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This anime series is based on a series of toys, spinning tops which children use to battle one another in tournaments. The TV series created characters who use their powerful beyblades to fend off evil competitors in high-stakes matches. The original series aired on Japanese TV in 2001, and several spin-off series have followed.

Aoki Takao
4 Seasons, 157 Episodes
July 6, 2002
Action, Animation, Family, Science Fiction
Cast: Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin, Alex Hood, Gage Knox, Daniel DeSanto
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Beyblade Full Episode Guide

  • Gingka summons all his strength for the final match.

  • Tsubasa fights a very difficult battle against Ryuga.

  • Gingka decides between earning points and his friends.

  • As the match continues, Brooklyn's dark powers might be too much for Tyson.

  • The tiebreaker match between Tyson and Brooklyn.

  • To determine a winner, one battle is left and it will pit Tyson against the BEGA Blader's. Boris takes matters into his own hands and sends Crusher and Ming Ming to knock out Tyson before the battle.

  • The fourth match between Kai and Brooklyn continues. Kai's determination to win frustrates Brooklyn.

  • Kai joins the G-Revolutions and demands a rematch with Brooklyn using his new blade, Dranzer MS.

  • Tyson trains intensively for his two consecutive matches against Brooklyn and Garland; a lifeless Kai visits Tala in the hospital and finds Dranzer MS beside him.

  • Ming Ming wins over the crowd with an impromptu pop concert during her Beybattle with Daichi.

  • The BEGA team has been decided, and Tyson's team, the newly-named G-Revolutions, must act accordingly.

  • Kai challenges Brooklyn to a Beybattle for the right to face Tyson; Tyson waits for the Metal Series to be completed in time.

  • The good news is, the Hard Metal Beyblades are ready to go...the bad news: no one knows how to control them! Tyson, Daichi, Ray and Max each spend the day trying to learn the delicate new intricacies of the Hard Metal Beyblade, but the new blades seem to get the better of our heroes over and over again...some even wind up headfirst in the lake...No real progress is being made...It isn't until the gang remembers what it was like when they first started Beyblading, including all the roadblocks that they once came across, that they realize the secret of reining in their new spinners...

  • Past teams join the recent tournament.

  • In response to Tyson's challenge, Boris counters by suggesting a five-on-five match; Tyson wants to accept but the odds are stacked against him; Kai has now joined the BEGA Bladers.

  • A match is announced in town featuring Blader's from the new BEGA League run by Boris; Tyson and his crew are skeptical of this new band of Blader's, so they decide to go scope out the event.

  • Tyson is unsure whether he should join forces with Boris; the Blitzkreig Boys come to BEGA to shut them down.

  • A mysterious stranger wanders the woods of White Tiger Hills, the headquarters of the White Tiger X team, and although this strange young man performs incredible good deeds, Lee and the rest of the team are suspicious.

  • Boris returns after two years of traveling, and explains what he has seen has changed him and inspired him to create BEGA.

  • The BBA has been sold out; Tyson, Daichi, and Max challenge BEGA's mascot to a battle; Tyson meets a familiar face.

  • An old wound opens in Daichi as he watches Tyson get all the attention once again.

  • The World Beyblading Championships reach the final battle which pits Kai against the defending world Champion, Tyson.

  • Daichi and Tala have both been thrown from the dish at the same time, so the next match will determine the new champion.

  • The finals have finally arrived and BBA Revolution gets ready to face the Blitzkrieg Boys in a heated battle. But before that can happen, a routine check-up of Tyson's Beyblade turns up a faulty gear assembly, which needs to be repaired! Time is running out, and Daichi has to stretch out his match with Tala to give Kenny the time he needs to fix Dragoon! Just when things look their bleakest, Kenny brings Dragoon back to its former glory, which gets Daichi off the hook! And now, instead of running away from Tala, he comes back with an intense attack! But is it too late to get back the advantage over his crafty opponent?

  • Tyson and Daichi want to dethrone the tag-team champions and intend to use some of the twins own moves.

  • Tyson and the rest of BBA Revolution must face F Dynasty once more to reach the dominating team, the Blitzkrieg.

  • Tyson and Max face off against each other in the semi-final of the World Beyblading Championships. The two old friends use two totally different blading styles in the dish. Tyson takes the offense while Max hangs back and chooses for a more defensive style. Tyson has a tough time battling Max and when Dragoon starts to lose power he starts his engine gear. When he goes in for the final hit, Max suddenly goes on the offense and starts Draciel's engine gear. Just when it looks like Dragoon is going to be knocked out Tyson cleverly uses Draciel's own power against it and defeats Max! This allows Tyson's team, the BBA Revolution, to move on to the final round of the competition!

  • In Australia, the PPB All Starz compete against Tyson and the BBA Revolution.

  • With Lee losing to Tala early in the match, White Tiger X is a game down, and Kai now steps up to battle for the Blitzkrieg Boys. This round is sure to be intense, as old teammates face off in the dish. Ray will represent White Tiger X, and the world is watching. The pressure seems too much for the players, as Ray collapses from the strain. Somehow he finds the strength to keep going, and the desire to bring Kai down! The intensity rises as the battle continues, with both players on either side of the dish so evenly matched, who can predict which one will walk away with the victory?

  • Raul tries to convince Julia he should battle Matilda in their battle against Barthez Battalions.

  • Tyson is feeling the pressure of being world champion.

  • The BBA Revolution are slated to face the sneaky Barthez Battalion, but while Hilary and Kenny want to report their dirty deeds to the authorities, Tyson believes the best way to teach them a lesson is to beat them fair and square...But that's before he really sees how low the team will sink to win. When Mathilda blows up her beyblade on purpose, just to cause damage to Daichi's Strata Dragoon, Tyson and his team are shocked...But Tyson stands his ground! Although Daichi wants to give Jean Paul Barthez himself a piece of his mind...Tyson holds him back, knowing that all will be decided in the beyblade dish...or will it? Tyson prepares to face off against Miguel, but how will he fare against the team leader's own dirty tricks...?

  • As Max prepares to face Kai in the next round, the members of BBA Revolution overhear a confrontation between Johnny and Robert of the Majestics and Barthez Battalion. It turns out Barthez Battalion won their qualifying tournament through trickery. Thanks to Kenny, the teams find proof of Barthez's underhanded tactics but it's too late to disqualify them from the Championships. Armed with his new Draciel Gravity, Max takes Kai to the edge of defeat only to end up defeated himself. Rick uses his frustration at the loss to overcome Tala and goes on to face Kai in a tiebreaker. Despite his great power, Rick loses to the more experienced Kai. Inspired by the match, Tyson vows to face Barthez Battalion with everything he's got.

  • Lee of the White Tigers X suffers a lack of sleep due to nightmares. Tired and fragile, he pushes himself hard enough to cause his Galeon to run out of control during the match.

  • Kenny against Tala in a best out of three match.

  • Tyson gets in a huff and leaves the team after he is dropped from the lineup against the Blitzkrieg Boys. This leaves Kenny and Daichi to pick up the slack against their opponents. Feeling rejected, Tyson wanders off and runs into a strange old man named Tao who takes him shopping. Meanwhile the competition rolls on and the PPB All Stars are victorious. Next up, the Blitzkrieg Boys face off against the BBA Revolution without Tyson. Daichi wins his match and Kenny nervously goes to the beystadium to face his opponent Tala. During the battle, Kenny finds himself way out of his league but when Tala starts to insult Tyson he discovers his blading spirit and vows to never give up and win the match for his friend!"

  • The Bladebreakers arrive in Rome, searching for the mysterious Enrique.

  • The teams have been selected and the finals are about to begin...Unfortunately Tyson finds himself facing all of his former friends...each part of a team that he will eventually have to 'blade against. The biggest blow that Tyson receives, is seeing Kai as a member of the Blitzkrieg Boys! After confronting his sullen, ex-teammate, Kai suggests to Tyson that the reason he left is because his old team just wasn't good enough! Tyson is insulted to the core...even more so when Ray chooses to let Lee face-off against Tyson in the first match, White Tiger X versus BBA Revolution! In an attempt to prove his worth, Tyson makes an arrogant demand: he insists on 'blading the two White Tiger X team members at the same time! Can Tyson and his relatively untrained partner Daichi even hope to succeed?

  • Kai has left the BBA Revolution and is looking for a new team.

  • The new BBA Revolution team will be complete when Kai finally makes his decision as to what team he's going to be on.

  • The Block A and Block B finals of the Beyblade World Championships are underway. Max wins his match and finds himself partnered with a real bully of a blader named Rick. Tyson watches the event on T.V. anxious to get in the stadium and unleash his blade Dragoon. Meanwhile Kenny discovers the real physical aspects of Beyblading. Kai watches as his friends Max and Ray win the final matches of their respective blocks for other teams. This causes him to question his loyalty to Tyson. To make matters worse, a new team comes out of nowhere and poses a threat to Tyson and his dream of winning the championship title!

  • After Tyson's victory in Block A, Jin of the Gales suddenly shows up.

  • At the preliminaries for the World Championships, Daichi wins his matches easily, establishing himself as a new powerhouse on the Beyblading scene. Kenny also competes, defeating his opponents with such skill that even Tyson is impressed. Nobody thinks anything when a fan named Kotaro asks for an autograph and takes advantage of the opportunity to examine Tyson, Kenny and Daichi's Beyblades. But when he shows up as competitor and defeats Kenny with the Chameleon Fake, everyone is alarmed. Does Kotaro's Chameleon Bey have the ability to copy attacks as well as colors and will this spell defeat for Tyson?

  • Daichi continues to annoy Tyson with his constant battle challenges, which Tyson refuses to give in to - even after an embarrassing confrontation at the public swimming pool proves that Daichi is an impressive and highly skilled Beyblader. Meanwhile, Jin sends Tyson an invitation to a private battle, but Ray intercepts the message, and arrives in Tyson's place. Ray ultimately loses the grueling match, but Jin is suitably impressed, and decides that Tyson has chosen his friends wisely

  • Tyson is confronted by a tough Blader named Daichi.

  • Tyson teaches blading to the boys in the neighborhood.

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