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In this sitcom, a family tries to keep itself stable after the parents divorce and the mother remarries. The series is based on the 2005 comedy film of the same name, and it aired for three seasons on TBS. Terry Crews, Essence Atkins, Coy Stewart, Teala Dunn, Christian Finnegan, Keesha Sharp, and Telma Hopkins star.

Are We There Yet? is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (91 episodes). The series first aired on June 2, 2010.

Where do I stream Are We There Yet? online? Are We There Yet? is available for streaming on TBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Are We There Yet? on demand at The Roku Channel Free, iTunes online.

3 Seasons, 91 Episodes
June 2, 2010
Cast: Terry Crews
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Are We There Yet? Full Episode Guide

  • Nick is voted the Sexiest Seattle Sportscaster.

  • Nick's job is in jeopardy when a well-blossomed woman begins working at the station.

  • When Nick messes up Suzanne's plans for spring break, he turns the house into a makeshift resort, and promises to give the family the best vacation ever--but "Casa del Nick" is soon dealing with some disappointed customers.

  • When Lindsey goes vegan, Suzanne persuades Nick to change their eating habits too. However, they soon regret their decision when Lindsey's true motivation is revealed.

  • Nick tricks Suzanne and Marilyn into a weekend at the spa together for Mother's Day. But it becomes apparent that it will take more than a masseuse to relieve the tension between the two women.

  • Nick's plan to help Suzanne get over a childhood phobia causes her to relive the traumatic experience all over again.

  • Kevin's new career as a child actor makes him arrogant.

  • When Suzanne discovers that Kevin's friend's mom is Nick's old fling, she begins to suspect that Nathan could be Nick's biological son. Guest starring: Kandi Burruss

  • There's a scheduling conflict when Nick's big boxing match party unexpectedly takes over the family room on the same night Suzanne's book group is meeting in the living room. Guest starring: Tichina Arnold

  • When Nick lies to Suzanne, she forces everyone in the family to tell the truth at all times - but the "truth" isn't the same for everyone.

  • Lindsay learns a life lesson about the dangers of drugs from child star Todd Bridges. Guest starring: Ice Cube, Charlie Murphy, Jerry Springer

  • When Suzanne forces Nick to go on a double date with her friend Danielle and her husband Steve, things go downhill fast when Danielle accuses Suzanne of being too involved in her family, and Steve tries to be Nick's new best friend.

  • Nick's college buddy persuades him to bring Deion Sanders aboard his energy drink business - with humiliating consequences. Guest starring: Heavy D and Deion Sanders

  • Suzanne is tired of always being the bad cop so she turns the tables and makes Nick be the one to put his foot down - finally - for a week. Guest starring: Paulina Porizkova

  • When Suzanne meets relationship expert Dr. Harvey Cleveland, she is convinced that she and Nick are incompatible, but it's her fears that are complicating things. Guest starring: Charlie Murphy, Leon

  • Kevin help's Staten Island Mike's nephew, Frankie, study for a test. But Frankie bribes Kevin into taking it for him and ends up making Frankie appear to be an academic superstar.

  • Nick becomes concerned after he has Suzanne help pro baseball player Ray Savage plan a children's charity event because of Ray's reputation as a womanizer. Guest starring: Ice Cube, Jaleel White.

  • Suzanne signs up for couple salsa lessons, but is shocked when her control issues are exposed. Guest Star: Tony Dovalani

  • Suzanne finds Nick watching a racy rap video and claims she can dance better than any of the video vixens on the screen.

  • Kevin becomes friends with a school bully to avoid becoming one of his victims. But he soon learns a life lesson when he discovers what a true friendship is.

  • LIndsey goes with Suzanne to work and meets one of her mother's old friends. A misunderstanding leads Lindsey to believe that Suzanne has been keeping a big secret.

  • Lindsay attempts to make reality stars out of the family, but Kevin makes a shocking discovery in the home that could ruin things. Guest Starring: Ice Cube, Chubb Rock

  • Nick's plans to surprise Suzanne for a belated honeymoon, backfire when Suzanne discovers the mystery reservations and assumes her man is cheating with boxing champ Laila Ali!

  • Nick and Suzanne go on a television court show to settle their argument over a misplaced birthday present.

  • When Suzanne gets roped into a committee at Kevin's school, the other mom's mistreat her. Volunteering to take her spot, things get complicated when the ladies end up loving Nick.

  • Nick's Valentine's Day advice for Kevin gets Kevin sent home.

  • The Kingston-Persons host a game night.

  • Nick and Lindsey go out, but she is too distracted with following around a young celebrity. Nick tries to teach her how a man should be a gentleman.

  • Nick tries to boost Lindsey's confidence with some driving lessons, instead she scratches Suzanne's car and chooses to lie about it.

  • Nick and Suzanne look into sending Lindsey and Kevin to private school.

  • When Suzanne suspects that Lindsey's new love interest is gay, Nick tries to prove her wrong, until he can no longer ignore the signs and helps the boy tell Lindsay the truth.

  • When Marilyn throws a gold party, Nick discovers Suzanne's wedding ring isn't real. He sets out to have a real ring made before Suzanne learns the truth, while Suzanne thinks she has lost her wedding ring forever and panics trying to replace it. Guest starring: Ice Cube

  • When Suzanne crashes Nick's boys night, Nick pays her back by showing up for spa treatments with Suzanne and her girlfriends. Guest starring: Toccara Jones

  • Suzanne is convinced Nick's new female field producer, Sam, is trying to steal her man. Nick thinks Suzanne is being ridiculous until Sam makes a move on Nick. Guest starring: Sandy "Pepa" Denton

  • Nick attempts to be spontaneous, but Suzanne plans a date that fails. Together they try spontaneity, but their plan changes and they decide to let Suzanne plan without Nick knowing.

  • Nick is excited about his new job as a sports reporter.