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Oggy and the Cockroaches (originally Oggy et les cafards) is a French animated television series. This series follows a cat named Oggy and the three cockroaches named Dee Dee, Marky, and Joey that have made his home theirs. This cartoon series does not rely on any dialogue to tell its story. Instead, it relies mostly on music and other sounds to tell its story.

This animated series is a delight for both children and adults. It is easy for children to become immersed in all of the shenanigans that Oggy and the three cockroaches gets into. On the other hand, adults will become entertained by the futuristic-looking buildings and strange creatures. These short, eight minute cartoons are very Tom and Jerry-esque.

Oggy and the Cockroaches is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (47 episodes). The series first aired on August 31, 2013.

Where do I stream Oggy and the Cockroaches online? Oggy and the Cockroaches is available for streaming on Canal+, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Oggy and the Cockroaches on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Tubi TV online.

5 Seasons, 47 Episodes
August 31, 2013
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Don Michael Paul, Tony Sampson, Sam Vincent, Matt Hill, Greg Eagles
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Oggy and the Cockroaches Full Episode Guide

  • Oggy and company film their trip to space; Oggy and the cockroaches join Charles Lindbergh on his famous flight; Oggy has a brilliant idea.

  • Aladdin helps Oggy rescue Olivia the princess with an assist from the genie; Oggy and the cockroaches find the genie in the carpet store.

  • Oggy and the cockroaches grow attached to a baby dragon; Oggy volunteers for the Viking chief's dangerous mission; Oggy discovers Thor's secret fear.

  • Oggy and the cockroaches grow attached to a baby dragon; Oggy volunteers for the Viking chief's dangerous mission; Oggy discovers Thor's secret fear.

  • Oggy adopts an adorable but destructive panda; Oggy and Jack try to repair a vase with no help from the cockroaches; Oggy babysits for the emperor.

  • Oggy the cabin boy and Jack the pirate race the cockroaches for treasure; Olivia's new medallion conjures a genie-like octopus.

  • Jack brings a giant gorilla to Broadway; Oggy and Joey battle over flowers in old New York; Dee Dee competes with Al Capone.

  • Jack joins Oggy for a fierce medieval tournament; Lord Bob leaves Oggy and Jack in charge of the castle; Oggy crosses paths with Quasimodo.

  • Oggy's time at Versailles has a rocky start; Oggy must drive the royal carriage to the palace; Oggy helps Jack prepare the king for his portrait.

  • Joey, Jack and Oggy compete in a rootin'-tootin' rodeo; Sheriff Oggy tries to maintain law and order; A bounty hunter mistakes Oggy for a fugitive.

  • When Oggy is accidentally enlisted as a gladiator, Olivia must save the day; Jack gives Oggy chariot lessons; Oggy tries to survive a day at the spa.

  • Oggy and the cockroaches get lost in a pyramid; Oggy's whistle attracts an invading grasshopper; Oggy and Olivia's cruise on the Nile takes a turn.

  • Everyone is all excited about the Tour de France that will go right by Oggy's house. Jack and Oggy build a drink and fries stand. Bob builds a series of mysterious cabins along the route, Marky tries to write the name of his favorite cyclist on the road...

  • One of the roaches' practical jokes backfires and Oggy's hot water heater explodes. He's got to change it fast. Taking advantage of the situation, Oggy decides to go green and he sets up a solar panel on his roof...

  • Oggy is in Venice with Olivia, the perfect setting for a marriage proposal. Jack is there too... and the roaches, of course... | Oggy's lawnmower is broken. Luckily a sheep just happens to pass by and Oggy hires him to graze on the lawn. The sheep has one particularity: he has 5 legs. Thinking they'll become rich by exhibiting him in circuses, the roaches decide to kidnap him.

  • Christmas Eve at the North Pole, where the toy factory is busier than ever. The penguins are working round the clock. Disguised as a penguin, the roaches kidnap Santa Claus!

  • Jack has turned Oggy's garage into car mechanic's garage. Bob is their first customer. His car needs fixing. And Oggy-the-grease-monkey is on duty. Problem: he doesn't know the first thing about car mechanics. The roaches decide to get involved...

  • Oggy and Jack find a new job: they become garbage men! And they're off to empty the neighborhood garbage cans early in the morning. Just their luck that the roaches happened to be in the first garbage can our cats picked up...

  • Jack invites Olivia and Oggy to the cricket finals, his FAAAAAAvourite sport, and the finals are happening... in Mumbai! Bollywood fans, the roaches tag along too...

  • Super annoyed that he can't watch the Olympic Games on TV because of the roaches, Oggy and Jack finally capture them and make them enact all of the sporting events. Beware who ever loses, there's a fly swatter overhead!

  • Oggy has just purchased a teleportation machine. Now he can go shopping without getting tired: he gets beamed to the store, then hits the button on his remote control and gets beamed back home. The roaches use it to get teleported into the fridge...

  • One day, Oggy gets up scratching his head. Since he has no idea why, he lends his comb to Jack who then lends it to Bob. And they all start itching and scratching like crazy. Olivia understands what is going on in a blink: they've got lice...

  • Oggy, Jack and Bob decide to build a sauna in the house, what better way to lose weight? When they try it out for the first time, the conniving roaches decide to sabotage it, and soon the entire house is invaded by thick, opaque steam...

  • Oggy finds a pretty yellow butterfly in his yard and it starts acting like a pet. Oggy quickly teaches him how to do tricks like a circus animal. Olivia falls under the butterfly's charm. Bob is jealous...

  • Exasperated by the roaches' practical jokes, Oggy orders an airtight, hermetically sealed room where he can close himself up and then, with help from a remote control, activate the various traps he has set all over the house. He moves into his bunker...

  • Everything is ready for Jack's birthday party but the roaches blow up all the hot air balloons with helium and release them in the attic. They stick to the ceiling and suddenly, the house takes off and floats into the sky like a huge dirigible...

  • Marky suddenly starts growing uncontrollably. Pretty soon he is even bigger than the house and just can't get enough to eat. He is going to loot and pillage the city for food. The police are on the lookout for the thief. Oggy has to hide the roach...

  • Oggy is walking home with his shopping cart full of food. But finding his house becomes an impossible task since all the streets look alike! So he decides to leave a trail of groceries behind him, like little Tom Thumb to guide him self home.

  • Oggy and Jack have to sit in for a Breton friend of theirs who has to attend a bagpipe contest. They become lighthouse keepers for the day. But the roaches fiddle around with the lights and very quickly, the sea all around becomes inextricable chaos.

  • A new neighbor has just moved in next door and he is a she ! Oggy falls head over heels in love. Olivia is cute as a button and charming as can be. Ah, the beginning of a wonderful love story! Except no, think twice, the roaches are going to get involved. What is the lovely neighbor going to think when she finds out that there are roaches in Oggy's house?

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