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My Crazy Obsession is a documentary-series that premiers on TLC and follows different individuals who admit to having a wild and unique obsession. They center their lives around their obsession, allowing their time, money, and thoughts to be consumed with their passion, even allowing it to drain their resources.

There's no limits to the obsessions, each situation entirely different than another. Episodes include a family that is obsessed with working out, even having their two children lift twice their own body weight. You can also find people obsessed with Cabbage Patch dolls who regularly practice having playdates with other neighbors who also share in the fun.

Although most people run at the site of rats, the show documents a woman who finds comfort and security in her 19 rats who she considers her children and her "purpose in life." She finds herself not having enough rats, often purchasing more to have in her apartment.

One of the most popular episodes covers several individuals who are obsessed with the spirit of Christmas and holiday lights. You'll find a woman who talks to her Christmas trees and spends all year planning for the season and covering her home in holiday decorations and figurines.

When the obsessions seem to reach as far as possible, more episodes include a fanatic obsessed with matching her hairstyle with her Barbie dolls after she rescues them from landfills. Her life purpose is to rescue Barbie dolls worldwide that have been thrown out. Already, she's rescued 8,800 dolls and says she has an incredibly deep connection with them.

Although women are generally associated with fantasy mermaids, My Crazy Obsession follows a Merman, Eric, who claims to "eat, breath, and sleep mermaids." He drives an hour and a half every week to one of the largest springs to throw on a tail and swim in the deep waters. Eric dives in the deep water to escape from the world, and can even hold his breath for up to four minutes.

My Crazy Obsession is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on March 7, 2012.

Where do I stream My Crazy Obsession online? My Crazy Obsession is available for streaming on TLC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch My Crazy Obsession on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, TLC, Google Play, iTunes online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
March 7, 2012
Cast: Scott Victor Nelson
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My Crazy Obsession Full Episode Guide

  • The Smith family has a collection of 213 stuffed and mounted animals throughout their home. Michelle's obsession with trolls threatens her relationship with her family as it takes up more and more room in the house.

  • Bugs have been a part of David's daily diet for over twelve years, watch as he braces himself to eat his most venomous bug yet. Kelly's daily diet consists of food solely gathered from the dumpster.

  • A man's mustard collection features more than 5000 containers from 80 different countries; a man's assortment of ketchup bottles includes one from the 19th century.

  • Greg's obsession with 60's pop-culture has literally filled his entire home. Now he gets to live out a life-long dream. Kelly's life is centered on her pet squirrel, Sugar Bush, and his photo appearances.

  • The Best family is so obsessed with proving their own strength, they dedicate their time to lifting weights. Meanwhile, Candace and Steve's collection of bunny items has reached nearly 30,000 pieces.

  • Sharon's collection of pig items has exceeded 6,000 pieces and adorns almost every square inch of her home. Rebecca's obsession with Barbie dolls affects her physically - she actually styles her own hair and wardrobe to match her dolls.

  • A man obsessed with mermaids tries to live his life as a merman; a woman is obsessed with celebrities and is relentless in her quest to be photographed with them.

  • Inside the lives and homes of four people who are always in the holiday spirit!

  • My Crazy Obsession: Christmas Collection takes you inside the lives of extreme collectors who have taken holiday decorating to the max. For most people the holiday season lasts just weeks, but for these obsessed collectors, it's Christmas year round.

  • Anthony has been collecting aviation memorabilia since he was five years-old. He is so obsessed he has built a replica of a 1970's first class cabin in his garage. Melanie is crazy about her pet capybara, Gari, taking him for walksand teaching him tricks.

  • Chad Michael is crazy about mannequins. Over the past six years, his ever-growing collection of over 300 mannequins have taken over every room of his house. Zizi's has 35 carrot tattoos and she's decorated every room in her house with a carrot theme.

  • Stanley is 31 years-old and has been obsessed with being an adult baby for the past 18 years. Every day he wears footie pajamas, eats baby food in a highchair, wears a diaper and sleeps in a crib.

  • A couple with nine cats and a customized house for their pets; a man's obsession with U.S. presidents includes a replica of the Oval Office in his home.

  • A couple with hundreds of love dolls who are fond of taking them out in public; a woman obsessed with the year 1950, from her wardrobe to her car.

  • Janet has spent the last 30 years collecting over 5000 famous mouse memorabilia items and her collection holds the world record.Tamis has been obsessed with wearing wigs for the past 20 years and has over 2000 wigs.

  • Pat and Joe are passionate about their extreme collection of over 5,000 infamous kid dolls. Kitty Kay Sera has been completely obsessed with the color pink for 28 years. She even wears pink clothes and she eats pink food,

  • Extreme collectors and people infatuated with certain lifestyles are profiled in this reality series, which begins with a couple's assortment of more than 5000 Cabbage Patch Kids; and a woman's fascination with the color pink.

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