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This historical soap opera fictionalizes the story of the Borgias, a wealthy family that dominated Western European politics in the sixteenth century. Although sparse in historical accuracy, the series is full of sex and intrigue. It debuted on Italian TV and Netflix in 2011.

Borgia is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on October 1, 2011.

Where do I stream Borgia online? Borgia is available for streaming on Canal+, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Borgia on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Apple TV online.

3 Seasons, 38 Episodes
October 1, 2011
Crime, Drama, History, Mystery
Cast: Mark Ryder, John Doman, Isolda Dychauk, Art Malik, Adam Mis
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Borgia Full Episode Guide

  • In the season's final episode, Cesare's ultimate judgment is realized while Lucrezia struggles to make sense of her family's history and its future.

  • Cesare is brought to La Mancha and goes on trial before the Inquisition, while Lucrezia must use extreme measures to save her marriage.

  • Cesare stands trial for treason against the Holy See and the Ten Commandments, with his old friend Niccolo Machiavelli as prosecutor.

  • With a new pope crowned and order breaking down, Cesare finds himself with more and stronger enemies than ever.

  • Rodrigo's death sets chaos in motion on many fronts and forces Cesare to practice his most sophisticated politics yet as stakes are raised.

  • Lucrezia meets her new family with mixed results, while at home a malaria outbreak has historic consequences for the Borgias.

  • Cesare's renegade generals mount a rebellion against him, while those close to Rodrigo conspire against him, all on the eve of Lucrezia's wedding.

  • Cesare loses his lover and his daughter, leading to a painful defeat, and Lucrezia's betrothal becomes politically and emotionally complex.

  • Outside of Italy, rebellion stirs and the Cardinals fear they'll lose their power, while plans begin for Lucrezia's next marriage.

  • While Rodrigo engages in delicate politics, Leonardo da Vinci offers Cesare a powerful weapon and murder visits the Borgia family.

  • When one of his commanders captures a city without authorization, Cesare must appease a ruler. Lucrezia's son suffers a potentially mortal fall.

  • Cesare's new mistress could trigger a diplomatic indecent, and public allegations of debauchery are made against the Borgia family.

  • Cesare awaits an answer to his ultimatum to Florence, while Rodrigo is stricken ill and Lucrezia becomes embroiled in sexual politics.

  • Rodrigo returns from his monastery and makes Lucrezia First Counselor, while Cesare remains on a military campaign to subjugate the rebel provinces.

  • Cesare celebrates his victory in Milan by summoning Leonardo da Vinci, whom he wishes to employ as a designer of innovative new war machines.

  • Cesare trains a private army in case Louis doesn't send his promised troops; Lucrezia listens as her mother recites the rosary at Juan's tomb.

  • Cesare prepares to march against Milan and forces the Venetian ambassador into a commitment to stop German troops if they should rush to Milan's aid.

  • Bored at the French royal court in Lyons, Cesare asks King Louis to give him an army that will pressure the Italian provinces to come to an agreement.

  • The Pope is attacked during a public morality play and his outraged cardinals assume that the House of Borgia's alliance with France is the cause.

  • Under the influence of poison, Rodrigo suffers from hallucinations and embarrasses himself in public, so he elects to undergo withdrawal treatment.

  • Rodrigo has to rely on his secretary, Gacet, more than ever. In order to end Rodrigo's papacy, Della Rovere wants to procure a compromising document.

  • When Cesare returns to Rome, the city offers him a triumphant welcome. He regards his success against Savonarola as a turning point in his destiny.

  • In Florence, Savonarola has a Dominican friar stand in for him in the ordeal by fire, while Cesare's place is taken by a Franciscan.

  • By the end of Lent, torrential rains have flooded Rome. Furthermore, the ordinary people feel threatened by a mythical creature with a mule's head.

  • When Rodrigo has a man executed for his homosexuality, Della Rovere comes up with a perfidious scheme to eliminate Rodrigo's secretary, Gacet.