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Pokémon Origins is a Japanese anime television show special that has its basis deeply rooted in the Pokémon Nintendo franchise. It is more of a limited time spinoff than an extension of the regular anime series. The television special Pokemon Origins is centered around a young boy named Red, who sets out to fulfill his goal of becoming the Pokémon League Champion. The special officially allows the plot to start when Red, along with his rival Blue, are being called to the laboratory by Professor Oak to receive their starter Pokémon. Red chooses a Charmander while Blue picks a Squirtle and from there the two go their separate ways to battle trainers, gain experience for their Pokémon and catch more of them along the way.

One key aspect of Pokémon Origins that separates it from the main television series is that the characters and basic plot of the story is almost directly lifted from the Pokémon Red and Blue video games themselves. Furthermore, even the basic designs are borrowed from the video games as well.

Pokemon Origins is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (4 episodes). The series first aired on October 2, 2013.

Where do I stream Pokemon Origins online? Pokemon Origins is available for streaming on TV Tokyo, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pokemon Origins on demand at Amazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 4 Episodes
October 2, 2013
Anime Kids & Family
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Pokemon Origins Full Episode Guide

  • After defeating the Elite Four, Red is finally ready to challenge the Champion and take his strength to the next level.

  • Red arrives in Saffron City to find Team Rocket's fingerprints on everything, but what lies in store at Viridian City may be the biggest surprise yet.

  • Red encounters a place called the Pokémon House, where he learns of a baby Cubone's ordeal at the hands of an evil organization known as Team Rocket

  • Red, along with his rival Blue, sets out on a quest to realize Professor Oak's dream of completing the Pokédex.