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Spiral is a French police drama series that follows criminal investigators as they solve the cruelest of crimes in Paris. This show gives you a glance at all the different perspectives that make up the crime and the crime investigation. This show became so popular that it now airs in over 70 different countries such as Australia, Italy, Japan, and Mexico; it was even the first French-language television show in the UK. This series is filled with excitement and thrill-filled adventures. If this is your first French show to be exposed to, it is the best to begin your love of foreign television. The cast is exceptional and bring a rollercoaster of emotion to the story.

5 Seasons, 52 Episodes
December 13, 2005
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama
Cast: Caroline Proust, Audrey Fleurot, Philippe Duclos, Thierry Godard
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Spiral Full Episode Guide

  • Laure puts all her effort into locating Karen's gang and the little girl they kidnapped. Meanwhile, Judge Roban changes his tactics in attempt to bring down Tarek Ziani.

  • Following the attack on one of Karen's gang members, Laure's team makes a breakthrough in the case of the double murder.

  • Laure's team discovers a new fingerprint that's linked to the double murder case, while Gilou receives legal representation from the most unlikely person.

  • Gilou is taken into custody, while Herville clashes with his superiors. Joséphine enters a legal battle with Judge Roban over her wealthy and influential client.

  • The capture operation on the leader of the bank robbers has failed and a new plan is hatched. Meanwhile, Gilou faces serious disciplinary action for the methods used to stop the mugging ring.

  • Devastated by the recent tragedy, Joséphine Karlsson struggles to hold herself together. An operation is launched by Laure's team to catch the bank robber gang, who are suspected of the double murder.

  • New evidence links the double murder with the bank robber gang, while Pierre Clément desperately tries to persuade Judge Roban to free his client Stephane Jaulin.

  • Gilou offers to use one of his dubious connections as part of the effort to catch the mugging ring. Meanwhile, Laure's team also hires an informant who was already working for Brémont's crime unit.

  • Laure continues to pursue the bank robber gang as a lead in the double murder, while Herville wants to focus the team's efforts on a mugging ring.

  • The double murder investigation leads Laure's squad to a gang of bank robbers. Laure isn't convinced of Stephane Jaulin's guilt in the murder, despite Judge Roban's insistence.

  • Laure and her police squad are on the hunt for the missing father and son in the double murder case. Judge Roban and Joséphine Karlsson continue with their plan to expose police manipulation in the death of an officer.

  • Captain Laure Berthaud leads an investigation into a shocking double murder of a woman and a girl. Meanwhile, lawyer Joséphine Karlsson tries to rebuild her reputation by taking on the case of a man accused of killing a police officer.

  • In French with English subtitles. The net draws in around Riffaut, but police in-fighting means dangerous loose ends remain.

  • In French with English subtitles. Kolabi is taken into custody and Roban attends a mystery meeting with Prosecutor Machard.

  • In French with English subtitles. An online clue leads the team to the anarchists' squat, but during a raid Riffaut escapes.

  • In French with English subtitles. On learning of Cetin's release from police custody, Rodi is ordered to eliminate him.

  • In French with English subtitles. Gilou breaks into the Sarahoui's nightclub to retrieve incriminating evidence against him.

  • In French with English subtitles. Berthault and her team are frustrated by new custody laws.

  • In French with English subtitles. Karlsson visits Riffaut's new hideout and overhears the gang planning a kidnapping.

  • In French with English subtitles. Special Branch tries to blackmail Karlsson into providing information about Thomas Riffaut.

  • In French with English subtitles. Berthaud uncovers what appears to be an organized work crew of illegal immigrants.

  • In French with English subtitles. Berthaud and her team visit the scene of the immolation of a Kurdish detainee.

  • In French with English subtitles. Captain Laure arrests a student whose car has been traced to the dumping of the bomb-damaged body.

  • In French with English subtitles. A young couple has been spotted carrying the body of a mutilated man into the woods.

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