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  • TV-PG
  • 2014
  • 1 Season
  • 7.7  (43)

Devil in the Details is a true crime series that aired on Investigation Discovery channel in 2014. The show is about how criminal investigations are not always solved easily, and how investigators need to look more closely at the evidence to piece together every detail of the crime. The series focuses on major criminal cases where the perpetrators have tried to cover their tracks or where the evidence seems to point in different directions.

The show is hosted by Victor Herminio Lopez, a former FBI agent, alongside detectives Ben Maccabee and Heath Centazzo. Together, they delve into each case, exploring the forensic evidence and interviewing witnesses and suspects to uncover the truth. The show follows a series of crimes, including murders, kidnappings, and fraud cases. Each episode focuses on a different case and the investigation process leading up to the perpetrator's arrest and conviction.

One of the episodes of Devil in the Details covers the case of a man who was found dead outside of his house. The police believed it was a suicide, but there was no evidence to support this theory. Detective Maccabee and his team looked into the evidence more closely and found several inconsistencies. They discovered that the man had been going through a difficult divorce and that his ex-wife had hired a hitman to murder him. The investigators uncovered forensic evidence that linked the hitman to the crime.

Another episode covers a case of a man who went missing. The police suspected his wife of foul play, but again, there was no evidence to prove it. Using forensic evidence and interviews with friends and family, the detectives discovered that the wife had conspired with her lover to murder her husband.

In each episode, the investigators showcase how close attention to detail is crucial in solving a criminal case. They explain how forensic evidence such as DNA, fingerprints, and footprints can provide valuable clues to solving the case. The detectives also emphasize the importance of interviewing witnesses and suspects and how they can help piece together a case.

The show's host, Victor Herminio Lopez, provides viewers with an insight into the investigative tactics and techniques used by law enforcement agencies. He explains how investigators use their training and experience to gather evidence and build a case against the perpetrator. He also shares his experience working as a former FBI agent and how his expertise helps in solving these cases.

Overall, Devil in the Details is an informative and intriguing series that showcases how forensic evidence and investigative techniques can help solve even the most complicated crimes. The show's emphasis on the value of paying attention to the smallest details is a great reminder that solving a crime requires meticulous attention and a dogged determination to uncover the truth. With its high-quality production values and engaging storytelling, Devil in the Details is a great watch for anyone interested in true crime stories.

Devil in the Details is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on June 14, 2014.

Devil in the Details
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Till Doom Do Us Part
6. Till Doom Do Us Part
July 19, 2014
A 29-year-old mother from Bakersfield, Cal., vanishes.
Buzz Kill
5. Buzz Kill
July 12, 2014
The death of an Alaskan mom leads investigators to an infamous biker gang.
Warm Revolver
4. Warm Revolver
July 5, 2014
Jeff Brisebois is shot and killed in his Hawaiian home and police soon discover there are numerous suspects.
Beauty Thrills, Co-Ed Kills
3. Beauty Thrills, Co-Ed Kills
June 28, 2014
A rural Tennessee town is shocked after an 18-year-old Laura Salmon is discovered bludgeoned to death in a field.
Murder, Cajun Style
2. Murder, Cajun Style
June 21, 2014
Chiquita Tate, a young defense lawyer is found inside her secure office in Baton Rouge stabbed to death. Detectives find three hairs in her hand, will this clue lead them to the killer, or lead them astray?
If I Had a Hammer (Pilot)
1. If I Had a Hammer (Pilot)
June 14, 2014
Bonnie Sanborn's children wake up one morning in their home in suburban Tucson, to find their mom gone, blood in the bedroom and her car missing. The car turns up soon with Bonnie's body inside, and one detail that will lead to her shocking killer.
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  • Premiere Date
    June 14, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (43)