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  • 2010
  • 5 Seasons
  • 7.8  (100)

Facing Evil is a gripping true crime series that aired on Investigation Discovery Channel in 2010 for three seasons. The show features Candice DeLong, a former FBI agent and profiler, as she interviews notorious killers who have committed heinous crimes. Each episode is structured around one such criminal, and their respective crimes.

At the beginning of each episode, DeLong briefly lays out the background information and context surrounding the featured criminal's story. This is followed by candid interviews with the killer. While being interviewed, the killers reveal their thought processes and motivations, providing a unique insight into the mind of a murderer. Throughout the interviews, DeLong uses her expertise and experience in criminology to delve into the psyche of each killer, analyzing their behavior and thought patterns.

The pacing of the show is excellent, never lagging or dragging, and the use of music to heighten the tension and atmosphere is well-executed. The interview segments are particularly well-done, as they lack the gimmicks and sensationalism often associated with true crime shows. Instead, they are thought-provoking, nuanced, and insightful. Watching DeLong try to get in the headspace of these dangerous criminals makes for riveting and fascinating viewing.

Aside from the interviews with the killers, each episode also features interviews with detectives, family members of victims, and sometimes the occasional survivor. These interviews provide background information and context to the crimes and often highlight the devastating impact that the crimes had on the victims and their communities.

One of the unique aspects of Facing Evil is its approach to the genre. Instead of focusing solely on the crimes themselves, the show aims to humanize the criminal. It attempts to understand the stories behind their crimes and examine the path that led them to commit such atrocities. This approach is particularly powerful, as DeLong's unflinching questioning helps to uncover some of the darker and more complex motivations behind these crimes.

The show also benefits from its diverse range of subjects. The criminals featured on Facing Evil come from all walks of life and backgrounds, ranging from the infamous Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, to lesser-known but equally chilling killers like Carl Eugene Watts. Additionally, the crimes committed in the show range from abduction and murder to arson and poisoning, keeping the audience engaged and on their toes.

In terms of presentation, Facing Evil is well-produced and slickly edited. The show intersperses news footage and crime scene photos with interviews and dramatized segments, creating a cohesive narrative that helps to demystify the crimes and criminals. The reenactments aren't particularly groundbreaking, but they are tastefully done and add to the overall atmosphere of the show.

The three hosts of Facing Evil also deserve significant credit. Candice DeLong's unwavering professionalism and expertise are evident in every episode, and her profound insight into the minds of these criminals is invaluable. Ro Dempsey and Peter Djordjevic, both fellow law enforcement officers, offer a fresh perspective and a unique insight into the investigative and law enforcement side of the crimes. Together, the trio makes for an engaging and informative team that is never exploitative or sensationalistic in their approach.

Overall, Facing Evil is a must-watch for true crime fans. It sets itself apart from other shows in the genre with a unique approach that humanizes the criminal, while also providing insight into the thought processes and motivations behind their crimes. The pacing is excellent, and the interviews with the killers are particularly well-done. The show is slickly produced and benefits from a diverse range of subjects. With three seasons of compelling content, Facing Evil is a true crime series that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Facing Evil is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (37 episodes). The series first aired on November 25, 2010.

Facing Evil
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Teen Terrors
10. Teen Terrors
July 24, 2015
In 2004 the body of Stephen Schulhoff was found beaten to death by a baseball bat. His daughter Courtney Schulhoff, 16, and her boyfriend are found guilty and sentenced to life with no parole. But, who swung the bat? Candice DeLong finds out the truth.
Killing One's Own
9. Killing One's Own
July 24, 2015
November, 2001 in Fort Worth, Texas, Loyd and Agnes Courtney were beaten and stabbed to death by their daughter, Deborah Pieringer. Prosecutors say it was for money, but Deborah says she didn't do it. Could she be innocent? Candice DeLong will find out.
The Prime Suspect
8. The Prime Suspect
July 17, 2015
Hank Skinner claims he did not murder his girlfriend, Twila Busby, and her two sons on New Year's Eve. But what does the evidence suggest?
The Angel of Death
7. The Angel of Death
July 10, 2015
In 2 months, 20 patients at a Texas hospital are murdered. Nurse Vickie Jackson, on duty at every attack, she is sentenced to life with no parole. She now says she's innocent and knows who the real killer is. Candice DeLong will face the ‘Angle of Death.'
Death by Stiletto
6. Death by Stiletto
July 3, 2015
A night ends in tragedy when Stefan Andersson is bludgeoned to death by girlfriend Ana Trujillo – and her 5 inch stiletto heel. She claims self defense but a jury found her guilty of murder. Candice Delong wants to know what turned her into a killer.
A Craigslist Killer
5. A Craigslist Killer
June 26, 2015
A Craigslist deal goes bad when a teenager kills a reporter.
Gone Too Soon
4. Gone Too Soon
June 19, 2015
Baby Dylan was 3 months old when his mother, Alexandra Tobias shook him to death. She claims it was an accident but was found guilty of second degree murder and sentenced to 50 years. Candice DeLong digs deeper to find out what made this young mom snap.
A Fatal Attraction
3. A Fatal Attraction
June 19, 2015
Florida, 1995, an elderly lady and her care taker are murdered in a home invasion. Earl Linebaugh and Melissa Harris are found guilty and sentenced to life with no parole. But Melissa says she's a victim too. Candice DeLong will know if she's lying.
The Perfect Victim
2. The Perfect Victim
June 12, 2015
Back in 1974 Sarah "Cindy" White killed a family of six when she set fire to a house.
Lifting the Mask
1. Lifting the Mask
June 12, 2015
Candice DeLong talks to convicted murderer Cliff Youens about murdering his girlfriend.
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  • Premiere Date
    November 25, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (100)