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"Dark Minds" hosted by noted non fiction crime novel author M. William Phelps who along with criminal profiler John Kelly delve into cases that involve unsolved murders. One unique perspective that both Phelps and Kelly have at their disposal is contact with a convicted killer given the pseudonym Raven by Phelps. Some light has been shed by Raven about the most infamous unsolved murders that have occurred in the forty years. Some of the many dark and twisted thoughts inside the mind of a killer can be readily explained by Raven giving William and John pause for thought while investigating.

One case that is truly quite disturbing for law enforcement is the Interstate 70 murders that have been committed in the state of Texas. According to testimony given by Raven that young women that are either hitchhiking or walking the streets have disappeared at the hands of serial killer that has able mobility. According to profiles given by the FBI long distance serial killers is extremely difficult to catch. Other cold cases that have recently been brought to the attention of cold case units of law enforcement agencies are using new perspectives along with new advances in forensic science technology.

Cold cases that have been on the shelf for years will often heat up because many witnesses who couldn't come forward during the first criminal investigation will often feel safe enough to give their accounts on what they know about the case or cases. In the rare circumstances where victims have survived an attack by serial killers, law enforcement makes it a priority to interview the survivors to get a first hand account of a serial offender in action.

People can decide for themselves whether to watch the show or not, before making a decision would be viewers can log onto the Internet to find articles written about the show. Given the mature subject matter disclaimers will often recomend that viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Dark Minds is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on January 25, 2012.

Where do I stream Dark Minds online? Dark Minds is available for streaming on Investigation Discovery, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dark Minds on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Investigation Discovery, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
3 Seasons, 22 Episodes
January 25, 2012
Cast: John Kelly, M. William Phelps
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Dark Minds Full Episode Guide

  • In Denver, CO, a serial killer leaves the exposed bodies of young women by highways outside the city. The Dark Minds team searches for connections and clues to solve these murders.

  • The discovery of a naked woman's body on Ocean Parkway in 2011 was just the beginning. How many women has the Long Island Serial Killer brutalized and murdered? The Dark Minds team is hot on the trail, desperate to stop this madman.

  • Looking into a cold case in Torrey Pines Beach, California, where two teenagers were murdered over 30 years ago.

  • In the quiet town of Lewiston, Idaho, an eerie local theatre has dark past. Three people went missing here, 2 turned up dead. Is it a local killer, connected to a string of other murders? The team from Dark Minds dive into a deep mystery.

  • Israel Keyes may be one of the worst serial killers we've ever seen. He took great care in hiding his victims, which means finding them has become a new nightmare. Can the Dark Minds team unearth some of this case's biggest secrets?

  • Israel Keyes may be one of the worst serial killers we've ever seen. He took great care in hiding his victims, which means finding them has become a new nightmare. Can the Dark Minds team unearth some of this case's biggest secrets?

  • Over a period of 30 years, more than 30 young women have disappeared on Canada's Highway 16. The DARK MINDS team assesses if this is the work of multiple killers or one serial killer.

  • A seemingly idyllic drive through the scenic forests of historic Virginia is tainted by a serial killer who likes to murder in pairs.

  • In Boca Raton, Florida, a serial killer shops for his victims at a suburban shopping mall. Raven is disturbed by the killer's unexpected quirks and confidence.

  • Every day, I-70 carries thousands across the Midwest. But in 1992, the highway also carried a serial killer with six victims across five states. With the help of a possible survivor, the team hopes that her memories can help unlock the dark secrets of I-70.

  • Since the 1970s, 30 young girls have gone missing in a flat, no-man's land outside of Houston. Several of them have turned up dead, leaving questions for investigators of who is responsible and when will he strike again?

  • Five girls out late in the quiet coastal town of Newport, Oregon, disappeared in the 1990s. Four were found murdered, but one remains missing. Who is responsible for these slayings?

  • After 10-year-old Holly Piirainen disappeared in 1993, Molly Bish, a girl the same age from a nearby town, wrote Holly's parents a heartfelt letter. Seven years later, Bish went missing too. Eventually, both girls' bodies were found just 10 miles apart. With two other similar cases in Connecticut and Massachusetts, Phelps' mission is personal to find answers to these crimes that occurred in his local community.

  • This killer stalked suburban streets throughout California, working from Sacramento down to Los Angeles. Known to have committed 50 rapes and 10 murders, he remains one of America's most terrifying and elusive serial killers.