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True Jackson VP is a teenage sitcom that is broadcasted on popular TV networks, Nickelodeon and Teen Nick. The show features a talented cast of teenage and adult actors including: Keke Palmer, Ashley Argota, Matt Shively, Danielle Bisutti, Greg Proops, Robbie Amell and Ron Butler. This show is targeted to 10 to 18 years old looking for a good laugh.

The plot of True Jackson VP is about True Jackson (played by Keke Palmer) an aspiring fashion designer who started out selling sandwiches and ended up being the next teenage VP for Mad Style, a fashion empire. She is 15 years old and has the strong desire to be a fashion designer. She was found by Max Madigan, a fashion designer who created an empire, while she was selling sandwiches. Max saw that true was wearing one of his outfits, but something was different. True had changed the buttons from black to bright orange. Max thought that True would make the perfect Vice President for his teen fashion line. During the show, True and her two best friends, Lulu and Ryan, must deal with the stress of being teenagers in a grown up world.

The characters of True Jackson VP include: True Jackson: An aspiring fashion designer who suddenly becomes the vice president for a large fashion empire. True is responsible and wise, but her friends get her into her fair share of predicaments. True is committed to staying in this company, despite everyone wanting her out.

Lulu: Lulu is True's female best friend who becomes True's new assistant. She is sweet and fun loving, but Lulu gets True into a lot of trouble because of her carefree attitude. In the end, Lulu always does the right thing.

Ryan: True and Lulu's male best friend who is lazy and tech savvy. Ryan is portrayed as the dumb friend and he can get himself into trouble at every opportunity that he gets.

Max Madigan: A famous designer who established Mad Style and is responsible for making True's dreams come true. He has a crazy wacky personality and is very sweet, but can get to crazy.

Amanda Campbell: The antagonist of the show, Amanda is jealous of True from the moment she walks into Mad Style. But deep in her heart, Amanda grows fond of true. She is your typical fashionista, snotty attitude and all.

True Jackson, VP is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (57 episodes). The series first aired on November 8, 2008.

Where do I stream True Jackson, VP online? True Jackson, VP is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch True Jackson, VP on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

Saturdays at 8:30 pm on Nickelodeon
3 Seasons, 57 Episodes
November 8, 2008
Kids & Family Comedy
Cast: Keke Palmer, Ashley Argota, Matt Shively, Danielle Bisutti
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True Jackson, VP Full Episode Guide

  • The Mad Style gang attend Amanda's wedding in Lima, Peru.

  • True and Lulu help open a Mad Style store at the mall, where they meet a number of interesting characters.

  • Ryan injures Principal Ruckman and has to fill in for him taking his new title a little too far.

  • While on a field trip at Colonial Town, True finds out about a legend of romance and tries to bring that to life by getting Jimmy to kiss her.

  • After a newspaper article is written about True, she gets a glimpse of what its feels like to be famous when actor Leon Thomas invites her to an awards show. However this sudden rise in popularity makes Jimmy jealous and puts Jimmy & True's relationship in jeopardy.

  • True is planning on sneaking out of the office for the day to buy concert tickets for her Jimmy, however Uncle...

  • True and Jimmy attempt to keep their relationship a secret from Mr. Madigan, set against a morale-boosting carnival in the office.

  • Lulu asks True for more responsibility, but True has trouble giving it to her. Ultimately, Lulu saves the day with a huge, rocking fashion show in the Mad Style reception area.

  • Mr. Madigan tells everyone about an annual pranking holiday and challenges all to outdo him. The next day, Miss Park is out sick and "Mr. Maffigan" fills in. Assuming its Mr. Madigan, True and Lulu throw out the class's surprise exam, and must get it back.

  • True's unluckiest Uncle comes to work for Mad Style and his bad luck starts to rub off on True as she readies Mad Style's newest fragrance.

  • True becomes jealous of the cute girl who replaces Hank after he retires. Meanwhile, Ryan is a finalist to get into the Junior Magicians Club.

  • After Ryan breaks the air conditioner on the hottest day of the year, True and her friends discover Mad Style's arctic room.

  • "7 Secrets: Keke Palmer" brings you inside the life of one Hollywood's hottest young stars. We're off the set, on the streets and up in the air, getting all the inside scoop from the girl herself...the secrets only her best friends know!

  • After accidentally placing Mrs. Madigan's wedding ring in a dress pocket and sending the dress to Paris, True and Lulu use planes, trains, and automobiles to get to the ring before Max finds out.

  • True is stunned to find some of her designs in Mad Style's Reject Room of bad ideas, and takes out her anger on Max. True, Lulu, and Ryan help Amanda get revenge on an artist ex-boyfriend by inadvertently destroying his exhibit.

  • True must overcome her fear of public speaking in order to give a speech at work. Elsewhere, Ryan and Lulu suspect the company's new male model is a vampire.

  • True and Lulu arrange a surprise office visit from Mr. Madigan's Uncle Cheswick as a birthday gift, unaware that Uncle Cheswick is a horse.

  • Amanda crashes True's slumber party. Meanwhile, Ryan and Jimmy's movie preview turns into quite the adventure.

  • Much to the dismay of True and Lulu, they plan Max's dinner party at a hobo-themed restaurant.

  • Max becomes increasingly jealous of the new "hunky" librarian at Doris' work. Unfortunately, True is pulled into the drama, despite her protests.

  • True is dragged into Max and Doris' relationship drama when she and Lulu let slip that Doris' new assistant librarian is a hunk.

  • Hesitation and miscommunication result in True and Jimmy going to a Valentine's dance just as friends, even though they both want something more than they're willing to admit.

  • True decides to ask Jimmy to her school's Valentine's dance, but only as "friends" to spare her feelings if he says no. But Jimmy's own plans to take their relationship to the next level are ruined when he takes True at her word and thinks she only wants to be friends.

  • True, Lulu and Ryan are each assigned incoming freshman to mentor for a day.

  • Max must report to detention at True's school after he eats a flash drive containing her homework. Meanwhile, True and Lulu sneak into their closed office building to get a design they need.

  • True makes a deal with the devil when she agrees to plot revenge with Pinky Turzo (Jennette McCurdy), after diva Kelsey fires them both from designing costumes for Ryan?s school play.

  • After Max challenges the designers to all come up with a big idea that will help promote Mad Style, True designs a jacket for game show host, Burt Burlington, to wear in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. When True learns of Max's hatred for Burt Burlington, True must sneak onto Burt's parade float to retrieve the jacket. However, in the tussle to get the jacket back, True accidently pushes Burt off and saves the day by taking his place and riding on the float.

  • True's crushing on a new boy at school named Justin (Tyler James Williams), but when she finally gets the courage to ask him out, he turns her down. True and Lulu suspect he's dating someone until True discovers his big secret. In an attempt to show True his romantic side, Justin enlists the help of superstar Natasha Bedingfield to perform "These Words" for the duo. Back at the office, Mr. Madigan takes casual dress day too far and Amanda can't handle it. Meanwhile, a statistics class has uncovered a special connection between Mikey J and Kelsey (Jordan Monaghan) that has Lulu and Ryan seething with jealousy.

  • True is determined to save her school's design department from budget cuts and decides to hold a fundraising concert. As she searches for a big performer to headline the concert, Lulu offers little help as she is more focused on trying to find alone time with Mikey J. Just when it looks as though Ryan's mediocre magic act is her only option for a headliner, pop sensation Justin Bieber agrees to perform. All seems fine until last minute problems have the students scrambling to save the show and their school's design department. Brooklyn tween punk rock band Care Bears on Fire also make an appearance in the episode and perform their hit song "Everybody Else."