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  • 2014
  • 1 Season
  • 8.1  (35)

Dead on Arrival is a true crime series that premiered on Investigation Discovery in 2014. The show follows real-life cases of emergency responders who were unable to save a victim's life upon arriving at the scene of a crime or accident. Each episode examines the events leading up to the death of the victim, as well as the investigation that followed, in an attempt to understand what went wrong and how similar tragedies can be prevented in the future.

The series is narrated by Randy Thomas, and each episode features interviews with emergency responders, eyewitnesses, family members, and law enforcement officials involved in the case. The show also incorporates reenactments of key moments in the investigation, as well as archived news footage and police recordings.

Dead on Arrival covers a wide range of cases, from murders and car accidents to drug overdoses and domestic disputes. In each episode, the focus is on the responders who were unable to save the victim's life, rather than the perpetrator or cause of death. The show highlights the difficult and often traumatic work that first responders do, and the emotional toll that such situations can take.

One of the recurring themes of the show is the importance of communication and coordination among emergency responders. In many cases, miscommunication or a lack of coordination between different agencies or departments can contribute to a tragic outcome. Dead on Arrival emphasizes the need for effective training and protocols to ensure that emergency responders are able to work together smoothly in high-pressure situations.

Another important theme of the show is the role of technology in emergency response. Many of the cases covered in Dead on Arrival involve advanced medical equipment, such as defibrillators and ventilators, that can make the difference between life and death. However, the show also highlights the risks of relying too heavily on technology, as human error or malfunctioning equipment can have devastating consequences.

Throughout the series, Dead on Arrival also raises important questions about the ethics of emergency response. Should responders prioritize saving the life of the victim at all costs, even if it means risking their own safety? How should responders balance the need for speed with the need for caution and thoroughness? These are complex issues with no easy answers, and the show does a good job of exploring them in a nuanced and thoughtful way.

Overall, Dead on Arrival is a gripping and thought-provoking true crime series that sheds light on the important but often overlooked work of emergency responders. The show's emphasis on the emotional impact of these tragic situations is particularly compelling, and serves as a reminder of the human cost of crime and accidents. While some viewers may find the subject matter difficult to watch, Dead on Arrival is a well-produced and engaging true crime show that is worth watching for anyone interested in the field.

Dead on Arrival is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on September 3, 2014.

Dead on Arrival
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The Road to Hell
6. The Road to Hell
October 15, 2014
Following her high school graduation, Kristi Johnson leaves her small Michigan hometown to pursue a movie career in Los Angeles. But when a slick casting agent lures Kristi to an audition that isn't what it seems, her Hollywood dream soon becomes a shocking nightmare.
Hospital of Horrors
5. Hospital of Horrors
October 8, 2014
Dr. Kathryn Hinnant is brutally murdered while working at New York's Bellevue Hospital.
Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare
4. Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare
September 24, 2014
Tim Moreau leaves his Louisiana hometown to join the cutting-edge music scene in Portland, Oregon. But when he gets a job at a major rock club, he learns that the scene has an evil underbelly – and he's soon caught in a web of corruption and murder.
Not in Kansas Anymore
3. Not in Kansas Anymore
September 17, 2014
Amy Watkins is a social worker who leaves Topeka and meets danger on New York streets.
Dance With the Devil
2. Dance With the Devil
September 10, 2014
An Ohio dancer moves to New York City and gets involved in a dangerous love triangle.
Fatal Obsession
1. Fatal Obsession
September 3, 2014
After a young actress moves to Hollywood she learns about the dark side of fame.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 3, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (35)