparent and blended family, with Crews presenting his character's relationship with his stepchildren as one of the show's highlights.

The series was well-received during its initial run, scoring positive reviews for its humor, heart, and effective blend of family-friendly comedy and adult humor. In particular, Crews' performance was widely praised for its comedic timing and authenticity.

Overall, Are We There Yet? was a lighthearted comedy series that endeared itself to audiences with its relatable characters, humorous situations, and heartwarming messages about family and relationships. While it only ran for three seasons, it remains a beloved and entertaining show that continues to entertain audiences today.

Are We There Yet? is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (97 episodes). The series first aired on June 2, 2010.

Are We There Yet?
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The Identity Theft Episode
65. The Identity Theft Episode
March 16, 2013
Summary not available
The Sex Symbol Episode
64. The Sex Symbol Episode
March 15, 2013
Summary not available
The Blackout Episode
63. The Blackout Episode
March 7, 2013
A guys' night out goes awry, resulting in lost recollections due to alcohol-fueled blackouts and the disappearance of Nick's wedding ring.
The Good Day Seattle Episode
62. The Good Day Seattle Episode
March 1, 2013
A new morning show is launched at the station, but Nick must cohost it with a self-serving reality star. Meanwhile, Marilyn moves in with the family.
The Spelling Bee Episode
61. The Spelling Bee Episode
December 28, 2012
Nick meets a famous actor, who shadows Nick in preparation for a role. Meanwhile, Kevin gears up for a spelling bee.
The Hand on a House Episode
60. The Hand on a House Episode
December 27, 2012
Nick and others enter a contest to win a house.
The Kleptomaniac Episode
59. The Kleptomaniac Episode
December 27, 2012
Nick is enlisted to host a charity walkathon. Meanwhile, Marilyn's bracelet goes missing, and the children train for their participation in the charity walk.
The Bucket List Episode
58. The Bucket List Episode
December 27, 2012
Nick worries about his mortality and creates a bucket list featuring overly dangerous activities. Meanwhile, Kevin and Troy launch an underground candy ring at school.
The Concussion Episode
57. The Concussion Episode
December 26, 2012
After a concussion, Nick is advised to not go to bed for a few hours. To avoid all risks, he attempts to stay up all night.
The Wrong Way Episode
56. The Wrong Way Episode
December 24, 2012
Nick attends his high-school reunion but must face an embarrassing incident from his past. Meanwhile, Lindsey throws a party.
The Sex Symbol Episode
55. The Sex Symbol Episode
December 14, 2012
Nick is voted the Sexiest Seattle Sportscaster.
The Kleptomaniac
54. The Kleptomaniac
November 22, 2012
Nick is enlisted to host a charity walkathon. Meanwhile, Marilyn's bracelet goes missing, and the children train for their participation in the charity walk.
The Bigg Boxx Klub Episode
47. The Bigg Boxx Klub Episode
November 16, 2012
Nick goes crazy buying items in bulk that the family doesn't need at the The Big Box Club, discount super store.
The Insignificant Anniversary Episode
41. The Insignificant Anniversary Episode
November 15, 2012
Nick agrees to go to a Public Enemy concert on the same night as his "proposa-versary" with Suzanne, who is none too pleased.
The Inappropriate Website Episode
39. The Inappropriate Website Episode
November 13, 2012
When Nick lands on a porn website due to a spelling error, a co-worker takes it the wrong way, forcing KAWT employees to undergo sensitivity training.
The Cyrano Episode
38. The Cyrano Episode
November 12, 2012
Nick helps out a coworker by ghostwriting him love letters for a woman on a dating website who turns out to be Gigi.
The Satchel Paige Episode
37. The Satchel Paige Episode
November 12, 2012
Nick hopes to hire a golden-voiced man for voice-over work; Suzanne misplaces Gigi's expensive cashmere sweater.
The Black Friday Episode
36. The Black Friday Episode
December 21, 2012
Comical chaos ensues when the gang waits in line to shop at a department store on Black Friday. Here, Kevin anticipates buying a new video game, Lindsey meets a boy, relationship problems plague Martin and Terrence hopes to buy toys for charity.
The Bigg Box Klub Episode
35. The Bigg Box Klub Episode
December 20, 2012
Nick goes crazy buying items in bulk that the family doesn't need at the The Big Box Club, discount super store.
The Long Con Episode
34. The Long Con Episode
December 19, 2012
Nick attempts to make a profit off an expensive set of African masks that Kevin bought at a yard sale, but instead, he becomes the victim of a larger scam.
The Insignificant Anniversary Episode
33. The Insignificant Anniversary Episode
December 17, 2012
Summary not available
The Timeshare Episode
32. The Timeshare Episode
December 13, 2012
Marilyn dates a younger man, but Nick has suspicions about her new beau's true motives. Meanwhile, Kevin breaks his arm.
The Open Mic Gaffe Episode
31. The Open Mic Gaffe Episode
December 12, 2012
When Nick inadvertently insults Harold Bradley (a KAWT employee who has been around forever) on-air, he is forced to do damage control.
The Inappropriate Website Episode
30. The Inappropriate Website Episode
December 10, 2012
Summary not available
The Thanksgiving Episode
29. The Thanksgiving Episode
November 14, 2012
The entire Kingston-Persons clan is at the house for a pot-luck Thanksgiving, but Suzanne's forgotten one thing- the turkey.
The Life Insurance Episode
28. The Life Insurance Episode
November 2, 2012
Nick and Suzanne consider purchasing life insurance.
The Secret Episode
27. The Secret Episode
November 1, 2012
The spread of certain secrets could ruin two newfound romances.
The Pocket Dial Episode
26. The Pocket Dial Episode
October 31, 2012
Nick retaliates after he overhears Suzanne telling personal information to Gigi.
The Blockbuster Movie Episode
25. The Blockbuster Movie Episode
October 30, 2012
Nick and Suzanne plan to attend a high-profile movie premiere, but their busy schedules create complications.
The Kwandanegaba Children's Fund Episode
24. The Kwandanegaba Children's Fund Episode
October 29, 2012
Lindsey and Kevin give to a charity, but Nick must step in when the charity keeps asking for more and more money.
The Silent Treatment Episode
23. The Silent Treatment Episode
October 26, 2012
Nick and Suzanne get into an argument and refuse to talk to each other.
The Nick Gets an Assistant Episode
22. The Nick Gets an Assistant Episode
October 25, 2012
Nick is coerced into hiring an assistant, but the newbie gets too close to Nick's family and friends.
The Nick Hosts a Telethon Episode
21. The Nick Hosts a Telethon Episode
October 24, 2012
Nick host a fund-raiser for charity. Elsewhere, Suzanne tangles with a wealthy client.
The Family Portrait Episode
20. The Family Portrait Episode
October 23, 2012
Suzanne gathers everyone up for a family portrait.
The Big Loan Episode
19. The Big Loan Episode
October 22, 2012
Suzanne tries to keep Nick's birthday gift a surprise by taking out a loan from Marilyn.
The Nick Gets Promoted Episode
18. The Nick Gets Promoted Episode
October 19, 2012
Nick struggles to prove himself when he is promoted to co-host alongside the lazy, arrogant Brick Street.
The House Sitter's Episode
17. The House Sitter's Episode
October 18, 2012
Nick and Suzanne's next door's neighbors become irresponsible house sitters.
The Career Day Episode
16. The Career Day Episode
October 17, 2012
For Career Day, Nick serves as a guest speaker for Kevin's class, but his message ultimately confuses Kevin's classmates.
The Lindsey Dances Episode
15. The Lindsey Dances Episode
October 16, 2012
Lindsey auditions to dance in a P-Nut music video, but considers quitting when she discovers that the choreographer is a drill sergeant and the other dancers are far more experienced.
The V.I.P. Tickets Episode
14. The V.I.P. Tickets Episode
October 15, 2012
Nick angers Suzanne when he invites Martin to an exclusive sporting event before inviting his wife.
The Quarantine Episode
13. The Quarantine Episode
October 12, 2012
When Marilyn brings a dangerous flu back from a trip to Mexico, the family must stay inside their house under quarantine.
The Tit for Tat Episode
12. The Tit for Tat Episode
October 11, 2012
Nick's job is in jeopardy when a well-blossomed woman begins working at the station.
The Mother's-in-Law Episode
11. The Mother's-in-Law Episode
October 10, 2012
Suzanne's overprotective mother arrives and causes tension between her and Nick when she questions Nick's abilities as a husband.
The Green Episode
10. The Green Episode
September 27, 2012
The family tries become environmental friendly with each other but chaos ensures
The Second Black President Episode
9. The Second Black President Episode
September 26, 2012
Kevin is torn between running a clean campaign for class president and being negative about his opponent.
The Suzanne Gets Arrested Episode
8. The Suzanne Gets Arrested Episode
September 25, 2012
Suzanne gets arrested and decides to change her stubborn ways.
The Regift Episode
7. The Regift Episode
September 24, 2012
Nick gets upset when he sees that a bracelet he gave to Marilyn is regifted to Suzanne.
The Cooking Episode
6. The Cooking Episode
September 21, 2012
Nick and Suzanne go head to head in the kitchen when Nick says cooking is "easy" and Suzanne challenges him to a family cooking competition.
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
September 20, 2012
Summary not available
The Bad Dream Episode
4. The Bad Dream Episode
September 19, 2012
Kevin and Nick go to an R-rated movie, but Kevin has nightmares from seeing it.
The Thief Episode
3. The Thief Episode
September 18, 2012
Nick refuses to give Lindsey money for a concert, so Lindsey resorts to stealing sixty dollars from Gigi's purse - but when Gigi discovers the missing money, it's Kevin, not Lindsey, who ends up getting blamed.
The Staycation Episode
2. The Staycation Episode
September 17, 2012
When Nick messes up Suzanne's plans for spring break, he turns the house into a makeshift resort, and promises to give the family the best vacation ever--but "Casa del Nick" is soon dealing with some disappointed customers.
The Marilyn With a New Face Episode
1. The Marilyn With a New Face Episode
January 4, 2012
Summary not available
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    June 2, 2010
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