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The show Take Home Chef is a reality-style show. A professional chef wanders around a grocery store with his camera crew following him. He finds a person who is shopping for food and asks if they'd like to have him buy their groceries and take him home, where he will help cook a delicious meal.

The person is usually quite delighted with the offer, and they plan a meal that will be appetizing to them and whoever they may be having over for dinner. The chef, while shopping, will also offer helpful advice on produce and different cuts of meat.

After all of the food is purchased, they drive their separate cars to the person's home. They get out all of the needed kitchen tools and start preparing the food. The chef gives lessons on the proper ways to cut produce, which spices to use and different methods of cooking. He usually will teach them how to make a delicious sauce or salad dressing, all from scratch. After the main course is cooking, they start in on a gourmet dessert.

Eventually, the person who is the guest for dinner, whether it be a spouse, family member or friend, shows up. There is generally a rush to finish the food and have it ready to surprise the guest with. They will sit down to dinner while the chef serves them.

Take Home Chef offers a twist on the traditional cooking show in that it does combine it with the element of a reality show. The viewer gets to enjoy reality TV while still learning how to cook new dishes. The recipes used are available if the viewer wants to try it out on their own.

Take Home Chef is a Reality series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (135 episodes). The series first aired on May 15, 2006. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.7.

Take Home Chef is available for streaming on the TLC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Take Home Chef on demand at Amazon, Hulu, TLC, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 135 Episodes
May 15, 2006
Cast: Curtis Stone
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Take Home Chef Full Episode Guide

  • Curtis is in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley at the Fun under the Sun day camp to cook up some summer fun. A tasty organic meal makes for satisfied staff and a load of happy campers.

  • During the peak of the Indian Market festival in Santa Fe, N.M., Curtis picks up a local artist named Darren. The art of cooking is showcased as Curtis carefully crafts a New Mexico-themed dinner for Darren and his family.

  • A choir director hopes to cook something special for his pastor.

  • Curtis offers to help Tara cook a meal for her family after seeing her picking out bananas at a market.

  • A meal for beach-loving siblings.

  • Curtis helps to prepare a farewell meal for the captain of the South Los Angeles division of the California Highway Patrol.

  • Lamb; eggplant dip with pita bread; saffron couscous; a strawberry dessert.

  • Curtis cooks up a Louisiana-style meal.

  • Curtis teams up with a firefighter to cook up a surprise three-course meal for the department.

  • Gazpacho; sesame-encrusted-chicken salad; berry angel-food cakes.

  • Curtis cooks a meal for a magician.

  • A spicy southwestern meal.

  • A breast-cancer survivor, her daughter and two friends are treated to a day at the spa and a meal.

  • Curtis prepares a seafood meal to celebrate a couple's 10th anniversary.

  • Curtis awards the husband who supported Amanda, a woman who lost 190 pounds. She takes a day off from work as she and Curtis get to work on an amazing meal.

  • The New Orleans division of the US Coast Guard is rewarded with a meal as Curtis stops by for a visit.

  • Curtis helps a young mother mix up a gourmet dinner and dessert.

  • Curtis serves some out-of-the-ordinary delicacies for a family of hurricane survivors.

  • Curtis prepares a hot-dog picnic in the park for a baseball fanatic and her husband.

  • Griff is ready to pop the question to his girlfriend and has Curtis set the mood with a meal.

  • It's a week before Thanksgiving when Curtis approaches firemen Ben, Scott and Mike at the supermarket and offers to make them a special Thanksgiving dinner because they're scheduled to work on the holiday.

  • Curtis makes Southern-fried chicken and collard greens. For dessert, he serves a sweet chocolate-and-mint martini.

  • To start the meal, Curtis makes a drink for Randy called "The Ginger Randy." The main course is a beautiful beef Wellington with a side of string beans. For dessert, Curtis serves vanilla ice cream with homemade caramel sauce.

  • Curtis invites all the kids into the kitchen to put their vegetables into potpies and then makes letters out of dough to tell them apart. He serves chicken and vegetable potpies and, for dessert, fruit-filled jellies with a spoonful of yogurt.

  • For the main course, Curtis and Andrea have prepared striped-bass fillets cooked in lemongrass and yellow curry, served with delicious Thai coconut rice. For dessert, Curtis has created steamed pumpkins containing rich coconut custard.

  • The meal starts with French onion soup, followed by roast pork loin with a Dijon-parsley crust, along with a fricassee of chanterelles, shallots, garlic and black truffles. For dessert, Curtis serves fresh figs and bleu cheese with a port reduction.

  • When Curtis ventures into a Napa Valley grocery store, he's the one who's picked by an eager couple. Curtis prepares roasted breast of duck with shaved white truffles, served with cabernet sauvignon and, for dessert, grapes with robiola cheese.

  • Nicole and friends give Curtis a round of applause with every plate of food. First up is tuna sashimi with soy sauce and sesame seeds, followed by an Asian-style shellfish hot pot with mussels, shrimp and scallops, and apple granitas for dessert.

  • Curtis starts the meal with a baby octopus salad, followed by pan-fried halibut with black beans and peppers. For dessert, he serves summer berries with lemon sorbet.

  • Braun and Carey enjoy osetra caviar, followed by sautéed chanterelle mushrooms. For the main course, Curtis serves pork tenderloin encrusted in aged jack cheese and sourdough crumbs. The dessert is fresh Madeleine's with warm raspberry dipping sauce.

  • For Kasey, Curtis serves a tasty trio of desserts. He starts with a raclette of baby potatoes, grilled vegetables and bread with various kinds of melted cheese. Then, the sweets begin with hot chocolate and amaretto floats, followed by crème caramel.

  • Curtis serves confit leg of duck with braised Tuscan cabbage and creamy polenta. The dessert is chocolate ice cream balls dipped in chocolate and drizzled with more chocolate.

  • Curtis and Salome prepare pan-fried mahi-mahi marinated with olive oil and saffron, served over baby spinach and completed with saffron sauce. For dessert, they make chocolate cheesecake sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with chocolate sauce.

  • For Janelle's birthday party, Curtis makes seafood wonton soup, ginger-poached black bass and stir-fried pea shoots with garlic. For dessert, he serves Uncle Gee's tea and handmade fortune cookies.

  • Curtis and the couple head to the marina for a sunset dinner. He serves prosciutto and pears with balsamic vinegar, a main course called frutti di mare, and chocolate fondue with fresh fruit for dessert.

  • Darcy and Gary enjoy lobster in a creamy cocktail sauce. Then, they snack on a tapas plate with prosciutto, olives, mozzarella, smoked salmon and marinated artichoke hearts, finishing with chocolate-dipped strawberries and mango bellinis for dessert.

  • Andrea and Mario sit down to an appetizer of chicken and sweet corn soup. Next, Curtis brings out a special entrée: crispy skin Hoisin duck. For dessert, he serves mango with sake jelly.

  • Baby-spinach salad with smoked bacon and cheese croutons; garlic-and-parsley marinated Cornish game-hens with tarragon fettuccine.

  • Leafy green salad with a vinaigrette dressing; roasted lobster with chanterelles, crosnes and garlic; upside-down apple-and-pear caramel tarts.

  • Arugula salad with pomegranates and persimmons; pan-fried red snapper on braised romaine hearts with arugula pesto; chocolate-salted caramel cashews.

  • An appetizer of crostini with sun-dried tomatoes and cheddar; roasted halibut cheeks in pancetta; loukoumathes with sugar and honey.

  • Pacific oysters Rockefeller; a whole red snapper; mussels and white wine.

  • Fritto misto of seafood with basil aioli of arugula, shallots and vinaigrette.

  • Mediterranean crepes with feta cheese.

  • Fresh oysters with ponzu sauce; tilapia with ginger; steamed Korean pears.

  • Curried cauliflower with cardamom and mustard; whitefish with saffron and leeks.

  • Latin barbecue: pork tamales and grilled shrimp with South American sour cream, chili, cilantro and lime, wrapped in a banana leaf.

  • Crostini with roasted beef fillet; horseradish-and-arugula pesto sauce; fried zucchini-flowers stuffed with fontina cheese.

  • Caipirinhas; corn-and-baby-tomato soup; Brazilian chicken with okra and black beans.

  • Tuna seviche with coconut; mussels in white wine and thyme.

  • Mushroom-and-bonito soup with marinated sea-bass; rainbow roll.

  • Cracked crab with baby tomatoes and basil; cucumber-and-dill salad; homemade waffles with cinnamon-baked pears and mascarpone.

  • Midwestern brisket stew with autumn vegetables and parsley potatoes.

  • Oven-roasted leg of lamb with a side dish of crispy potatoes; semifreddo of peanuts, caramel and dark ale.

  • Prickly cactus and fava-bean soup; beef tacos with chili and cilantro; fish tacos in homemade tortillas.

  • Curtis prepares fresh tagliatelle with slow-cooked leg of lamb.

  • Tropical cocktails with coconut milk and white rum; crispy whole snapper with string beans.

  • Salad of endive with English blue cheese and roasted walnuts; pan-fried chicken.

  • Roast rump of lamb with peas; Aussie cheesecake.

  • A Chinese meal.

  • Sevruga-caviar topped oysters; caramelized wing of skate with white asparagus.

  • Grilled rib-eye steak; crispy potatoes; chocolate-covered mango and vanilla ice-cream bombe.

  • Risottos; classic Italian soup of borlotti beans and summer vegetables.

  • Roasted rack of lamb; mint-chocolate soup.

  • Pan-fried Scandinavian cheese on crostini; roasted pork loin.

  • Orange chicken; stir-fried rice; tempura strawberries.

  • Steamed orange roughy with noodles and stir-fry; baked pears with maple syrup, dried fruit and nuts.

  • Heirloom-tomato and buffalo-mozzarella salad; ravioli with a brown butter-and-sage sauce.

  • Son-in-law eggs; lobster tail with red curry.

  • Beef stir-fry; filet mignon; lemon-curd tart.

  • Cannelloni; iced raspberry souffle.

  • Pan-fried mahi-mahi; banoffee pie.

  • Sauteed foie-gras with crispy potatoes and caramelized apples; pot-au-feu of lobster, scallops, foie gras and white truffles.

  • Fettuccine with spicy Italian sausage and asparagus; fettuccine with swordfish and zucchini.

  • Zucchini with ricotta and tomato sauce; linguini with shrimp and pesto sauce; fresh berries in a raspberry sauce.

  • Serrano ham-and-cheese plate; veal pot-roast; patatas bravas.

  • Seafood paella and caramelized mangoes in a coconut basket with coconut ice cream.

  • Curtis prepares a quail dinner and a dessert of white-chocolate-sauce-covered berries.

  • Yellowtail and tuna sashimi with a sesame crust; black cod with miso sauce; green-tea ice cream.

  • Spicy gazpacho soup with shrimp; seared ahi tuna crusted with sesame seeds.

  • Portobello mushrooms with ricotta cheese; a New York steak with a pepper crust.

  • Crab and vegetable spring-rolls; pad thai noodles.

  • Tuna tenderloin; Dungeness crab and mango salad.

  • Curtis serves onion bhaji, tandoori Cornish game hens and shrimp.

  • Spicy kosher Indian feast; oven-roasted shoulder of lamb; okra bhaji and rice.

  • Curtis offers his cooking skills to Morgan, whose boyfriend happens to be a chef.

  • A salad of romaine lettuce with Parmesan crisps, poached egg and a creamy garlic dressing; four-cheese fondue of vegetables and bread; summer fruit and a creamy chocolate fondue.

  • Curtis serves the best gourmet burger in America. For dessert, he brings out vanilla panna cotta doused in a cherry consommé.

  • Black cod in zucchini; potatoes and rosemary with olive oil; peach Melba.

  • Steak tartare with homemade potato chips and a baby-vegetable salad; crepes suzette with vanilla ice cream.

  • Eggplant fritters with mozzarella and basil; wild-mushroom risotto; strawberries with English cream.

  • Seafood pizza with scallops, shrimp, calamari, zucchini and mozzarella; prosciutto pizza with mushrooms and mozzarella.

  • Deep-fried calamari on a bed of lettuce; chorizo with potato medallions; homemade chocolates with nuts.

  • Shrimp curry with ginger and garlic; crepes with strawberries and chocolate sauce.

  • Duck; watermelon; monkfish on creamy garlic potatoes.

  • Southeast-Asian curry with jumbo shrimp and scallops; strawberries poached in champagne.

  • Braised yellowtail snapper; a rich creme caramel.

  • Celery root and potato gratin; cooked string beans; meatloaf with a mushroom-and-red-wine sauce; poached pears with vanilla ice cream.

  • Chicken in prosciutto and herbs; silky tiramisu.

  • Lamb and vegetable curry; peanut-butter ice cream on fried plantains.

  • Fillet mignon with red wine and mushroom sauce on a bed of sauteed spinach; strawberries flambe.

  • Spicy fried-cheese salad; buffalo rib-eye steaks with a spicy green-pepper sauce; fried baby bananas with a spicy cream topping.

  • Grilled swordfish; chocolate mousse.

  • Cajun chicken; spicy mashed potatoes; chocolate souffle.

  • A salad of roasted turnips on turnip leaves with feta cheese; coq au vin; pear fritters and pear sorbet for dessert.

  • Sangria; chorizo; cheese-stuffed chilies; marinated shrimp; stuffed artichokes; lamb cutlets.

  • Alaskan black cod and stir-fry; chocolate cream and fresh raspberries for dessert.

  • Homemade tortilla chips with guacamole dip; shrimp-and-tomatillo dip; porterhouse steaks; Pavlova.

  • Chef Stone prepares a romantic, candlelit dinner for a couple's anniversary.

  • Dungeness crab salad; Dover sole fillets with blood-orange crust on a bed of spinach.

  • A husband returns early and surprises Curtis.

  • Raw and fried oysters; steamed mussels and red snapper in coconut sauce; fried bananas and almond brittle.

  • Grilled corn with butter and cheese spread; fava beans; barbecued lamb in rosemary, garlic and honey.

  • Chef Stone helps a young woman make a Greek feast for her boyfriend.

  • A birthday dinner: roast beef with mustard rub, Yorkshire pudding and a chocolate cake topped with white-chocolate mousse.

  • Chicken and sweet-corn soup, crispy hoisin duck with mango and sake jelly.

  • A surprise meal for a woman's boyfriend; asparagus in raspberry and shallot vinaigrette; roasted yams; grilled pork chops.

  • Curtis prepares a birthday dinner for a woman's mother.

  • A woman's husband comes home to find Curtis there, cooking.

  • Curtis serves up a fresh halibut tartare, cooked halibut on a bed of greens, and roasted pineapple in rum sauce.

  • Chef Stone serves up a poolside barbecue for a woman and her husband.

  • A mother of five gets help making dinner for her children and husband.

  • Curtis prepares a romantic dinner for a married couple's date night.

  • A housewife learns how to prepare a salmon fillet.

  • Curtis gives a woman some help in the kitchen.

  • Curtis whips up a vegetarian meal for a woman and her husband.

  • Steak and potatoes; ice cream with chocolate sauce.

  • Chef Curtis treats a woman and her husband to a meal.

  • Chef Stone helps a woman plan dinner for her husband.

  • Chef Stone serves up a home-style family dinner.

  • A woman gets help to make a birthday dinner for a friend.

  • A woman plans to surprise some friends and her husband with help from Chef Stone.

  • A young woman gets help from Chef Stone to make dinner for her boyfriend.

  • Curtis gets a mixed review when he cooks for a nutritionist.

  • Creamy mussel soup; lobster with an herb-butter sauce; spicy chocolate soup with red pepper and marshmallows.