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The show Who the Bleep is a reality crime documentary show that features different reenactments of true stories. A recurrent theme within the show is where an individual meets a new friend at work or church or meets a new love interest, and the new friendship progresses well until a certain event occurs that cause individuals to see the true colors revealed in the other person. The basic premise of the show is in the idea that people have a tendency to hide their true selves.

A typical show would involve a situation such as this one:

A woman is working at a large insurance firm, and she has been getting into several altercations with her supervisor, who is a middle-aged male. The woman realizes something is not on the up-and-up with him, but she cannot quite put her finger on it. She notices how her supervisor is able to "turn on the charm" with different customers, clients, and potential clients, but in private settings he is the polar opposite of how he presents himself in the public.

The woman is widowed, and she will notice that sometimes things are missing in her house, and things just generally do not appear the way that she left them. She also notices some things amiss in her front yard. Some of her lawn ornaments have been disturbed, and her water sprinkler is often moved out of the way.

The next day she notices that her rude supervisor is not there, and the day is pleasant and unassuming. When she goes home, however, she is in for the shock of her life when she reads the newspaper. Turns out that her supervisor is a serial killer and has now been arrested. He tells the press that he had been stalking his next victim, and she knows in her heart that it was her.

Who the Bleep... is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on August 25, 2010.

Where do I stream Who the Bleep... online? Who the Bleep... is available for streaming on ID: Investigation Discovery, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Who the Bleep... on demand at Amazon, Investigation Discovery, Google Play, iTunes online.

ID: Investigation Discovery
3 Seasons, 40 Episodes
August 25, 2010
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Matt Gulbranson, Annie K. Fox, T. Anthony Quinn, Jonathon Ruckman
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Who the Bleep... Full Episode Guide

  • Shaina Gibson imagined an everlasting union when she eloped with loyal military man and childhood friend, Joseph Allsop. But after the untimely death of their baby girl, Shaina discovered that Joe was camouflaging horrifying secrets instead.

  • Andie Nash was swept off her feet when she began dating handsome Simon Reid. Their relationship progressed quickly... until Simon vanished, leaving Andie devastated. But it wasn't long before Andie learned she had been one of many victims of Simon's lies!

  • When Kaydee Wilson married Thad Roberts, a go-getter who dreamed of becoming a NASA astronaut she thought the stars had aligned. But their relationship crashed and burned when Kaydee's husband committed one of the most outoutrageous crimes in NASA history

  • When Robin Garriott met Kevin Cobb, she had found true love. After almost two decades of their relationship and starting a loving family together, Robin never thought she would eventually help to convict him of sexually molesting their only daughter.

  • Audrey Mabrey wasn't looking for love when she stumbled into an online chat room. But when she started chatting with Christopher Hanney, a police detective, love is what she found. But after 6 years and 2 children, all of that would suddenly change.

  • As a single mother, Robin Faulk was drawn to dependable outdoorsman Jerry Wilson. But after years of marriage, Robin's life with Jerry would implode when a horrifying crime rocked their small town and Robin was forced to confront her husband's dark side.

  • When Donna Kholer met handsome and charming Jim Boley in college, their chemistry was instantaneous. But twenty years and two kids later, Donna discovered that Jim was hiding a toxic secret, one that would shock a community and push Donna to the brink.

  • Bill Staniford unwittingly got involved in a whirlwind romance with Anna Chapman, a beautiful provocative Russian expat, who stole the hearts of wealthy men.

  • A recent medical-school graduate is suspicious of his new boss.

  • A twice-divorced Wisconsin woman becomes involved with a world traveler who disappears.

  • After 2 marriages, taekwondo black belt Diane Reeve guardedly entered the world of dating. When she met tall, dark & handsome Philippe Padieu, Diane was swept off her feet. But 4 years later, Philippe's deception would leave Diane sparring for her life.

  • Elden Bowen was looking to spend his golden years with a good woman. Sweet, petite Shirley Cassara seemed to fit the bill. But after two years of marriage, Elden came face to face with the real Shirley - a woman who wanted much more than his heart.

  • John Pomroy fell in love with Tina despite her former drug addiction. But 10 years and 2 kids into the marriage, Tina's demons came back to haunt them. An ugly divorce and custody battle soon turned into a murder for hire. The would-be victim, John!

  • Pat Wiklund fell for Dean Mitchell, an established child psychologist who was committed to helping troubled teen boys. Pat admired her husband's work, until one day when Dean would call Pat from jail. He had been arrested, for child molestation!

  • When Susan Walters married Mike Kuhnhausen, she considered her risk on love a worthy gamble. But 18 years later, Susan would find herself in a desperate fight for her life - initiated by the very man who vowed to love her forever.

  • When Cory Wynne met Bobbi Ann Finley, she was exactly what he wanted. But months later, with his credit in ruins and his career on the line, Cory realized that Bobbi had a dark past of preying on military men--he just was one of many pawns in her game.

  • Paul Reidel and his best friend Alex Algeri opened a 24-hour fitness center. But late one night, Alex was gunned down in the gym parking lot, and Paul realized the bullets were meant for him, in what becomes a twisted tale of murder for hire.

  • Joy DeSomber and her new husband Joseph Cua are living the good life. But it all comes to a halt when Joseph tells Joy that his dear friends, the Wagners, have been brutally murdered. Joy soons unravels the ugly truth about the man she let into her life.

  • Gayle Cuvreau, a single mother of two, thought she'd met the perfect man, until she uncovered his dark addiction. Both her bank account and perfect world crumbled as her husband became the leader of the largest identity theft ring Seattle had ever seen.

  • Jim and Dina McGreevey were living a model life as the Governor and First Lady of New Jersey. However, Dina was shocked to discover the reason behind his secretive schedule: he was being blackmailed for having an affair with a male colleague.

  • After her husband of 20 years left her, Cynthia Castile decided it was time for some changes. She eventually met and married Wayne Chinn, a cruise ship chef, but shortly after, his hidden past started to surface and Cynthia was knee deep in his lies.

  • Michelle Broome thought she was living the dream life. When she married her longtime crush, they began partying and flying off on exotic vacations. However, her dream life faded when her husband's gambling addictions landed him in federal prison.

  • Carolyn Cox and her husband Billy seemed like a perfect couple. No one in town suspected that she had been hiding decades of abuse at the hands of her husband. The lies would all be exposed the day police found Carolyn lying in a pool of her own blood.

  • Margo Bennett was a FBI agent in Atlanta when she met and married Gene Bennett, an undercover agent. Gene scammed the FBI for money. Margo filed for divorce and turned in Gene. Gene went to jail and planned to kill Margo but she was ready for him.

  • Rickielee Pelo wanted the perfect family. After marrying policeman Jeff Pelo, she felt like her dreams had come true. When Jeff becomes the suspect in a serial rapist case, she stands by him. When Jeff is found guilty and Rickielee questions her beliefs.

  • Tammi met Eric Perteet at a nightclub. Tammi discovers that Eric is a doctor with a tragic past. The two married and Eric is hired at a local hospital. But when Eric is arrested for impersonating a doctor, Tammi is left to figure out who her husband is.

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