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  • TV-14
  • 2013
  • 1 Season
  • 5.8  (51)

I Was Murdered is a true-crime series that aired on Investigation Discovery in 2013. The show recounts the chilling stories of homicide victims who speak through the voice of a narrator, revealing the circumstances of their deaths from beyond the grave. Each episode of I Was Murdered begins with a dramatization of the victim's final moments, as the narrator describes the events leading up to their death. Viewers are introduced to the victim and their loved ones, who recount their lives and what ultimately led to their untimely demise.

What sets I Was Murdered apart from other true-crime shows is the unique perspective it provides. By allowing the victims to speak in their own words, the show taps into the emotional toll of homicide, highlighting the devastating impact it has on families and loved ones.

Throughout each episode, viewers are taken on a journey that starts with the victim's life story and ends with their tragic death. The show delves into the investigative work that led to the perpetrator's capture, while also exploring the personal toll that the murder has taken on those left behind.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of I Was Murdered is the stories themselves. From a young mother gunned down in her own home to a teenager who was lured into a deadly trap, the show features a diverse range of homicide cases. Each victim's story is unique, but they all share the same sense of injustice and heartbreak.

Although the show is undeniably dark and unsettling, it also celebrates the resilience of the human spirit. Despite the horror of their situations, the victims in I Was Murdered refuse to be silenced. By giving them a voice, the show sheds light on the devastating consequences of violent crime while also providing hope for those affected.

Overall, I Was Murdered is a gripping true-crime series that offers a unique and emotional perspective on homicide cases. Through powerful storytelling and compelling characters, the show reminds viewers of the human cost of crime and the importance of seeking justice for those who can no longer speak for themselves.

I Was Murdered is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on April 24, 2013.

I Was Murdered
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Midnight Monster
12. Midnight Monster
May 29, 2013
A popular young entrepreneur and his girlfriend are found dead. His brother is convinced they were murdered and will stop at nothing to find out the truth.
Lone Star, Double Murder
11. Lone Star, Double Murder
May 29, 2013
A Texas woman is murdered during a night out with a friend.
If I Can't Have You
10. If I Can't Have You
May 22, 2013
Allan Neuman loved life and so did his brother. They were more than brothers, they were best friends. When Allan is found dead and suspected of murder, Henry rests at nothing to seek justice.
Written In Blood
9. Written In Blood
May 22, 2013
Lisa Lightfoot is a young, quiet bookworm living in Indianapolis, IN. She decides to move in with her boyfriend, but fails to come home one night. The police are stumped and must use their imaginations to solve the case.
Backcountry Blood
8. Backcountry Blood
May 15, 2013
A young father's copper mine has been robbed on several occasions prior to his death - are the two incidents connected?
Devil You Know
7. Devil You Know
May 15, 2013
Without a body, how can investigators prove a midwestern teen was murdered?
Final Delivery
6. Final Delivery
May 8, 2013
Bob Lexa always knew he would be a star. He finally became a household name when Police began searching for his killer in West Palm Beach, Florida. Could a tip from a worried mother help police find who struck down this star father of two?
Silent Night, Deadly Night
5. Silent Night, Deadly Night
May 8, 2013
Bob Young and his wife always look for opportunities to pay it forward. So the residents of Nampa, ID are shocked when the popular couple are found dead in their home. As detectives look for answers, one thing becomes clear: no good deed goes unpunished.
Just My Type
4. Just My Type
May 1, 2013
John Arana is beloved by his friends and family for his generosity and sense of humor. One night, John is found brutally stabbed to death in his own home, leaving police baffled as to how a man who was so dearly loved...could end up so viciously killed.
My Bloody Valentine
3. My Bloody Valentine
May 1, 2013
A typical teenager, 16-year-old Diana Peterson dreams of being free to follow her desires. But when the young girl is found murdered at her home in Shoreline, WA on Valentine's night, hearts are broken.
Newlywed Nightmare
2. Newlywed Nightmare
April 24, 2013
A Western Washington couple are murdered.
A Perfect Storm
1. A Perfect Storm
April 24, 2013
In the series premiere, a recently divorced woman and her daughter are killed in their Florida home.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 24, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    5.8  (51)