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This animated series is the 19th edition of the Pokemon animated series. It features Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie as they face challenges and dangers in the region of Kalos. The series premiered in Japan in 2015 and debuted on The Cartoon Network in the United States in January 2017.

Pokemon the Series: XYZ is a series that is currently running and has 1904 seasons (49 episodes). The series first aired on February 19, 2016.

Where do I stream Pokemon the Series: XYZ online? Pokemon the Series: XYZ is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pokemon the Series: XYZ on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes online.

Cartoon Network
1904 Seasons, 49 Episodes
February 19, 2016
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
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Pokemon the Series: XYZ Full Episode Guide

  • Professor Sycamore and Alexa explore some ruins, where they discover a stone statue of a woman named Aila, and a legend emerges. A collection of Kalos records reveals that Aila€™s true love, Jan, attempted to vanquish the Destruction Pok©mon Yveltal. When he failed, the land was drained of all life as Yveltal became a cocoon and turned Aila to stone.Jan continued his quest, seeking out the Life Pok©mon Xerneas to replenish the barren land-although it couldn€™t save Aila. When Kalos seemed hopelessly out of balance, the Order Pok©mon Zygarde appeared to restore it, and Jan remained at Aila€™s side as the cycle of life and destruction continued.

  • At the Lumiose airport, Ash is heading home to Kanto, Serena is catching a flight to Hoenn, and Clemont and Bonnie have come to see them off. Dedenne doesn€™t seem to understand what€™s happening, and when Bonnie explains that it€™s time to say goodbye to their friends, Dedenne throws a tantrum and runs off to hide!Bonnie soon coaxes it back with a moving speech about pursuing their dreams together, and then it€™s time for Serena€™s flight and an emotional farewell to Ash. Clemont has the perfect idea for passing the time until Ash has to leave-a battle between Pikachu and Bunnelby, just like on the day they met!

  • The Lumiose Gym has been through a lot, but everyone is working together to get it up and running again. Clembot is back, too, although Clemont hasn't been able to restore its memories. When someone arrives to challenge the Gym, Clembot experiences its first Pok©mon battle all over again-and it loves every minute! It asks Clemont to teach it all about Pok©mon, and he's pleased to start rebuilding their friendship.The rest of our heroes are making plans, too. Ash wants to go home for a fresh start. Alain returns to work for Professor Sycamore. And Serena remembers Palermo's offer to take her on as a student€¦

  • An amazing assembly of powerful Pok©mon and Trainers-including the Kalos Gym Leaders and two Champions-have come to help our heroes stop Team Flare! This teamwork allows Ash and Alain to rescue Chespie from inside the Giant Rock, and it seems to be defeated€¦until it rises once again, under Lysandre€™s control!Things seem hopeless until Squishy persuades the other Core to join the fight. The two of them merge together to become the titanic Zygarde Complete, which puts a stop to Lysandre€™s plan once and for all.Finally, it€™s time for Squishy and Bonnie to say their goodbyes-but they€™ll always remember their unwavering friendship that helped save the world!

  • Team Flare appears to be defeated for now-Clemont has destroyed their control system at great personal cost, and Alain and Ash have battled Lysandre to a standstill. But as the villain disappears, he promises that his new world will come to pass€¦Meanwhile, Mairin and Serena rescue Chespie-only to watch in horror as it€™s absorbed by the mysterious Giant Rock, which changes shape to resemble Zygarde! It begins to move, heading toward the Anistar Sundial in search of more energy. Everyone is determined to stop it at all costs-including the Gym Leaders and Champion Diantha, as they join our heroes to rescue Chespie and save the world!

  • Lysandre's threat to the world continues, but our heroes have split up and are fighting back on several fronts! Ash and Alain face Lysandre in battle, and Malva joins them in solidarity. Meanwhile, Bonnie confronts the menacing Zygarde, bravely singing her Squishy song through tears-and Team Flare's influence fades as Zygarde reconnects with its friend.Clemont enters Prism Tower to defeat Xerosic, and Clembot plugs itself into the control system in an attempt to shut it down. Doing so will wipe its memory, but Clembot insists that they have no choice-and Clemont sadly agrees. He completes the task, and Team Flare's machine is shut down...for now...

  • As Lysandre's attempt to take over Lumiose City continues, our heroes are doing what they can to defeat him. Ash and his Pokemon have been captured, but when Alain realizes that his work with Lysandre has led to this disaster, he helps them all get free. Ash and Alain join forces to challenge Lysandre to a battle!Squishy, now revealed as the Legendary Pokemon Zygarde, is still trying to get through to Team Flare's Zygarde-but Team Flare's terrible machine soon brings Squishy under their control as well, as Bonnie watches in despair! The fate of the world hangs in the balance-who will be victorious?

  • The Kalos League award ceremony is interrupted as giant creeping vines engulf the stadium and threaten to take over Lumiose City! Lysandre broadcasts Team Flare's manifesto: they want to create a new world order, where only the chosen ones" will join them!Ash and Alain set off to rescue Mairin, but Ash is shocked to discover that Alain has been working with Lysandre, and Team Flare imprisons Ash atop Prism Tower. His friends try to help, but an angry Zygarde stands in their way-until it's confronted by a second Zygarde, as Squishy transforms and reveals its true identity! A showdown is imminent, and it's Zygarde vs. Zygarde!

  • The Kalos League finals between Ash and Alain are in full swing, as Alain's Charizard defeats an exhausted Pikachu. Next, Alain's Bisharp defeats Goodra and falls to Greninja-and just as both Trainers have been hoping, it's Ash-Greninja versus Mega Charizard X for the very last battle!The attacks and strategies are fast and fierce, but in the end, Mega Charizard X is triumphant, and Alain becomes the Champion! But while all eyes have been on the Kalos League, Lysandre and Team Flare have been putting their plan into motion-and panic fills Lumiose City as the captured Zygarde unleashes its terrifying powers on Prism Tower...

  • The day before the Kalos League finals between Ash and Alain, our heroes meet Alain's young friend Mairin when she rescues Clemont's wayward Chespin! Team Flare is also in Lumiose City, preparing for a secret operation while all eyes are on the League-and Lysandre has plans for Ash once the League is over.Meanwhile, Professor Sycamore, who has been researching Ash-Greninja, shows our heroes an old manuscript describing the mysterious Bond Phenomenon, which requires Trainer and Pokemon to have a particularly close connection. Afterward, Ash rallies his Pokemon for the battle ahead, while Alain trains hard with his Charizard. His mission to gather Mega Evolution energy is nearly complete!

  • It's Ash's Pikachu versus Sawyer's Aegislash in the semifinals of the Kalos League! Sawyer presents a strategic challenge when Aegislash leaves the battlefield covered with fallen trees, but Ash and Pikachu figure out how to use that to their advantage, and Aegislash is defeated.Then, something unusual happens: a double draw, as Ash's Noivern and Sawyer's Salamence knock each other out, and then it happens again with Ash's Goodra and Sawyer's Slurpuff! Sawyer's Sceptile defeats Pikachu-and finally, Ash-Greninja and Mega Sceptile face off in an amazing battle of rivals. The battle is fast and fierce... until Ash-Greninja emerges victorious and Ash moves on to face Alain in the finals!

  • Our heroes have finally arrived in Lumiose City for the Kalos League, where they meet up with Tierno, Trevor, Sawyer, and even Alain! The very first matchup is Trevor vs. Alain-and it's an unexpected battle of Mega Charizard X versus Mega Charizard Y, as Trevor reveals just how hard he's been training! But Alain proves too powerful, and Trevor is eliminated.Ash is detained by a persistent challenger on the way to the battlefield and arrives just in time for his match! His opponent starts off with an impressive Altaria, but Ash-Greninja claims a swift victory. Meanwhile, both Sawyer and Alain patiently await their own chance to battle Ash!

  • Ash, Serena, and Bonnie are having a tough time keeping up with Clemont! Where is he going in such a hurry? It's the Gadget Festival, where playful inventors exhibit their mechanical creations-and where Clemont is truly in his element!Team Rocket is celebrating with some gadgets of their own, but as usual, their goal is to steal Poke Balls from unsuspecting Trainers. When Ash and friends hear about this scheme, they confront the villains, who attempt to fight back using a Meowth-enhancing gadget that Clemont finds impressive! But when Team Rocket's invention falls a little short, they're soon blasting off again-and our heroes get back to the festival!

  • Our heroes are visiting the wetland where Ash's friend Goodra now lives when they run into a group of Carbink with a problem-one of their Carbink friends is playing a trick on them, hiding and refusing to come out! Everyone joins the search, but the Carbink are lured into a trap and used as part of a Team Rocket robot! Feeling bad about the trouble it's caused, the mischievous Carbink teams up with Goodra to free its friends and send the villains blasting off again.Meanwhile, Alain has just defeated Gym Leader Korrina for his eighth badge, and he hopes to face a particular opponent at the Kalos League!

  • After a breakthrough, Ash is back at the Snowbelle City Gym for a rematch with Wulfric-and this time, things are quite different! Wulfric challenges Ash to show him a fiery battle, and Ash certainly delivers, as his Pikachu and Talonflame take down the Gym Leader's Bergmite and Avalugg before the exciting final face-off.It's Greninja versus Abomasnow -- and then it's Ash-Greninja versus Mega Abomasnow, as Wulfric reveals an unexpected Key Stone! Even in the face of such a challenge, Ash-Greninja rises to the occasion, and Ash wins his final Gym badge and qualifies for the Kalos League!

  • Our heroes and Sawyer arrive in Snowbelle City, and Ash is fired up to win his final badge at the freezing Gym!First up is Wulfric's Abomasnow, whose Ability causes hail to fall on the already-icy battlefield! After Hawlucha fights through it to claim the first victory, Wulfric sends out Avalugg-who slowly recovers from damage when it's hailing. It's an icy combo that proves to be very effective, as Avalugg knocks out Hawlucha and Talonflame, and even defeats Greninja after it syncs up with Ash to become "Ash-Greninja" (as Bonnie calls it). Ash is devastated, and while his Pokemon heal up, he goes off on his own to recover!

  • On their way to Snowbelle City, our heroes run into their friend Sawyer, who's already won his eighth Gym badge. Ash wants to show off what he's learned about Greninja, and Sawyer wants to demonstrate how much stronger he's become, so it's time for a battle!After some smart tactics from Sawyer, the battle is down to Greninja and Sceptile-but for some reason, Ash and Greninja can't seem to connect like they usually do, and Sawyer defeats Ash for the first time! Excited, he decides to come watch Ash's battle at the Snowbelle Gym.Meanwhile, the Team Flare scientists continue their experiments as Squishy tries frantically to contact Z

  • After hearing Gym Leader Olympia€™s ominous prediction, Champion Diantha visits our heroes just as Ash and Greninja are doing some special training. To find out more about the bond they share in battle, Diantha challenges them, and Ash jumps at the chance!Diantha€™s Gardevoir easily evades every hit€¦until Ash and Greninja begin to merge. Gardevoir has to Mega Evolve to keep up, and the bond between Ash and Greninja intensifies like never before-until they both pass out! Diantha promises to learn more about this bond and how it might relate to Olympia€™s prediction. After his battle with the Champion, Ash is even more fired up for the Kalos League!