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The popular anime series, created by Takafumi Adachi, Beyblade has had a number of series and the sixth one is known as Beyblade: Metal Fury. The show continues the general line of the TV shows and manga and is the third season of the Metal Saga. Its basis came from the creators' development of a 4D blade system influenced by Takara Tomy.

The influence of the 4D system on the show is based around featuring 4 specific beyblade toys: Dynamic Moves, Deep Customs, Divided Wheels and Different Material. It included a new storyline as well, with the main protagonist, Gingka, being discovered by a legendary blader, which is a blader who has a piece of star fragment enchanted in their beys.

Much like Metal Masters, the characters have a journey they must conduct while fighting for survival. In Metal Fury, they have to travel the world in order to locate the remaining legendary bladers in order to fight and destroy Nemesis, the God of Destruction. Like all other Beyblade seasons, Metal Fury is divided into several interconnected story arcs that take the characters through their journey as they fight to survive.

Cartoon Network
3 Seasons, 53 Episodes
August 19, 2012
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Beyblade: Metal Fury Full Episode Guide

  • Gingka and the rest of the Four Season Legendary Bladers appear to complete Zeus' Barrier and seal Nemesis away for good, along with Rago and Pluto who are carried down with the destruction of the Lost Kingdom of Hades. Their celebration is short lived though as through a crack in Zeus' Barrier, the God of Destruction appears and is determined to destroy the earth.

  • While the WBBA and all its members are searching the world for signs of Rago and Nemesis, Gingka and his friends are training hard for the battle they know is ahead of them. Meanwhile, Rago, Doji and Pluto are on a boat in the middle of the ocean, attempting to raise the sunken Kingdom of King Hades.

  • In Pluto's lair in Mexico, the powers of the beys of some of the Legendary Bladers are used to begin the revival of Nemesis. Gingka and his friends to the impending danger and they decide to head to Mexico to stop the revival before it's too late.

  • Tithi and Yu agree to a bey battle in the ruins and Tithi proves to be a strong opponent and he defeats Yu. Kyoya is sure that Tithi is a Legendary Blader and so challenges him to a battle next.

  • Kyoya is ambushed by a group of bladers in the mountains but he defeats them all. They apologize, claiming they thought he was a monster that has been terrorizing their village. Kyoya agrees to rid them of this monster, but the first person he runs into is Yu. Kyoya reluctantly joins Yu in a quest to find and defeat the monster.

  • Gingka and his friends arrive at Beyster Island where they have entered a tournament that has attracted a huge number of strong Bladers. The tournament rules state that competitors must try to make their way to a mountain top, battling random opponents on the way, winners proceed, losers go home.

  • As the battle of Beyster Island continues, many more bladers are knocked out of the competition. Gingka catches up with Kenta only to find that he is his next opponent in the tournament.

  • Gingka battles Dynamis the Guardian of the temple. Gingka seems to have chosen the wrong strategy, but admits that he was too caught up in being a legendary Blader and says that he should have been paying more attention. Dynamis is impressed with his honesty and ceases the battle and tells Gingka and the group about the ancient history of the star fragments.

  • Ryuto leads Gingka and his friends into a temple on Mist Mountain in search of a Star Fragment. They are unaware that they are being followed by Johannes and the bladers from Beylin Fist, who are also seeking the Fragment.

  • In the final of a battle royal in the Destroyer Dome, six bladers battle to see who will come out on top. The bladers, King, Jigsaw, Zeo, Toby, tsubasa and Masamune give it their all. Jigsaw starts strong and defeats Zeo and Toby, but is surprised when his bey, Ionis, loses to King's Variares. Next Tsubasa loses to King and only Masamune remains.

  • Masamune and his new bey, Blitz Striker, battle against some old foes and new ones in the Destroyer Dome. Masamune and the others soon find that a new blader by the name of Jigsaw is dominating the match with his bey Forbidden Ionis.

  • Aguma and Bao follow Johannes to meet Pluto, who wants Beylin Fist to join him in his dark quest for power. Gingka and his friends travel to Greece where they meet Sophie, Wales, Julian and Klaus. They travel to a temple where a legendary bey is supposed to exist, but the temple has been destroyed and the bey is gone.

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