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  • 2006
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.4  (234)

Take Home Chef is a cooking show that aired on TLC from 2005-2008, featuring Australian chef Curtis Stone. In each episode, Stone would surprise a shopper in a grocery store and ask to accompany them home to prepare a meal with their ingredients. The show begins with Stone introducing himself to an unsuspecting shopper in the supermarket. He often uses a cheesy pick-up line to grab their attention before revealing that he is a professional chef and offering to cook them dinner in their own home. If the shopper agrees, they head back to their house to get things started.

Once at the shopper's home, Stone takes over the kitchen and gets to work, often incorporating the shopper's own ingredients into the dishes he prepares. He frequently asks the homeowner questions about their preferences and cooking styles in order to tailor the meal to their tastes. Stone's charismatic personality is on full display as he whips up a storm in the kitchen, chatting and joking with the homeowner as he cooks.

Throughout the show, Stone shares tips and tricks for cooking with viewers, demonstrating techniques that can be easily replicated at home. He also incorporates nutritional information into his meals, often highlighting the health benefits of particular ingredients or cooking methods.

As the meal comes together, Stone sets a beautifully decorated table and invites the shopper to sit down and enjoy the fruits of their labor together. The show ends with the homeowner gushing over how surprised and delighted they are with the meal, and Stone bidding them farewell until the next time he surprises someone in the supermarket.

Take Home Chef was a hugely popular show during its run, with viewers tuning in each week to see who Stone would surprise next and what delicious meal he would prepare. The show's format was unique for its time, combining elements of cooking and reality TV to create a charming and entertaining series. Stone's easygoing personality and skill in the kitchen made him a fan favorite, and the show remains a beloved classic among cooking enthusiasts.

Take Home Chef is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (135 episodes). The series first aired on May 15, 2006.

Take Home Chef
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20. Jaime
March 7, 2008
Curtis is in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley at the Fun under the Sun day camp to cook up some summer fun. A tasty organic meal makes for satisfied staff and a load of happy campers.
19. Darren
March 7, 2008
During the peak of the Indian Market festival in Santa Fe, N.M., Curtis picks up a local artist named Darren. The art of cooking is showcased as Curtis carefully crafts a New Mexico-themed dinner for Darren and his family.
Minister Mike
18. Minister Mike
February 29, 2008
A choir director hopes to cook something special for his pastor.
17. Tara
February 29, 2008
Curtis offers to help Tara cook a meal for her family after seeing her picking out bananas at a market.
Surfer Mike
16. Surfer Mike
February 22, 2008
A meal for beach-loving siblings.
15. Omar
February 22, 2008
Curtis helps to prepare a farewell meal for the captain of the South Los Angeles division of the California Highway Patrol.
14. Heidi
February 15, 2008
Lamb; eggplant dip with pita bread; saffron couscous; a strawberry dessert.
13. Nick
February 15, 2008
Curtis cooks up a Louisiana-style meal.
12. Rey
February 8, 2008
Curtis teams up with a firefighter to cook up a surprise three-course meal for the department.
11. Lisa
February 8, 2008
Gazpacho; sesame-encrusted-chicken salad; berry angel-food cakes.
Magic Mike
10. Magic Mike
February 1, 2008
Curtis cooks a meal for a magician.
9. Charmaine
February 1, 2008
A spicy southwestern meal.
8. Susan
January 25, 2008
A breast-cancer survivor, her daughter and two friends are treated to a day at the spa and a meal.
7. Dale
January 25, 2008
Curtis prepares a seafood meal to celebrate a couple's 10th anniversary.
6. Amanda
January 18, 2008
Curtis awards the husband who supported Amanda, a woman who lost 190 pounds. She takes a day off from work as she and Curtis get to work on an amazing meal.
5. John
January 18, 2008
The New Orleans division of the US Coast Guard is rewarded with a meal as Curtis stops by for a visit.
4. Candice
January 11, 2008
Curtis helps a young mother mix up a gourmet dinner and dessert.
Big Fine Ellen
3. Big Fine Ellen
January 11, 2008
Curtis serves some out-of-the-ordinary delicacies for a family of hurricane survivors.
2. Shirliza
January 4, 2008
Curtis prepares a hot-dog picnic in the park for a baseball fanatic and her husband.
1. Griff
January 4, 2008
Griff is ready to pop the question to his girlfriend and has Curtis set the mood with a meal.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 15, 2006
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (234)