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In a land where everyone is born with magical abilities, Asta is the rare individual who can't wield magic. His friend Yuno doesn't have the same problem, and throughout their childhoods, they develop a friendly rivalry. When Asta begins to discover his real powers, the stakes of the rivalry suddenly get higher. The animated series debuted on the Cartoon Network in 2017.

Tuesday 6:25 PM et/pt on TV Tokyo
11 Seasons, 134 Episodes
October 3, 2017
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoon, Comedy, Fantasy
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Black Clover Full Episode Guide

  • An expedition to the Heart Kingdom uncovers a beautiful, mana-rich land that is a little less than welcoming. Finral resolves to turn over a new leaf.

  • A contingent of Black Bulls seeks info from Gordon's family of Curse Magic experts, while Noelle digs deeper into what really killed her mother Acier.

  • Yami's visit to the Blue Rose Knights' HQ couldn't come at a worse time for Charlotte, who can no longer hide her feelings for her fellow captain.

  • The Black Bulls return to a hideout in dire need of rebuilding, but first they must track down Yami's escaped beasts, now likely feral--and hungry.

  • Secre reflects on Patry's reincarnation and that of his fellow elves, the utter havoc they wreaked, how it all ended, and what her future might hold.

  • Secre reminisces about the first Wizard King, his friendship with the elf Licht, the devil's machinations, and how it all came to a heartbreaking end.

  • Asta's Black Asta form does him no favors in the court of Damnatio Kira. It's up to a powerful few to save Asta's head from the chopping block.

  • Yami is agog at what--or who--has taken the place of Julius's body. Asta and Secre are called before the Magic Parliament for their devilish dealings.

  • Foes turned allies, knights, captains, and rivals alike push past their limits, finding new abilities as the epic devil battle reaches a fever pitch.

  • A flashback to the truth behind the first Wizard King's battle against the demon serves as prelude for a new face joining the fight against the devil.

  • As Yami and the elvish Charlotte test the limits of the devil's mighty Word Soul Magic, Nero asks Finral a favor and reveals a centuries-old secret.

  • Nozel's Mercury spells are the perfect match for Patry's Light Magic, but Asta's plan to drive the elf out of Vangeance's body doesn't go as expected.

  • As Noelle struggles against Fana, Asta and Mimosa fight to counter the elvish Rill's sinister spells. Charmy learns a shocking fact about her origins.

  • A team of squad captains and talented Magic Knights invade the Shadow Palace, where a few formidable elves await the arrival of the final magic stone.

  • Luck and friends enlist an unusual ally in their fight against the elvish Dorothy Unsworth. Droit recalls the humans' atrocities against his people.

  • Vanessa leads a group of Black Bulls trapped in a deadly dream world while Sally runs some quick experiments. Henry is determined to save his friends.

  • Rhya welcomes back two old allies as the Apostles of Sephira open an eerie portal over the capital. Asta and friends fight to stop the elvish Gauche.

  • Finral fights to save his younger brother Langris from the diabolical elf within. Newly reincarnated elves meet with Rhya to discuss their next move.

  • Noelle must think outside the box to gain the upper hand in the pitched battle at House Silva. Thoughts of her mother help her push past her limits.

  • Yami and Finral take on possessed members of the Golden Dawn; Noelle and Nozel must defend their siblings when the Silva family home is under siege.

  • Fueled by Charmy's magical meals, Asta's team detours to defend Hecairo on their way to the royal capital and picks up a trio of most unlikely allies.

  • Asta and friends stop by the ruined Black Bulls hideout to check in with their squadmates before pursuing the reincarnated elves to the royal capital.

  • After a chance encounter with their squadmate Luck, Magna and Vanessa go to extremes in a struggle to free their friend from a crazed elf's clutches.

  • As the elves set their sights on the royal capital, bent on destroying all humankind, Asta's newest sword may be the key to driving them out for good.

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