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3 Seasons, 38 Episodes
October 1, 2011
Crime, Drama, History, Mystery
Cast: Mark Ryder, Isolda Dychauk, Diarmuid Noyes, John Doman
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Borgia Full Episode Guide

  • In the season's final episode, Cesare's ultimate judgment is realized while Lucrezia struggles to make sense of her family's history and its future.

  • Cesare is brought to La Mancha and goes on trial before the Inquisition, while Lucrezia must use extreme measures to save her marriage.

  • Cesare stands trial for treason against the Holy See and the Ten Commandments, with his old friend Niccolo Machiavelli as prosecutor.

  • With a new pope crowned and order breaking down, Cesare finds himself with more and stronger enemies than ever.

  • Rodrigo's death sets chaos in motion on many fronts and forces Cesare to practice his most sophisticated politics yet as stakes are raised.

  • Lucrezia meets her new family with mixed results, while at home a malaria outbreak has historic consequences for the Borgias.

  • Cesare's renegade generals mount a rebellion against him, while those close to Rodrigo conspire against him, all on the eve of Lucrezia's wedding.

  • Cesare loses his lover and his daughter, leading to a painful defeat, and Lucrezia's betrothal becomes politically and emotionally complex.

  • Outside of Italy, rebellion stirs and the Cardinals fear they'll lose their power, while plans begin for Lucrezia's next marriage.

  • While Rodrigo engages in delicate politics, Leonardo da Vinci offers Cesare a powerful weapon and murder visits the Borgia family.

  • When one of his commanders captures a city without authorization, Cesare must appease a ruler. Lucrezia's son suffers a potentially mortal fall.

  • Cesare's new mistress could trigger a diplomatic indecent, and public allegations of debauchery are made against the Borgia family.

  • Cesare awaits an answer to his ultimatum to Florence, while Rodrigo is stricken ill and Lucrezia becomes embroiled in sexual politics.

  • Rodrigo returns from his monastery and makes Lucrezia First Counselor, while Cesare remains on a military campaign to subjugate the rebel provinces.

  • Cesare celebrates his victory in Milan by summoning Leonardo da Vinci, whom he wishes to employ as a designer of innovative new war machines.

  • Cesare trains a private army in case Louis doesn't send his promised troops; Lucrezia listens as her mother recites the rosary at Juan's tomb.

  • Cesare prepares to march against Milan and forces the Venetian ambassador into a commitment to stop German troops if they should rush to Milan's aid.

  • Bored at the French royal court in Lyons, Cesare asks King Louis to give him an army that will pressure the Italian provinces to come to an agreement.

  • The Pope is attacked during a public morality play and his outraged cardinals assume that the House of Borgia's alliance with France is the cause.

  • Under the influence of poison, Rodrigo suffers from hallucinations and embarrasses himself in public, so he elects to undergo withdrawal treatment.

  • Rodrigo has to rely on his secretary, Gacet, more than ever. In order to end Rodrigo's papacy, Della Rovere wants to procure a compromising document.

  • When Cesare returns to Rome, the city offers him a triumphant welcome. He regards his success against Savonarola as a turning point in his destiny.

  • In Florence, Savonarola has a Dominican friar stand in for him in the ordeal by fire, while Cesare's place is taken by a Franciscan.

  • By the end of Lent, torrential rains have flooded Rome. Furthermore, the ordinary people feel threatened by a mythical creature with a mule's head.

  • When Rodrigo has a man executed for his homosexuality, Della Rovere comes up with a perfidious scheme to eliminate Rodrigo's secretary, Gacet.

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