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Spice and Wolf is the twelve episode Japanese animation adaptation of a series of Japanese light novels. The show's setting is very medieval with a slight emphasis on the supernatural as well as covering the hows and whys of economics for the time, including currency speculation and trading through a guild. The show focuses on the adventures of twenty-something merchant Kraft Lawrence and Holo, an ancient wolf deity of the harvest. While Holo has served the village of Pasloe for some time, monitoring the wheat so that it could grow rich and lush, the humans have changed and progressed. Between these developments and the rise of an organized religion and its economically powerful church, Holo figures that the villagers of Pasloe don't require her divine aid anymore and follows Kraft, who is initially resistant to the idea.

As the two travel together, Holo asks Kraft if he will help her find her original homeland, the icy realm of Yoitsu. Kraft agrees, and to discourage scrutiny, Holo assumes a humanoid form, mostly. Although she decides to assume the form of a 15-year-old female, said form includes a tail, which she is quite proud of and refuses to completely hide, and lupine ears atop her head (obscured by a hooded robe). However, Holo has had to assume her more natural form of a giant wolf on more than one occasion, which sent Kraft screaming into a mental blackout. The rest of the cast consists of nothing but humans, with the one exception in Dian "Diana" Rubens, whose true form is that of a bird even larger than Holo's wolf form with another notable character, Norah Ardent. Norah is a shepherdess who works, with her dog Anek, for the Church, yet receives barely even table scraps in exchange for shepherding travelers through the surrounding wolf-infested forests. Being a shepherdess, Holo takes an instant dislike of Norah and becomes amused by the notion that Kraft might fall for her simple charms.

Spice And Wolf is a Anime series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 8, 2008. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.0.

Spice And Wolf is available for streaming on the TV Kanagawa website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Spice And Wolf on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play online.

TV Kanagawa
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
January 8, 2008
Cast: Ami Koshimizu, Brina Palencia, Mai Nakahara, Jamie Marchi, J. Michael Tatum
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Spice And Wolf Full Episode Guide

  • After a tense encounter with Nora over dinner, Holo falls ill. As Lawrence tries to help her regain her strength, the little wolf's hazy recollections of the many miles passed cause her to see the merchant in new ways.

  • After Lawrence leaves Holo with the traders, he's forced to consider backing out of the plans he's made with Eve. When his decision leads to a violent confrontation, Lawrence finds his future with Holo on the line.

  • With Lawrence so close to finally achieving his dream of owning his own shop, Holo wonders if the time has come for them to give up their journey.

  • After Holo and Lawrence visit Rigoro's impressive estate, the little goddess admits that she fears her impending separation from the merchant. Later, Eve offers Lawrence a very surprising proposition.

  • Lawrence suspects shady dealings when he learns that visiting fur traders are barred from doing business in Lenos. Later, the merchant finds himself in the company of the cloaked stranger.

  • Upon arriving in the port of Lenos, Lawrence can't help but feel that something strange is afoot. His uneasy questions only multiply following several encounters with an enigmatic cloaked figure.

  • The price of pyrite is climbing, there's no news from Diana, and Amarty appears to have figured out Lawrence's intentions! The plucky merchant's plan might be doomed - luckily, Holo has a plan of her own.

  • Diana tells Lawrence that she's already made a deal for her pyrite, but her customer hasn't yet taken possession of the goods. As Lawrence waits for the situation to develop, he encounters Amarty and Holo.

  • Lawrence takes action to keep Amati from accomplishing his goal. After planting seeds of doubt in Amati's heart regarding Holo's willingness to become his wife, the merchant sets out to buy a large quantity of pyrite.

  • Tensions rise between Lawrence and Amati, who tells the merchant his plan to take Holo as his own. Later, the little goddess lashes out at Lawrence after she reads a letter he wrote about Yoitsu.

  • Holo and Lawrence arrive in a village where the citizens are preparing for an annual festival. After Holo pays the price for celebrating a little too enthusiastically, Lawrence heads out to do some business with the locals.

  • Lawrence settles the score with those who betrayed him and finds that even in a life based on profit and debt, some things are more valuable than others.

  • Just as it looks like the smuggling plot will succeed, Lawrence learns a hard truth about wolves in sheep's clothing.

  • Lawrence and Holo devise a plan to relieve their debt and must attempt to persuade the shepherd to take part in the risky scheme.

  • Lawrence is suddenly burdened with a large amount of debt. If he doesn't find a way out of the situation, he could lose more than his business.

  • After arriving in the next town, an old friend greets Lawrence warmly. But Holo is uneasy with their newest traveling companion.

  • Amid rumors of danger ahead, Holo and Lawrence move on after exposing a swindler. The next soul encountered on the road north makes the little wolf very uneasy.

  • Lawrence uses his crafty business sense (while Holo utilizes her considerable charisma) to get a great deal on some expensive clothes.

  • Lawrence and Holo might be separated for good after the untamed girl unleashes her powers to defeat a threat lurking beneath the city.

  • In the midst of rescuing Holo, Lawrence learns that the face behind the recent shady dealings is very familiar.

  • Following an ambush by business competitors, Lawrence receives a letter which holds disturbing information regarding Holo's plight.

  • Holo's wily charm helps Lawrence get a great price in a fur trade, and the money exchanging scheme might be...

  • Lawrence and Holo meet a young merchant who shares a scheme he hopes will bring profit. Holo teaches Lawrence...

  • A merchant named Lawrence encounters Holo, a girl with the ears and tail of a wolf. An ancient goddess who...

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