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  • 1995
  • 5 Seasons
  • 7.2  (5,541)

The Wayans Brothers was a popular American sitcom that aired on the WB Television Network from 1995 to 1999. The show was created by Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, and Leslie Ray and executive produced by Marlon and Shawn Wayans, Michael Rotenberg, Benny Medina, and Dave Flebotte. It featured the two youngest Wayans brothers, Marlon and Shawn, as lead characters who run a newsstand in New York City.

The show revolved around the everyday life of the Wayans brothers, who were constantly getting into various hilarious situations. Marlon and Shawn's characters were known for their cheeky sense of humor and constant bickering. The supporting cast was equally as talented, with John Witherspoon playing the role of their father, Pops, who was known for his catchphrase "Bang! Bang! Bang!" when he wanted attention. Lela Rochon played the brothers' love interest, Lisa, who worked at the newsstand with them.

The show was praised for its witty writing, slapstick comedy, and chemistry between the characters. The Wayans Brothers often tackled issues related to race, politics, and social class, making it a show that resonated with audiences from different backgrounds. The show was also known for its celebrity guest stars, including rapper Ice Cube, legendary comedian Richard Pryor, and singer-actress Brandy.

As the show progressed, the Wayans brothers' characters matured, and the storylines became more complex. Marlon's character, Marlon Williams, became a father, while Shawn's character, Shawn Williams, was trying to find his place in the world. The show ended in 1999, after four seasons and 101 episodes.

After the success of The Wayans Brothers, Marlon and Shawn Wayans went on to create and star in the hit films Scary Movie (2000) and White Chicks (2004). John Witherspoon continued to act in numerous films and television shows, and Lela Rochon went on to star in movies such as Waiting to Exhale (1995) and The Chamber (1996).

In conclusion, The Wayans Brothers was a groundbreaking sitcom that showcased the comedic talent of the Wayans family. With its witty humor, relatable characters, and relevant social commentary, it remains a beloved show that continues to have a lasting impact on popular culture.

The Wayans Brothers is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (101 episodes). The series first aired on January 11, 1995.

The Wayans Brothers
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22. Rope-a-Dope
May 20, 1999
Shawn and Marlon sell Pops' boxing memorabilia, but when their dad's feelings are hurt, they try to retrieve the goods from the new owner, Roy Jones Jr.
Three on a Couch
21. Three on a Couch
May 13, 1999
Shawn blames his family for not being successful after meeting a successful old pal.
20. Dreamgirl
May 6, 1999
A famous singer wants Shawn to father her baby but she doesn't need him in the baby's life.
Everybody Loves Shawn
19. Everybody Loves Shawn
April 29, 1999
Marlon returns to Everybody loves Everybody, but everybody seems to like Shawn after saying one line.
Hip Hop Pops
18. Hip Hop Pops
February 25, 1999
The boys throw Pops a suprise 50th birthday but the celebration only reminds him on how old he is getting.
Crazy 4 U
17. Crazy 4 U
February 18, 1999
Shawn and Marlon are head over heels trying to get the attention of Dawn, a new psychiatrist that moved into the building.
Pops Gets Evicted
16. Pops Gets Evicted
February 11, 1999
Shawn tries to impress the building's owner with a bunch ideas for the lobby but Pops diner has to get evicted first before anything can happen.
15. Jump!
February 4, 1999
The brothers teasing about Dee's job gets her suspended and the boys try to get her job back.
Saving Private Marlon
14. Saving Private Marlon
January 28, 1999
After landing an important role in a war movie, Marlon decides to do research on a military base where the head officer offers to show him the ropes -- until Marlon discovers that the soldier has a long-standing grudge against Pops.
Big Brother
13. Big Brother
January 21, 1999
Shawn doesn't like the way Marlon is treating is little brother, so Shawn gets one himself, but his little brother turns out to be a former criminal.
Green Card
12. Green Card
January 14, 1999
Shawn marries an immigrant so she can be granted citzenship and must live together for six months. But Shawn soon regrets it after her family members come to live there.
A Country Christmas
11. A Country Christmas
December 17, 1998
Cousin Sheila invites Marlon, Shawn and Pops to spend Christmas at her farm, but the guys are shocked to discover that Franklin left here and she may lose her farm if she can't pay her mortgage.
Marlon Joins A Cult
10. Marlon Joins A Cult
December 10, 1998
Marlon signs up for what he thinks is a acting class but turns out to be a cult.
9. Misery
November 19, 1998
Marlon goes to see one of his fans, but she turns out to be an obsessed fanatic who kidnaps him.
The High Life
8. The High Life
November 12, 1998
Marlon's involvement with an actor leads him into smoking weed. Shawn tries help him stop especially since Marlon has a big audition coming up.
The Kiss
7. The Kiss
November 5, 1998
Shawn and Dee have a fun time at a Missy Elliot concert and find themselves in bed together the next night. Meanwhile, Pops and Marlon try to win $5000 by sending in a tape to America's Video Bloopers.
Escorting Ain't Easy
6. Escorting Ain't Easy
October 29, 1998
Shawn starts his own escorting service and when Pops goes sees one of the clients, it turns out to be an old flame.
Ho's on First
5. Ho's on First
October 15, 1998
Shawn learns that Marlon's new girlfriend has had a bad reputation and doesn't know how to break it to him.
Romeo & J'Leeta
4. Romeo & J'Leeta
October 8, 1998
Shawn falls for the daughter of Pops rival, Rick.
Pops' Campaign
3. Pops' Campaign
October 1, 1998
Pops runs for city council against an unscrupulous politician, Councilman Ted McKay played by "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.'' veteran Ronnie Schell.
Six Degrees of Marlon
2. Six Degrees of Marlon
September 25, 1998
Marlon wants more exposure on his sitcom Everybody Loves Everybody, so manager Shawn gets Marlon a big romantic scene: with a guy.
Brother Can You Spare A Dime?
1. Brother Can You Spare A Dime?
September 18, 1998
After his sitcom debut, Marlon is in the money and intoxicated with money -- making strapped for cash Shawn do anything for money.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 11, 1995
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (5,541)