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Demon King Daimao is a 12 episode animation show which was adapted by the novel series of the same name. The show aired from April to June of 2010. It was made in Japan and therefore was show on numerous television stations in that country. The show is about a person named Akuto Sai. He is a boy who was looking to become a member of the nation's best magicians and also become a member of the clergy. Once he was accepted into the Constan Magical Academy, he took an aptitude test which predicted that he would become a Demon King. During his time in the academy he was resented by the female class head. He was also desired by a female who had unknown powers and also received protection from a female android.

The show has many characters who each play an important role in the show and its story. With these characters, the show is multi dimensional and therefore very interesting. Each of these characters has significance and is very intriguing to see on the show. Like many other shows you have a protagonist, his supporters and allies and also the antagonist along with minor supporting characters. With these characters viewers of the show will have an opportunity to learn more about them and how they shape the story of the show.

As far as the main characters go there are many including the main protagonist. The main character and protagonist is Akuto Sai. Akuto attends the Constant Magick Academy in order to one day become a priest. He wants to become one so that he can benefit society. Due to being predicted to become a Demon King instead, he is shunned as the students become terrified of him.

There are supporting characters including Mitsuko Tori. This person is the academy school nurse and a heacher in Class 1-A. Once she learns about Akuto's occupation she looks to do make him a zombie once he dies so that she can do extensive research on him.

Lastly there are is the antagonist. The main antagonist is Eiko Teruya. Eiko is one of the top members of a rival group known as the Kog Ninja Clan. Eiko eventually leads a number of clans including the Iga Ninja Clan who are looking to eliminate the demon beasts. She is also an enemy of Akuto Sai.

Demon King Daimao is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on April 2, 2010.

Where do I stream Demon King Daimao online? Demon King Daimao is available for streaming on Marvelous Entertainment, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Demon King Daimao on demand at The Roku Channel, Apple TV online.

Marvelous Entertainment
1 Season, 12 Episodes
April 2, 2010
Cast: Aki Toyosaki, Atsushi Ono, Jouji Nakata, Tetsu Shiratori, Chiaki Takahashi
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Demon King Daimao Full Episode Guide

  • Bouichiro has taken Kena to the Suhara Shrine. He attempts to make the contract with the Law of Identity, but Akuto appears and the battle begins in the presence of the God. Akuto at last defeats Bouichiro and takes back Keena. He learns that the Demon Lord was created by the Gods to make the contract with the Law of Identity and destroy humanity. But Akuto refuses and declares his intent to kill the Gods, causing their defense system to activate. Akuto puts his life on the line to battle the Gods, and put and end to the story they've created.

  • Sai Akuto takes flight with Peaterhausen, having sworn to kill the Gods to protect Keena, but the imperial aircraft carrier "Black Crane" makes it debut and due to the work of 2V, an agent of the Cabinet Intelligence Magick Office, Sai Akuto is flattened by the Black Crane.At the same time, the troops that are under the command of Teruya Eiko raid the school to destroy the monsters infesting it, but the student council president, Riri Shiraishi, repells them. Eiko uses Hattori Yuuko to protect herself, and orders Junko to take out Riri!Meanwhile, in the school, Fujiko is taken aback by Sai Akuto's apparent death, but Keena is convinced Sai Akuto is still alive. Bouichiro appears once more and kidnaps Keena...

  • Yamato Bouichirou, head of CIMO8, saves Keena from being assassinated. But he was only interested in making her, who calls the "law of identity", his own in order to control the gods. Akuto uses his power as the Demon Lord to return to the school and faces off with Bouchirou, but is wounded as Boichiro's attacks surpass his mana controlling ability. Then, Fujiko appears with a horde of monsters, saving the two and going back to Peterhausen. Meanwhile, the government army under the command of Teruya Eiko arrivesoutside the school and begins "Operation Battering Ram" to defeat the Demon Lord. At last, the battle between the demon lord and his monsters and humanity begins...

  • Hiroshi gets the legendary blade, and becomes the hero Brave. But he didn't tell anybody his true identity. Meanwhile, Akuto starts to think about Keena more as he wonders if the hairpiece she wears is something he gave her when she was a child. Bu Keena herself is as easygoing as ever, still skipping class constantly. Akuto decides to try to persuade her to go to class. Junko watches him unhappily. She's been acting odd since the seaside school. And then Korone tells her to have a marriage interview with Akuto at her family's home...

  • The island they'd come to was Hiroshi's hometown. There was a legend there: When the demon lord revives, a beast would appear, and a hero would appear who would defeat it and the Demon Lord. It was just a legend, but Hiro was depressed. That night, his little sister Yukiko appeared and asked which of them was the Demon Lord. She believed firmly that Hiroshi was the legendary hero, and if there was a demon lord, he could be the hero as well. But she cries and runs away when Akito denies it, and is captured by a mysterious man! As they chase after her, a gigantic beast appears!

  • By defending Fujiko, Akuto finds himself in control of the Demon Lord's secret treasure: a dragon named Peterhausen. Despite his wishes, his reputation as a Demon Lord grows. Under observation by the government, Aktuo is depressed to find out he can't go to the seaside school. But Korone arranges for him to go by offering to take responsiblity for him herself. Akuto is enjoying (is he?) the beach with Junko and the others, and things with Junko are about to a the beach with Junko and the others, and things with Junko are about to about to start getting better, but Korone and Keena show up and screw things up in their usual way.

  • Students keep getting hurt as they try to find the treasure on the map Keena put up. Akuto, in his role as disciplinary committee member, insists that they give up looking, but a girl named Teruya Eiko appears suddenly and he ends up having to find it himself. Akuto, Korone, and Hiroshi go to the school's underground labyrinth to find the spot on the map. But they find there a treasure once allowed only to a Demon Lord.

  • Keena's intervention manages to somehow make Junko and Akuto friends again. But during a class on mana control he knocks her unconscious again. His teacher, Mitsuko, recommends that he go into the Mental Self-Discipline Chamber. Inside the chamber, where people are said to have died, Akuto gets depressed. For some reason Korone and Keena came along, and he's caught between the two of them. However, they find a mysterious map. Keena is intrigued and wonders if it is a treasure map. The next day, Keena copies the map and it ends up all over school. It becomes the talk of the whole academy. But, Fujiko recognizes something on the map...

  • Akuto applies for the position of Disciplinary Committee member at Fujiko's suggestion so he can get back in Junko's good graces. But that job entails defeating those who threaten the school's discipline, and is considered perfect for the "Future Demon Lord". Akuto is suspicious of Fujiko, but his doubts disappear when she arranges for him to meet her. He goes to the designated spot, but there he's ambushed by a bunch of thugs. He defeats them, but Junko sees him beating them up and gets the idea that he's planning on making them his personal army so he can take over the school. Junko submits an application to the school to take him down, and Akuto is forced to go up against the entire student body...

  • On his first day, Akuto was told he was destined to become a Demon Lord. He tries his best to tell everyone it's all a misunderstanding, but everything he does just makes matters worse. And then things get even crazier: the government sends an artificial human called a Liladan to watch over him 24/7 and Keena shows up suddenly and jumps him while naked! But then, the most popular girl at school, the head of the girl's dorm Etou Fujiko says that she understands him, and that she'll patch things up with Junko. However...

  • The year is 3000 where magic is common place. Transferring to the Constant Academy of Magical Arts just as the new quarter begins, Sai Akuto hopes to become a High Priest. But during his aptitude test on the first day, the artificial spirit Yata-garasu says that he's destined to become a "Demon Lord"! So now Hattori Junko, who he'd sworn an oath of friendship with earlier that day, challenges him to a duel. The duel is interrupted by a girl named Keena as the misunderstandings get worse and worse!Akuto, potential future Demon Lord, begins his days of trying to fix these misunderstandings!

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