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Baby Looney Tunes is a 30 minute cartoon that aired on Kids WB and Cartoon Network for a few years. The show is about the Looney Tunes doing fun adventures as babies and Granny taking care and watching over the baby Tunes. The show is like Muppet Babies at times, where Bugs Bunny is the leader of the bunch. The show is entertaining and cute at the same time. Though there are not as much action as other Looney Tunes, that we know from in the past, this show is more of a baby version where the action is very little.

Baby Looney Tunes is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (133 episodes). The series first aired on September 7, 2002.

Where do I stream Baby Looney Tunes online? Baby Looney Tunes is available for streaming on WB, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Baby Looney Tunes on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

8 Seasons, 133 Episodes
September 7, 2002
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Sam Vincent, June Foray, Terry Klassen, Britt McKillip
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Baby Looney Tunes Full Episode Guide

  • The Baby Looney Tunes explore a world of botanic wonder as they search for just the right spot to plant a young lemon tree.

  • The Baby Looney Tunes tour the local fire station, learning fire prevention tips from friendly Fireman Frank. Baby Daffy displays the most fire-fighting knowledge when he is suddenly tested by a real-life emergency at Granny's house.

  • On an overnight train trip to visit Floyd at college, Lola's doll vanishes. Baby Bugs acts as a detective as he tries to solve the missing Edna mystery via a series of simple flashbacks, seen from each Baby Looney Tunes' point of view.

  • Baby Daffy has Baby Bugs right where he wants him, as the subject of his digital photography and at the mercy of his endless, egocentric creative whims.

  • A nagging question regarding the composition of the moon brings the Baby Looney Tunes to experience their very first visit to the library.

  • A trip to the seashore brings the Baby Looney Tunes into contact with a just-hatched turtle that Melissa names Myrtle. Melissa loves Myrtle and wants to keep her from walking into the ocean so she may take Myrtyle home for herself.

  • On an orchard outing, picking bushels of fresh apples for Granny's home-baked pies, the Baby Looney Tunes encounter Melissa, who is in a mood to tell everyone that her method of apple picking is the only way.

  • A day playing miniature golf is fun for everyone but Baby Daffy, who believes he must beat everyone else at the game. At the end of the day, all but Daffy are having a good time regardless of how they scored.

  • On their first farm visit, the Baby Looney Tunes meet a young, dispirited rooster named Foghorn Leghorn. They work together to build his self-confidence, unleashing powers of persuasion and elocution that even Foghorn never knew he had.

  • The Baby Looney Tunes learn about soccer from Floyd, who surprisingly is an enthused soccer expert. Baby Petunia works the hardest and displays the best sportsmanlike attitude becoming the finest soccer player of all the Baby Looney Tunes.

  • The Baby Looney Tunes are eager to visit the local TV station, home of their favorite children's show. When Floyd accidentally locks them inside the studio moments before airtime, they are forced to put on today's program all by themselves!

  • Granny's sister's bakery is being put out of business so her landlord can tear down the bakery to build a parking lot. This makes the Baby Looney Tunes to work together to bake one giant cinnamon roll.

  • During a road trip, Floyd, obsessed with taking the Baby Looney Tunes to visit the Acme Garlic Festival, endures countless variants of the universal kid question, are we there, yet? Despite Floyd's garlic agenda, fate has other plans.

  • Granny takes the Baby Looney Tunes back to a simpler lifestyle during a weekend spent in an 1800's log cabin, where they learn to enjoy life minus modern conveniences. Bugs and Daffy get in trouble for smuggling their computer game along.

  • The Baby Looney Tunes first Halloween involves a costume contest for Lola, Melissa and Petunia, group trick-or-treating and Sylvester overcoming his fear of confronting an allegedly scary neighbor.

  • Baby Bugs tries to realize his dream of traveling to the moon while the Baby Looney Tunes are on a space museum visit.

  • Overhearing Granny on the phone say she's expecting a baby, Baby Bugs goes into overdrive, revving up the Baby Looney Tunes to prepare to care for an infant.

  • Baby Sylvester is overcome with angst because Granny's broken old chair must be replaced. The other Baby Looney Tunes work to help turn Sylvester's trepidation into enjoyment during their mammoth furniture-shopping adventure.

  • Baby Bugs and Baby Daffy decide to team up and unlike the other Baby Looney Tunes, fake having received their annual flu shots at the local clinic. The joke's on them when they awaken on the day of Granny's big party unable to have fun.

  • Everyone's excited about a bicycle outing through the park except Tweety, whose little legs don't quite reach the pedals. Frustrated after riding on the back of Floyd's bicycle while everyone else has fun, Tweety is ready to go home.

  • With Floyd's adult assistance, Baby Bugs and the Baby Looney Tunes learn an effective way to deal with a bully.

  • The Baby Looney Tunes experience their very first big stadium baseball game. Lola's favorite team's star batter gets her undivided attention until Lola's coaching affects the very outcome of the contest.

  • Tweety feels neglected when no one wants him on their museum scavenger hunt team. Using his innate sleuthing abilities and the help of a friendly museum guard, Tweety proves to be the best scavenger hunter of them all.