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In the anime series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (English Audio), a businessman is killed on the street by a criminal. That would be bad enough, but there's more. He's reincarnated as a slime! This version is an English dub of the Japanese original. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (English Audio) is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (33 episodes). The series first aired on October 2, 2018.

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2 Seasons, 33 Episodes
October 2, 2018
Action & Adventure Drama Comedy Fantasy Anime
Cast: Miho Okasaki, Megumi Toyoguchi, Dawn Michelle Bennett, Jordan Dash Cruz
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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (English Audio) Full Episode Guide

  • After a dying woman summons a demon to avenge her, chaos ensues.

  • Rimuru is successful in his attempt to calm the dangerous spirits dwelling within the children, and is confident that all of their problems have been solved.

  • Rimuru, Ranga, and the students enter the Dwelling of Spirits and are immediately met by a giant metal golem. Rimuru easily defeats it and one of the ten Demon Lords introduces herself. Can this tiny spirit really be one of the ten Demon Lords?!

  • Rimuru becomes the new teacher for Shizu's students. However, having been summoned into this world against their will and facing shortened lifespans as a result, the children's feelings are complicated, and they're reluctant to accept Rimuru.

  • Rimuru has a dream in which he sees Shizu teaching children at her school in the Kingdom of Ingrassia, showing Shizu's lingering regret. To see her wishes through, Rimuru leaves the Jura Tempest Federation and heads for the capital of Ingrassia.

  • Rimuru and his forces attempt to destroy Charybdis with a full on attack, but fail, so Rimuru decides to take on Charybdis alone and learns the shocking truth!

  • Phobio can't restrain his anger toward Milim. He finds himself faced with Footman and Tear, two masked members of the Moderate Harlequin Alliance, who suggest that he become a Demon Lord to take revenge on Milim.

  • The Demon Lord Carrion has sent one of his Three Beastketeers, Phobio, on a raid of Rimuru's city. However, Phobio is quickly defeated when Milim meets his attack with her own. Rimuru and his subordinates then ask Phobio why he has come to their town.

  • The Jura Tempest Federation, with Rimuru as its leader, has formed an alliance with the Armed Nation of Dwargon. Just as Rimuru thinks there are only peaceful days ahead, he senses an enormous mass of magical power heading straight for his location.

  • Post-war arrangements following the battle with the Orcs have begun. At the meeting, Rimuru reveals that he made a promise with the Orc Disaster, Geld, to take all of the Orcs' sins upon himself.

  • The majin Gelmud makes his appearance at last. His true goal was to evolve the Orc Lord into the Orc Disaster, a Demon Lord, and have him reign over the Forest of Jura.

  • Rimuru and his Goblin riders set out for the marshlands to finalize their alliance with the Lizardmen. On the way, they save a Lizardman who'd been attacked by the Orcs.

  • A merchant from the east brings Hinata Sakaguchi a new book. In it she finds surprising information about the Jura Tempest Federation, a nation of monsters. As a former student of Shizu's, what goes through Hinata's mind upon learning about the existence of Rimuru? This special episode gives some hints as to what's coming in the new arc, as well as a look back at Rimuru's exploits thus far.

  • After being taken into Rimuru's body, Ifrit awakens to find the Storm Dragon Veldora standing before him. Veldora calls Ifrit to where he is, delighted to find a new conversation partner. Thus the two of them begin to watch over Rimuru's actions from within him.

  • Rimuru and the children reach the deepest level of the Dwelling of Spirits, where they stand on a pedestal bathed in light to summon superior spirits. Will their summoning be successful? Amidst the uncertainty, the first to attempt the summoning is Gale, followed by Alice, Kenya, Ryota, and finally Chloe. But instead of a spirit, Chloe's summoning brings forth an unknown spiritual form with an immense amount of energy. Just what is this spiritual being? Ramiris seems to sense something about it...

  • Its seal removed, the calamity-class monster Charybdis and its Medalodon minions advance on the capital city of Rimuru. The Jura Tempest Federation combines all its forces under Rimuru to intercept the attack. King Gazel even sends 100 of his Pegasus Knights to aid in the battle. But Charybdis's extra skills Magic Jamming and Ultraspeed Regeneration make it a formidable foe. So Rimuru unleashes his new skill, Gluttony...

  • Treyni reveals the true goal of the Orcs, and explains that all serving under the Orc Lord are affected by the unique skill, "Starved." Rimuru resolves to defeat the Orcs and the Demon Lord.

  • Gabiru arrives at the village in an attempt to unite everyone to fight the orcs, but he is quickly defeated and is forced to retreat.

  • Rimuru convinces the ogres to join him in a temporary alliance to defeat the orcs.

  • Rimuru and the Goblins' village is developing nicely. The Dwarves are building houses and furniture, and the local Goblin Lords have appointed Rigurd as the Goblin King. As Rimuru watches everything come together, he decides to test his new skills.

  • When Shizu was still with Demon Lord Leon, it was a Hero who rescued her. That Hero was Shizu's inspiration to help as many people as she could for many years.

  • The Demon Lord Leon Cromwell summoned Shizu from Tokyo as it burned during the air raids, and then forced the high-ranked spirit Ifrit to possess her. After taking over Shizu's body, Ifrit began to rampage.

  • One day, while working on the improvements to the Goblin Village, Rimuru meets a trio of adventurers and a masked woman named Shizu. Shizu turns out to be the person Rimuru is destined to be with, according to his fortune.

  • Thanks to Rimuru's skill, Kaijin was able to make and deliver all of the longswords, so they celebrate by going to a bar staffed by elf girls. One of them reads Rimuru's fortune, and sees an image of someone she believes Rimuru is destined to be with.

  • Rimuru and his companions visit the Armed Nation of Dwargon in search of some artisans to help the Goblins learn to supply their own food, shelter, and clothing. However, a skirmish just outside the city gate lands Rimuru and Gobta in a prison cell.

  • After leaving the cave, Rimuru encounters a village of Goblins under attack by a clan of Direwolves. Caught in the heat of the moment, Rimuru agrees to help the Goblins in their battle.

  • The slime Mikami and the Storm Dragon Veldora decide to give each other names. Veldora gives the slime Mikami the name "Rimuru," and Rimuru comes up with a family name for both of them: "Tempest."

  • Mikami Satoru, a businessman, is stabbed by a criminal on the street and killed. When he regains consciousness in the darkness, he finds that he's been reincarnated as a slime!

  • Hey! Butts!

  • One day, when Shuna and Shion are fighting over Rimuru's squishy slime body as usual, Rimuru comes up with the idea to make a cushion in the shape of his slime form. He travels around Tempest to see if his friends know of any good materials he can use, and he learns that a special type of sand found along a lake shore in the forest is exactly what he's looking for. So he sets out to collect some sand... but a monster is waiting for him by the lake!

  • Rimuru's Glamorous Life as a Teacher, Part 1

  • Rimuru's Glamorous Life as a Teacher, Part 2

  • Rimuru's Glamorous Life as a Teacher, Part 3