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Based on the Manga comic and the popular spinning top game, this Japanese anime brings together a number of bladers from around the World who are initially challenged by a newcomer, Masamune. After initially battling each other to see who is the most powerful blader in the World, the small group of bladers at the first tournament join together to form a traveling group of players. Traveling to the Beybalde World Championships means these individuals will have to join together to work as a team if one of them is to become the top blader in the world.

Cartoon Network
4 Seasons, 101 Episodes
August 20, 2011
Cast: Jason Deline, Carter Hayden, Andrew Jackson
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Beyblade: Metal Masters Full Episode Guide

  • While Gingka tries to use Pegasus to absorb the excess energy at the Hades City reactor, Masamune finds he must battle Faust again. It is only when Zeo arrives to join the battle that they are able to convince Faust that he is actually Toby.

  • While Masamune and Gingka try to reach the Spiral Core and Toby, Kyoya battles Damian. Kyoya defeats Damian just as Dr. Ziggurat warns the world that he intends on selling his invention, Spiral Force, to the highest bidder.

  • While Gingka, Masamune and Kyoya try to find Toby in Hades City, Tsubasa is challenged to a battle by Jack. Tsubasa defeats Jack, and Yu destroys Jack' Arrangement Chamber.

  • Gingka and his friends try to rescue Toby from the clutches of Dr. Ziggurat but are blocked by Julian Konzern. Wales and Sophie clear the way by battling their former partner, Julian, but they lose.

  • Gingka and his friends decide to go after Dr. Ziggurat, but they encounter Ziggurat' minions who use their beys to try and stop their progress. Gingka and his friends prevail, and a small group actually makes it aboard Ziggurat' Hades City.

  • The victory party for Team Gangan Galaxy is crashed by Doctor Ziggurat and a group of disgraced bladers who corner Gingka and his friends. Ziggurat demonstrates the power of his bey-based weapon called Spiral Force, which destroys part of the countryside. Gingka and his friends pursue Ziggurat and vow to stop his use of Spiral Force by whatever means necessary.

  • Gingka battles Damian in the final battle as the Beyblade World Championships continues. Damian' Kerbecs starts strong, but Gingka' Pegasus rallies and defeats them and Team Gangan Galaxy become champions.

  • Ryo tells Team Gangan Galaxy that the US team, Star Breaker, consists of members that have artificially enhanced by Dr. Ziggurat. Damian and Gingka begin the final battle of the World Championships.

  • Gingka is ready to face Jack in the second battle of the final round of the Beyblade World Championships but Ryuga suprises everyone when he shows up to take his place. Ryuga uses L-Drago to defeat Jack's Befall to even the match between Team Gangan Galaxy and Team Star Breaker.

  • The final matches of the Beyblade World Championships begin and Zeo of Team Star Breaker battles Masamune of Team Gangan Galaxy. Dr. Ziggurat tells Zeo that if he loses, his friend Toby' medical treatments will be discontinued.

  • Gangan Galaxy tries to pick a replacement member for the Final Battle, but Kenta, Team Wang Hu Zhong and Ryo are all disqualified. Blader DJ and the American DJ battle to see who will announce the final match, but they decide to announce it together.

  • Julian Konzern of Team Excalibur battles Damian Heart of Team Star Breaker. Damian challenges Julian to a best two out of three match. Julian accepts but is defeated twice in a row.

  • With Tsubasa and Yu in the hospital, the rest of Gangan Galaxy attends a match between Team Excalibur and Team Star Breaker.

  • Zeo undergoes the "Arrangement" process at Dr. Ziggurat's lab, and then challenges Masamune to a battle. The battle ends when Damian arrives and he destroys Tsubasa and Yu's blades and leaves the two bladers unconscious.

  • As Gingka and the rest of Gangan Galaxy visit the Dungeon Gym, Zeo battles Ryuga at HD Academy. Ryuga wins and Dr. Ziggurat tells him his plan for world domination.

  • Masamune finds his old friend Toby and through flashback we learn that they made a pact long ago to become the number one bladers in the world.

  • Tsubasa and Argo battle to see which of their teams will advance to the finals of the Beyblade World Championships. Argo starts strong but Tsubasa refuses to quit and he wins in the end.

  • Gingka battles Selen and she surprises him by conceding the battle after managing to drain much of Pegasus's power in the process. In the next match, Gingka defeats Ian to give his team the lead, only to lose to Argo and the teams are tied again.

  • Yu recovers from his injuries in time to battle Enso Garcia in the first match of the finals, but he and his damaged Libra lose. Masamune defeats Enso in the next match, but then loses to Enso' sister, Selen.

  • Team Gangan Galaxy arrives in Brazil for the Finals of The Beyblade World Championships. Trouble ensues when Yu ventures off on his own to gather information about their opponents.

  • Julian Konzern and Gingka meet in the final and deciding battle for the A Block of the Beyblade World Championships. In a close match, Gingka' Galaxy Pegasus defeats Konzern' Gravity Destroyer.

  • Tsubasa and Yu battle Wales and Sophie in the finals, with Tsubasa defeating both his own dark side and the opponents to claim victory. Gingka meanwhile receives valuable advice from Ryuga.

  • Team Gangan Galaxy travels to Italy for the tournament finals, where Masamune loses his match to Klaus of Team Excalibur. Gingka meanwhile battles his oldest rival, Ryuga.

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