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Beyblade Shogun Steel is another volume to the classic Anime series. This series features a variety of battling tops, some of these tops have mystical powers. The main characters bond with their tops and eventually learn the power of team work and trusting your instincts.

Takafumi Adachi / MFBBProject
1 Season, 26 Episodes
August 17, 2013
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Beyblade Shogun Steel Full Episode Guide

  • Gingka, Zyro and Kira team up to defeat Doji, and the WBBA wins the right to chart the course for the future of Beyblade.

  • Kira and Zyro battle in a floating stadium. As the battle rages, a robotized Doji enters and interrupts the match.

  • Shinobu defeats Baihu. Shinobu, Zyro and Maru find Gingka.

  • Zyro and his friends battle bladers at the DNA headquarters.

  • Zyro and his friends launch an assault on DNA Headquarters.

  • At the WBBA qualifying tournament, the DNA arrive and stop the tournament from continuing.

  • DNA attacks WBBA Bey Parks and Baihu Xiao defeats Kite Unabara.

  • Zyro defeats Kira to win the Neo Battle Bladers tournament.

  • Shinobu loses to Kira in the semi-finals of the Neo Battle Bladers Tournament.

  • Zyro defeats Sakyo to advance to the finals of the Neo Battle Bladers Tournament.

  • In the next round of the Neo Battle Bladers tournament, the four semi-finalists are determined.

  • The preliminary round of the Neo Battle Bladers tournament comes to an end and the eight Bladers who will go to the finals are named.

  • The Neo Battle Bladers tournament begins and the qualifying round is filled with interesting battles.

  • Zyro battles Kira in a Synchrome bey match and his Salamader Ifrit loses to Kira's Golem Behemoth.

  • Yoshio defeats Akuya and his followers, but then loses to Zyro. Kira appears and battles and defeats Shinobu.

  • Ren and Shinobu train with Zyro. Takanosuke defeats Kikura, but he then loses to Kite Unabara.

  • A Blader named Yoshio Iwayama comes to town and defeats both Eight and Kite Unabara.

  • Shinobu Hiryuin and his Ninja Salamander are defeated by Sakyo Kurayami and his Ronin Dragoon.

  • Zyro and his friends are sent by the WBBA to show bladers around the world how much fun beyblading in the new Cyclone Beystadium can be.

  • While on a beach vacation, Zyro and the others solve a mystery about a supposed Sea Monster.

  • Benkei continues to train Bladers, with Kite, Eight and Ren joining Shinobu, and Zyro.

  • In a rematch Zyro uses Synchrome to combine his bey Ifrit with Shinobu's bey Salamander to defeat the Unabara brothers' bey Orochi Leviathan.

  • Zyro battles Kite and defeats him but in a rematch, Kite claims victory to even the score.

  • Seven years have passed since Nemesis was defeated and the world of Beyblade is nearly back to normal. A young blader named Zyro Kurogane is undefeated in his home town and so decides to go on a training journey to hone his skills. When he reaches a big city, he challenges the best blader there, Shinobu Hiryuin, to a battle, and the match takes place in a Cyclone Beystadium. Zyro has never battled in such a stadium and though he tries his best, he eventually loses to Shinobu. Zyro is disappointed but he runs into Benkei, who agrees to train him in the art of Beyblade so he can battle Shinobu again, and Zyro readily accepts the offer.

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