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The Tom and Jerry show, also known under the alternative title of The New Tom and Jerry Show, was a cartoon comedy show first syndicated in 1975 and airing on Saturday mornings in a prime time animation slot. This was the first time both cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry, appeared together in syndicated, exclusively made for television programs.

In The New Tom and Jerry Show, after years of rivalry Tom and Jerry have become friends and set about on adventures and jobs, sometimes solving mysteries and fighting villains. However, they do retain a deep seated rivalry and often become obsessively competitive in their misadventures. The show became much less violent than previous incarnations of the Tom and Jerry Show.

None of the very popular characters, such as Butch the Bulldog, Toodles Galore, Lightening, Meathead, Tyke, Tuffy or Mammy Two Shoes the black maid. However, Quacker the Duck does make a brief appearance in only a single episode of the show.

The Tom & Jerry Show is a series that is currently running and has 20 seasons (299 episodes). The series first aired on April 9, 2014.

Where do I stream The Tom & Jerry Show online? The Tom & Jerry Show is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Tom & Jerry Show on demand at Amazon Prime, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV, Cartoon Network online.

Saturday 8:00 AM et/pt on Cartoon Network
20 Seasons, 299 Episodes
April 9, 2014
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Lennie Weinrib, Alan Oppenheimer, Henry Corden, Janet Waldo, Jean Vander Pyl
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The Tom & Jerry Show Full Episode Guide

  • Tom and Spike get glued together.

  • The Cat and Mouse are hired to find out who absconded with Hoops McJumpalot's lucky high top sneakers.

  • Things get crazy down on the farm when a cat and mouse pursuit leads Jerry to hide his turtle egg in a hen's nest.

  • Spikes bones are missing and Frankie the Rat is the culprit. Now all they have to do is catch in the dirty rat in the act.

  • An over protected Spike goes to extreme lengths to keep his precious pup safe from harm.

  • The gang do battle with a magical broom.

  • When Tuffy shows an interest in soccer, Jerry decides to be the little guys coach and show him how the game is really played by beating Tom in a one-on-one match.

  • Tom is placed in charge of caring for the Duchess' French Poodle and needs Tuffy and Jerry's help in keeping the ill-tempered mutt under control.

  • When Tyke is accidentally carried off to the local dump, Spike is forced to enlist the help of Jerry and Tom to get his boy back before Ace and Rocco, the junkyards guard dogs, turn him into a formidable junkyard pup.

  • The cat and mouse detectives pose as bellhops at a swanky hotel to catch a jewel thief.

  • Jerry befriends a lost baby gator, keeping it safe from harm until it's momma arrives to take it back home.

  • Spike demonstrates for Tuffy what it takes to be a dog.

  • Tuffy's wish to be as strong as Spike comes true.

  • An old pair of Ginger's tap shoes turns Tom into a tap dancing fanatic.

  • It's a battle royale over the last box of donuts.

  • The detectives across the hall are responsible for a series of high profile thefts and are framing innocent people for the crimes.

  • Tom and Jerry work together to save a live turkey from becoming the centerpiece of a holiday feast.

  • Tom is placed in charge of the preparations for the Duchess' surprise birthday party for nephew Rupert and Jerry is determined to make a mess of it all.

  • Tom uses a new fangled scientific machine to make copies off himself creating a living nightmare for Jerry.

  • Tom and Jerry get locked inside a travel trunk and end up on a vacation cruise to France.

  • The Mice from Mars make a return visit and set about making mischief between Spike and Tom.

  • Ginger is asked by her mother to watch her dog, Goliath, while she is away. Goliath is a gentle giant, unless you wake him from his nap!

  • A scarecrow terrorizes Catsylvania.

  • Tom must enlist the neighborhood cats to help him remove the cat hairs from Rick's new massage chair.

  • Tom and Jerry have to contend with a baby polar bear that has been mistakenly delivered to Rick and Ginger's house.

  • A bouquet of flowers causes Tom no end of trouble.

  • Tuffy surprises Jerry with a visit from the actor who plays his favorite TV show character, "The Masked Mouse". Turns out, the actor is a prima donna who makes everyone's life miserable.

  • The hot dog relish that Crooked Eddie brings to the detectives turns out to be an explosive device that Tom and Jerry must now return to the lab before it inadvertently blows up the entire city.

  • Jerry helps a Leprechaun retrieve the pot of gold that he's lost to Tom.

  • Tom and Jerry become obsessed with the contents of a wrapped package and go to extraordinary measure to find out what's inside without being caught by Rick and Ginger.

  • Tuffy and Jerry, pretending to be butterflies, prank Tom and cause all sorts of trouble in the house until the Duke catches Tuffy with the intention of adding him to his butterfly collection.

  • Jerry uses a friendly tick to get even with Tom.

  • The detectives help a team of Huskies find the villain who is determined to sabotage their dog sled race.

  • Spike's big brother, Max, shows up on the run from some bad guys and Spike must enlist the help of Tuffy, Tom and Jerry to get rid of him.

  • Jerry is mistaken for a rare breed of Guinea Pig by the Duchess' professor friend and uses his protected, elevated status to create endless problems for Tom.

  • Fearful that he will lose his place in the Manor, Tom adopts the attitude of a member of the Royal Guard in order to keep the mice and their new friend, Boswell, from wreaking havoc in the kitchen.

  • A wild chase leads Jerry into the arms of a little girl and now Tom has to help Jerry escape her clutches.

  • The detectives agree to escort a goofy Canadian goose back across the border before duck hunting season begins.

  • A lemur belonging to the Duchess' adventurous cousin puts Tom's job as Under-Butler in jeopardy.

  • Jerry's cousins pay a return visit to the Manor eager to create mayhem for Tom, things get crazier than ever when the cousins wives show up as well.