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Cry Wolfe is an ID (Investigation Discovery) TV series. The host, Brian Wolfe, is a no-nonsense private detective who has a colorful character. He delves into the backstory of his leads to get a profound understanding of the events. His camera crew accompanies him as he investigates the leads surrounding the mysteries.

In the series, he has recreated the complex cases he has undertaken in the past. The trail of events surrounds real-life situations, including addictions, relationship problems and other fraudulent activities.

Each 30-minute episode of the series starts with a consultation. He'll dig deep into stories to explain strange behaviors, unexplained late nights and other telltale signs such as missed calls.

In the first episode, Brian and his team, investigates leads to uncover the truth about an unprofessional electrician, Bill. Fortunately, the couple, Nicole and Steve, hired the Cry Wolfe Team to explain the poor ethics of workmanship. Later in the series, following a thorough investigation, they found out that Bill was sleeping on the job.

Cry Wolfe is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on June 3, 2014.

Where do I stream Cry Wolfe online? Cry Wolfe is available for streaming on Investigation Discovery, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cry Wolfe on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Investigation Discovery, FuboTV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
3 Seasons, 40 Episodes
June 3, 2014
Crime, Reality
Cast: Brian S. Wolfe, Janine McCarthy
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Cry Wolfe Full Episode Guide

  • A concerned mother enlists Wolfe to find her teenage son. As Wolfe and McCarthy dig into the son's past, they discover a troubled teen capable of hurting himself... or even worse.

  • A woman fears for her life when she finds out she's being stalked. Wolfe races to the truth to put a stop to the constant torment... before it escalates out of control.

  • Caught in the middle of an ugly divorce, an ailing woman believes her ex-husband is hiding assets. As Wolfe digs into his affairs, he discovers her husband may be hiding a lot more than just cash.

  • When a man has questions about his wife's accidental death, Wolfe takes a deeper look. But the more he uncovers, the more the mystery grows, and the truth may be worse than the husband ever imagined.

  • When a woman worries about her mom's new husband, Wolfe looks into the mystery man. As he unravels the secrets behind the marriage, he'll discover a truth that will rock the whole family to its core.

  • A woman recently discovered she's adopted and needs help locating her birth mother. But when Wolfe dug up the past, he discovered a secret so shocking, his client wished it stayed buried.

  • Foster parents enlist Wolfe's help when one of their former kids disappears. As Wolfe hunts for the missing girl, he must delve deep into the seedy underbelly of the city, in a race to find her before she goes missing for good.

  • When a woman desperate for a baby chooses an unorthodox pregnancy method, she worries she may have been scammed. As Wolfe looks for answers, he falls into a strange world he never knew existed.

  • After a married professor has a one-night stand, a blackmailer threatens to expose his infidelity. As the threats mount, Wolfe races to find the culprit, before the professor loses his money, his job, and his marriage.

  • A high school teacher needs to find the person harassing him. But as Wolfe explores every possible lead, he realizes the teacher and his whole family face a threat more serious than just some high school pranks gone bad.

  • When a sick woman suspects her photographer husband of cheating, Wolfe looks into the affair. During his investigation, he stumbles on a life-threatening secret that puts his client in extreme danger.

  • After finding a receipt for a necklace she never received, a woman worries her fiancĀ© is up to no good. When Wolfe digs into his past, he finds the deception runs far deeper than a simple piece of missing jewelry.

  • A concerned brother turns to Wolfe when he can't locate his missing sister. As Wolfe works to find her, he learns why she went into hiding and that he might be leading danger right to her door.

  • Wolfe investigates a theft for a couple with extremely odd interests, which leads him to a bizarre world that redefines "clowning around."

  • An angry husband fears his wife's shopping addiction has returned after countless unexplained charges show up on his credit card. The truth is revealed when private investigator Brian Wolfe takes the case.

  • When a man's car is stolen, he refuses to go to the police, causing Wolfe major suspicion about what he's hiding inside.

  • A young wife believes that her much older husband has traded her in for an even NEWER model. The truth is revealed when private investigator Brian Wolfe takes the case.

  • A concerned dad fears the worst when his daughters go missing and the police haven't been able to track them down. The truth is revealed when private investigator Brian Wolfe takes the case.

  • When Karen can't be found, her friends and nosy neighbor think her boyfriend, Jake, did something to her. The truth is revealed when private investigator Brian Wolfe takes the case.

  • A happy housewife suspects her husband is having an affair. Wolfe's investigation leads to car chases, "back doors" and much, much more.

  • A concerned mother becomes suspicious of her son's relationship with his teacher. The truth is revealed when private investigator Brian Wolfe takes the case.

  • Wolfe and Perez go undercover in a beachfront boutique resort to investigate who is stealing the VIP clients.

  • After years of addiction and bad luck, a man finally gets engaged to a woman from AA. When her behavior changes, he fears the worst. The truth is revealed when private investigator Brian Wolfe takes the case.

  • A girl awakes to find she's been banged up and blackmailed; she must pay a large amount of money to stop a creep from posting her nude pictures online. The truth is revealed when private investigator Brian Wolfe takes the case.

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