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One of the greatest comedic talents was that of Bernie Mac. This is the reason why it isn't any surprise that one of the best comedic shows to be found on television was The Bernie Mac Show. Bernie Mac was a stand up comedian as well as actor who had his own unique style and sense of humor, most of which found base in his real life. While most comedians tend to draw their material from what takes place around them what made Mac's material so fresh and different was that he took events and things from his life that evoked pain and found the humor in them, helping him overcome potential obstacles.

The Bernie Mac Show itself was based in Mac's own experiences. The show's plot deals with Mac and his wife as they take in and decide to raise his sister's three children due to her drug addiction and abandonment of the children. These events took place in Mac's real life and were under the same circumstances. This is something that gives the show an even more realistic feel and emphasizes the point that, although Mac was now a success, he never forgot where he came from and what family really means.

Another part of the show's success is the fact that Mac approached real concerns and real issues that concerned his family and how he chose to deal with it. One aspect that gives a glimpse into Mac's character is the fact that he starts out confident in his ability to deal with the various situations but stays open minded enough to learn from mistakes and set aside his pride to admit when he is wrong. These types of lessons are ones that every parent figure can learn from.

The Bernie Mac Show is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (104 episodes). The series first aired on November 14, 2001.

Where do I stream The Bernie Mac Show online? The Bernie Mac Show is available for streaming on FOX, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Bernie Mac Show on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Hulu, Sling online.

5 Seasons, 104 Episodes
November 14, 2001
Cast: Bernie Mac, Kellita Smith, Jeremy Suarez, Camille Winbush, Dee Dee Davis
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The Bernie Mac Show Full Episode Guide

  • Jordan tries to take advantage of Bernie's near death experience while Vanessa sets out to prove to everyone that she can get into college without Bernie's help.

  • The taste of money has Vanessa blowing off studying for SATS and college. Jordan gets a big head when he finally grows taller than Vanessa.

  • Wanda is at odds with her sister, Valerie, on her birthday and help comes from an unlikely source-Bryan.

  • Jordan is dating the cutest cheerleader in school.

  • Bernie plays matchmaker for Vanessa as the Senoopr Prom is approaching. Jordan becomes Bryana's slave after she sprains her ankle.

  • Bryan gets the run of the house when Wanda goes out of town on a business trip.Meanwhile, it's voting time for the "Eighth Grade Bests" class awards and Jordan wants to win "best smile".

  • Bernie and Jordan finally seem to have something they like doing together-fantasy football. Bryana get addicted to makeup.

  • Wanda and Bernie realize their attempts to have a child has alienated the ones they already have.

  • Wanda invites Vanessa's best friend, Tasha, to stay with them. Bernie hopes Tasha will help Vanessa get her act together.

  • Bernie and Wanda seek time alone as Bryana wants to learn more about her mother.

  • An attempt to bond as family at the school, has everyone furious at each other. Bernie comes to a tough decision about the family.

  • Bernie and Wanda battle over how to deal with the kids when they get in trouble at the same time.

  • Bryan returns-but this time to spoil Jordan.

  • When the kids disresepct Wanda, Bernie gives her Big Mama's belt to command fear.

  • Jordan babysits Bryana while Bernie and Wanda attend a school charity auction. Jordan decides to let her watch a horror movie.

  • When Vanessa gets a permit, she buys her first car Wanda gets ditched by Jordan and his friends at a Comic-Con, as Bernie deals with Vanessa and her first car.

  • Instead of using the money Bernie gave her for school clothes, Vanessa uses it to buy one pair of expensive shoes.

  • Bernie and Charles Barkley face off in a celebrity 10k charity race.

  • Jordan makes the wrestling team and wins because no one is in his weight class.

  • Bryan, Bryanna's father, shows up to spend more time with his daughter-and ends up spoiling her.

  • Bernie thinks its time Jordan walked home from school to make new friends. He does, but he ends up getting into trouble. Vanessa has a wardrobe malfunction while swimming and is embarrassed..

  • Bernie encourages Vanessa's musical talents.

  • Tensions mount when Bernie shares an assistant with Wanda; and Jordan uses Bernie's Rolodex to phone a celebrity wrestler.

  • Vanessa accuses Bernie of using a double standard after he prevents her from going to a rap concert filled with girl-hungry boys, yet teaches Jordan to be aggressive with his new girlfriend.

  • When a little girl injures her arm during Bryana's birthday party, Bernie finds himself facing a lawsuit, and being labeled a negligent parent.

  • Vanessa is chosen for the high school's spirit squad, but Bernie is shocked by the team's risqué dance routine; and Jordan joins Junior Achievement and enlists cute girls to help sell his product.

  • Bernie is charmed by Vanessa's boyfriend... until he discovers the boy is raising a baby.

  • When Bernie grows worried about Vanessa's choice of friends, he enrolls her and the kids in an organization dedicated to the enrichment of African-American youth; but his initial optimism evaporates after Vanessa gets arrested for shoplifting.

  • One of Wanda's friends tells Bernie that Wanda wants a diamond for her birthday; and Bernie shows Jordan the ins-and-outs of poker.

  • After Bryanna fails in school, Bernie sends her to Jordan's Catholic school. Meanwhile, Jordan discovers that everyone thinks he's a nerd.

  • When Bernie's sister Benita announces that she's eloping in Las Vegas, Wanda decides to have it at the Mac house. Soon, Wanda starts planning the wedding like it was her own. Meanwhile, Jordan tries to break up Aunt Benita's wedding.

  • Bernie builds a new addition to the house after realizing Bryana needs privacy.

  • Bernie and Wanda clash when Bernie insists that he's the only one capable of teaching Vanessa how to drive a car.

  • Bernie prepares for a stand-up performance, but first he must deal with the kids when Wanda's business meeting runs longer than expected.

  • Bernie decides that 8-year-old Bryana is too old to be riding her bike with training wheels. She crashes, and a guilty Bernie volunteers to take her class to the museum. Jordan steals an old cast from the hospital and wears it at school to get out of gym class.

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