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Deadly Wives takes viewers behind the scenes of seemingly happy marriages, showing what happens behind closed doors in America. Episodes of this show detail true stories of women who have killed their beloved husbands, exploring their motives. One episode of Deadly Wives depicts the story of a North Carolina couple, The Millers. It seemed that Ann had everything she could have dreamed of

Deadly Wives is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on March 4, 2013.

Deadly Wives is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Deadly Wives on demand atApple TV+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, The Roku Channel, Google Play, iTunes online.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Lifetime
2 Seasons, 14 Episodes
March 4, 2013
Crime, Horror & Suspense
Cast: Jamie Bernadette, Terry Fritts, Terry Myers, Noah Staggs
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Deadly Wives Full Episode Guide

  • Sadie Proffitt and her husband David, 50, are a retired couple who move from Florida to Texas to be closer to Sadie's son. While Sadie is friendly with many residents at the sprawling apartment complex where they live, David is partially paralyzed and often stays inside. On Oct. 9, 2000, in the middle of the night, tragedy strikes when a rapidly moving fire erupts at the apartment complex, and several people are killed in the inferno. When investigators begin researching the source of the blaze--some aspects of the disastrous incident just don't add up. It will take experts many months to sort through the evidence and find the truth behind the fire--and finally charge an unlikely suspect with murder.

  • These two stories feature deadly wives that are the polar opposites of their partners.

  • Two stories feature scheming wives incapable of being honest. First, Navy man Cory Voss and his wife Catherina "Cat" Voss are a young couple raising two children in Newport News, Virginia.

  • Family secrets surface after a husband is murdered.

  • Police delve deeper into Lynn Stomps' life when her husband disappears; Bill McGuire vanishes following an argument with his wife, Melanie.

  • Two stories feature deadly wives willing to exchange love, for lust and greed. First, all-American girl, Morgan Wixon, meets small town boy, Kevin Mengel, and falls in love. The couple marries, has children, and owns a successful business together. There's just one problem--Morgan is happiest when having affairs with Kevin's friends. Her unfaithfulness nearly destroys the marriage, but Kevin wants to work things out.

  • Tim and Larissa Schuster are a successful couple in Clovis, California. Larissa owns a thriving biochemistry lab, while Tim works at a hospital and manages their home and two kids. The Schuster marriage appears to be a perfect example of "opposites attract"--she's a bubbly go-getter, and he's shy and sensitive. But after 20 years, the many differences in their personalities strain to the breaking point--with clashes over money, the children, and lack of intimacy. Tim finally decides he's had enough, and moves out. As they edge towards divorce, their arguments grow from bad to worse fueled by Larissa's anger over dividing property, belongings, and her one true love--the million-dollar chemical lab. Then, Tim suddenly disappears--and what begins as a missing persons case, ends with a hidden gun, secret tape recordings and a discovery no one could have predicted.

  • Two stories feature deadly wives that are the polar opposites of their partners. First, bubbly Rebecca Salcedo is a popular, young single mom with lots of friends. When she meets shy engineer Bruce Cleland, sparks fly--they share a whirlwind romance, followed by a lavish wedding. But their marriage

  • Two stories feature Southern wives desiring love--and money. First, country-girl Cristie Sehorne and her husband, Lee, have two children and live in Florida. Lee loves his work in commercial shipping, but his job requires long hours away at sea and Cristie is lonely without him. When Lee is shocking

  • Elisa McNabney was living the high life in Sacramento, CA. Her husband Larry was a successful personal injury attorney, and since Larry's many TV commercials featured him in western gear, he was known as "The Marlboro Man." Elisa and Larry loved expensive things, and enjoyed traveling around the world to show their prized horses. Then one day Larry disappeared, but Elisa, with the help of a bright young college student named Sarah Dutra, still ran the law office in his absence. The two women were spending the practice's money as fast as they were making it. Then suddenly Elisa vanished too... and police had to untangle a web of lies and deception to solve the mystery of what happened to the Marlboro Man. And what they found shocked everyone.

  • This episode feature two stories of wives who weren't who they appeared to be. First, 30-year-old Ann Miller of Raleigh, NC seemed to have it all: a great job, a handsome husband and a beautiful baby. But Ann was leading a double life...and after her husband died suddenly of mysterious causes police were called in. Years later the mystery was finally unraveled. Then, in 2008, Chris Mason took her elderly husband Jim to the pool at her apartment complex for a little exercise. But when Jim ended up dead, investigators discovered the shocking truth about both Chris' past...and her plan to set herself free.

  • Teresa Stone is a traditional wife and mother of two in Independence, Missouri. Everyone in town knows that Randy, Teresa s husband, dotes on her--and the couple faithfully attends church together and own a successful local insurance agency. So when Randy is shot and killed in his office, the quiet community is stunned: who would want to kill such a likable family guy--a deacon, bus driver, and devoted member of New Hope Baptist church? While friends and family are shocked, Teresa remains surprisingly calm. As detectives begin to unravel the unusual case, they learn that sex, lies and greed are just a few of Teresa s unholy secrets, and each sinful revelation brings them one step closer to finding Randy s killer.