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This anime series tells the story of a young man who, after his death in an accident, finds himself part of a game in which recently deceased people are charged with battling aliens who are hiding out among humans in Japan. The series is based on a popular manga and aired on Fuji TV in Japan and has been subsequently released on home video.

Gantz is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (37 episodes). The series first aired on January 25, 2011.

Gantz is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Gantz on demand atAmazon online.

2 Seasons, 37 Episodes
January 25, 2011
Anime, Science Fiction
Cast: Daisuke Namikawa, Christopher Ayres
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Gantz Full Episode Guide

  • The final fight for Kurono and the game ends

  • The team realize the bum hunters are psycho and team up with Kurono to try and stop them.

  • With no explanation, the Gantz has chosen Kei to be hunted. At first, the rest of the players are unsure of what they should do - but the black sphere soon helps them decide that Kei should die.

  • Having barely survived the last mission, Kurono is drawn back in. This time the players include the bookshop clerk, his teacher, and the bum hunters. The rest introduce themselves and Kurono snaps.

  • The final battle with the statues, who will survive?

  • The battle with the statues continues, with tragic consequences.

  • After the fight with the Red and Green Colossi, the team must take on several man sized statues, plus a Colossal Buddha!

  • Kei is on a rampage, leading the battle against the giant aliens. Unfortunately, when the towering beasts fall, the group discovers that their fight to survive is only just beginning.

  • The team takes on the Colossi, the bum hunter continue.

  • The priest convinces the others that Kato is a demon. The game begins. Meanwhile two punks go bum hunting.

  • Kei is crushed by Kishimoto's decision.

  • Change is in the air for the players of the deadly game. Fed up with his aunt, Kato finds a new place to live with his little brother. Meanwhile, Kei's attitude pushes Kishimoto away, and Tetsu's life spirals brutally out of control.

  • Facing his deadliest foe, Kei is forced to question everything he's learned - and all that he has lost - in the twisted world of the Gantz. No matter if he lives or dies, for Kei, the game now ends.

  • The new players are beginning to see just how dangerous the two bum-killing freaks really are. As the situation escalates, the members of the team look to the one person who might be able to help them survive - Kei.

  • With no explanation, the Gantz has chosen Kei to be hunted. At first, the rest of the players are unsure of what they should do - but the black sphere soon helps them decide that Kei should die.

  • Kei returns to the Gantz and finds many familiar faces will be joining him in battle. Unfortunately, Kei is shocked to see that their alien prey wears a familiar face as well.

  • The carnage continues and truly no one is safe. As wounded Kei struggles to stay alive, his teammates fall one after the other. When the final foe is defeated, only one player will be around to see the score.

  • Several players meet with gruesome ends as the living statues continue their onslaught. Tragically, one of the mutilated victims is someone very dear to Kato and Kei.

  • The team's efforts to defeat the giant aliens are hindered by two thugs who are brutally tormenting a homeless man - the very same homeless man that Kei and Kato encountered just before their deaths.

  • When Kato shares what he knows in an effort to help the new players, the evangelist begins to think something sinister is afoot. The holy man learns just how correct he is as the game's new targets make their presence known.

  • Kei, suitless and outnumbered by the Suzuki aliens, must face the biggest monster alone. When the battle ends and the scores are tallied, the group sees that there might be a way to escape their strange fate.

  • The group is beginning to figure out the rules of the twisted game in which they are caught, but survival is still far from guaranteed as the battle with the remaining Suzuki aliens erupts.

  • Without his suit, Kei finds himself in serious jeopardy when he captures the attention of the Suzuki alien. Nishi ends up in even graver danger when his suit malfunctions at the worst possible time.

  • As the group prepares to track down the Suzuki alien, Tetsu's gang is creating conflict and Nishi's smart mouth isn't helping the situation. When tensions boil over, blood is spilled before the hunt even begins.

  • The bikers kick Tetsu out of the gang, Kurono doesn't have his suit, Nishi badmouths everyone, then the hunt for the Suzuki alien begins.

  • A new round begins for the gang. Appearing before the Gantz, they find themselves joined by a diverse group of fresh players. As the game gets underway, Kei panics when he realizes his suit is nowhere to be found.

  • Kurono and Kishimoto decide to head to Kishimoto's old house to see what the "other Kishimoto is like". What will they discover? Meanwhile, Kato is having trouble at home, with his aunt beating his littler brother, and at school, with bullies picking on his friends. When a senior challenges him to a fight, will he go too far?

  • Despite his best efforts, Kei remains unsatisfied during Kishimoto's overnight stay at his apartment. At the place Kato calls home, more ugly evidence of abuse piles up.

  • Now that Kurono, Kato, and Kishimoto are alive again, they can return to their regular lives... or can they? What trouble awaits the three in the future? Are they really alive? And, can Kurono survive a fight with a school bully?

  • The scores are tallied and Nishi explains some of what he knows about the rules of the strange world of the Gantz. The unusual situation grows even odder the next day when Kei wakes - and finds that this nightmare is no dream.

  • The Gantz opens, revealing unusual weaponry and odd suits. The strangers are sent into the city, ordered to kill an alien that roams the streets - and then the carnage begins.

  • After Kei and his childhood friend, Kato, are torn into bloody pieces by a speeding train, they awake in an unfamiliar room, surrounded by strangers. In the middle of the room is a bizarre black sphere: the Gantz.