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Courage the Cowardly Dog is a comedy animated series originally created for Cartoon Network. The series is based on an Academy Award-nominated animated short film created with the help of Hanna-Barbara titled The Chicken from Outer Space. The show centers on Courage, a small pink dog that was rescued as a puppy by Muriel. Courage now lives with Muriel and her husband Eustace Bagge on a small farmhouse in the middle of Nowhere. Despite the boring name, Nowhere is regularly invaded by aliens, mutants, giant bugs, and other staples of 1950

Courage the Cowardly Dog is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (129 episodes). The series first aired on November 12, 1999.

Where do I stream Courage the Cowardly Dog online? Courage the Cowardly Dog is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Courage the Cowardly Dog on demand at HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

Cartoon Network
8 Seasons, 129 Episodes
November 12, 1999
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Marty Grabstein, Thea White, Peter Fernandez, Simon Prebble
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Courage the Cowardly Dog Full Episode Guide

  • Eustace gets fed up with Courage's incompetence and begins looking for a professional to make Courage better. The Perfectionist appears, an old Victorian schoolteacher who carries a large wooden ruler and speaks in a commanding tone.

  • Courage sees a missing dog ad, which causes him to have flashbacks of his parents being kidnapped. The flashbacks cause Courage to get depressed so Muriel takes him to a veterinarian who kidnaps dogs and sends them into space.

  • While digging up treasures, Courage finds a library book that is overdue. He takes it back and learns he owes several thousand dollars in overdue fees. Muriel and Eustace both touch the book and transform into characters from the book.

  • The family is sightseeing when a manhole opens beneath their feet. They plummet into an underground cabaret in what appears to be a stomach. A homunculus offers the family prizes if they perform for him.

  • Alien naturalists descend upon the farmhouse and suck up the family and begin to study them. They are desperate to discover if their own species could be genetically hybridized with humans in hope of finding a serum that will save them.

  • The three-headed son of the Chicken from Outer Space returns to earth, at his mother's bidding, to avenge his father and destroy Courage. He captures Muriel and subjects her to horrible things. Courage must defeat the son and rescue Muriel.

  • Out in space, two beings scatter stars in the blackness. They are star makers and the last beings of their kind. A predator attacks them. The wife escapes landing beside the farmhouse.

  • When the family visits an aqua-park, Eustace boasts loudly that he can swim better than the dolphin in the water show. Eustace challenged to a swimming contest with the dolphin and loses.

  • A dragon arrives at the farmhouse looking for food and eats humans. It attacks the house and occupies it, eats Eustace as a snack and sets aside Muriel and Courage. Courage learns of the dragon's anguish over having wings but unable to fly.

  • Each time Muriel gives her opinion, Eustace ignores her. His carelessness hurts Muriel so she refuses to talk to anyone making her mute. Courage hires Shirley the Medium to conjure up a spell that will make Muriel talk again.

  • In a special two-part episode, Kitty, a dog-hating stranger wearing a mask, shows up at the farm. It's special. And it's two-parts. So there.

  • A rocket bursts above the farmhouse and showers debris. Muriel finds a carrot growing quickly in her garden, eats it and grows as tall as a house. Courage must get in Muriel's stomach and defeat the Military Carrot before it's too late.

  • At a county fair, a paper-cutter offers to make full-size cameo silhouettes of Muriel and Eustace. Back at the farmhouse, Muriel mounts the cameos on the wall. The silhouettes pull themselves free and steal Eustace and Muriel's souls.

  • The truck crashes into a swamp and Muriel loses her new locket. The locket is found by the Swamp Monster, who sees Muriel's picture and believes she is his long-lost love. He vows to find her and takes her to the swamp to be his bride.

  • The start of hunting season is announced, and a prize is offered to whomever blasts the biggest deer. Eustace takes Courage on a hunting trip. Martin Deer is playing with his family in a pasture when Eustace starts shooting at him.

  • Muriel gets a terrible cold and sneezes uncontrollably. Muriel's sneezes produce a strange cloud where an image of a creature crying for help is seen. She sneezes out a cloudy map, which Courage follows to the Bayou, with Muriel in tow.

  • Le Quack returns with a scheme to replace Muriel's cookie recipe with one that calls for rare Swedish vinegar. Then he arrives on the scene to take her to Sweden in a hot air balloon so she can get some.

  • The farm's windmill begins to jam, and when Courage tries to fix it, he discovers symbols carved behind the blades. He hears horses' hooves approaching, and ghosts of saber-wielding vandals ride into view, galloping straight for the farm.

  • Dr. Gerhardt von Orbison wants neighbors and decides to bring them to him. The family is awakened to find the farmhouse walking itself to a new location, next door to von Orbison's mansion Muriel strikes up a friendship with him.

  • Muriel is summoned to Scotland by her uncle to weave the family tartan. When she arrives she learns that he is an imposter. He imprisons her with Courage and forces her to weave thousands of kilts.

  • The family discovers a lake outside their home. When the water rises and begins to flood the farmhouse, Courage goes to find the cause. He finds a beaver completing a huge dam on the Nowhere River.

  • The family browses in a junkyard and accidentally get locked in. As evening falls, evil rats emerge and begin a macabre dance. The rats capture Muriel and Eustace and prepare to cook them for a feast.

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