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In this animated comedy series, a space-traveling guy encounters a planet-destroying alien named Mooncake and develops a friendship with him. Life isn't easy for the pair, however, given that Mooncake is being pursued by an evil guy who wants to exploit his powers. The series airs on the TBS cable network.

Monday 10:30 PM et/pt on TBS
1 Season, 10 Episodes
February 26, 2018
Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy
Cast: Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny, Olan Rogers, Tika Sumpter
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Final Space Full Episode Guide

  • Gary and Quinn go back to Earth to find an anti-gravitational bomb that can close the breach in space. Gary and Quinn decide to turn this life-threatening adventure into their first date.

  • Gary and Quinn go back to Earth to find an anti-gravitational bomb that they hope can save the universe.

  • Gary and the Crew encounter a Titan, who tells them how to close the breach in the fabric of space.

  • Gary grapples with his future when he learns that his prison sentence is up.

  • Gary and Avocato go on a mission to save Avocato's son, Little Cato, from the Lord Commander's Prison Planet.

  • Gary, Quinn, and Avocato, trace the gravitational disturbance to an eerie bioluminescent planet.

  • After the Galaxy One is hacked by the Infinity Guard, Gary has to harvest energy from a nearby star to reignite the engines and escape, but the radiation poisoning from the star sends Gary into a trance of painful memories. Meanwhile, Gary and Quinn are finally reunited.

  • Gary tries to hide Mooncake safely away on the planet Yarno. But instead, Gary and Avocato are trapped in a terrifying mind-puzzle, while Mooncake is taken from them, and forced to fight in a combat arena called the Deathcropolis. Quinn continues to investigate the mystery of the gravitational disturbance.

  • Gary and Avocato must chase down the ruthless bounty hunter, Terk, before he can tell the Lord Commander that Mooncake is aboard the Galaxy One.

  • Gary carries out the final days of his lonely, five year prison sentence aboard the Galaxy One, when he meets Mooncake, a little green alien, who has the galaxy's most dangerous bounty hunters chasing after it. Gary swears to keep Mooncake safe from the anyone who would do it harm. Little does Gary know, Mooncake is the world's most adorable planet destroying super weapon.

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