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Fatal Vows is a documentary reenactment style cable television show that is broadcast on the Investigation Discovery Network. The premise of the show involves detailing how marital unions fail through betrayal, greed, spite, assault and end in murder. Each episode explores the criminal psychology concerning how these relationships become tumultuous, disturbing and end up in shocking circumstances. Ultimately, viewers may discover how and why spouses determine that murder is the only way out of their unpleasant situations.

Hosting the show are forensic clinical psychologist and attorney Dr. Brian Russell along with relationship expert and psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser. During each episode, the experts review each featured couple with an analysis of each marriage to find out how the break downs evolved toward divorce and wind up in murder.

The showcased marriages that become violent include stories that begin at courtship, progress to the altar and then wind up with a fatality. The experts guide viewers through the labyrinth to learn about each individual psyche and why things went awry.

One story features a seemingly perfect couple named Bob and Becky Klosterman. They are wealthy and considered stand up citizens in their community. Retired Navy commander, Bob and his stay at home wife, Becky have a seemingly wonderful life together, enjoying retirement. Their friends, family and the public see a model couple.

However, Becky is actually in fear of her own life. When she discovers Bob's second life at a strip club, Becky confronts Bob. Becky files for divorce and Bob is none too pleased, since this will affect his stellar reputation in the community. Before the proceedings are finalized, Bob shoots and kills her to also prevent her from being in a position to recoup any financial assets from the marriage.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on ID: Investigation Discovery
6 Seasons, 74 Episodes
November 17, 2012
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama, Family, Mystery
Cast: Kathleen Fee
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Fatal Vows Full Episode Guide

  • When Opal Skidmore marries Steven Williams, their love is a second chance for the pair to live out their dreams. Boredom and the lure of the open road spark hidden desires and sexual hijinks, leaving this open marriage anything but happy.

  • Cecil and Larlane Brown have been together for years. But their secrets and lies, ignored and neglected for decades, threaten to turn their 50-year relationship into a bloody battleground.

  • When Darren and Elizabeth marry eight weeks after meeting, no one thinks it's a good idea.The couple just doesn't care. But when one partner is attacked, and a sniper is spotted across the way, it seems as if everyone was right.

  • It's a military match made in heaven for Roger and Margorie. But a tangled nest of financial secrets and twisted lies ruins the young couple's future. And while the rise of their careers and romance seems meteoric, the ensuing fall is deadly.

  • Stephanie and Daniel are young, in love, and happily balancing work and play. But before long, tensions are set off by disappointment, self-loathing, and a mutual affection for the bottle. And by the final curtain call, only one of them is left standing.

  • Corinne isn't a demanding woman

  • Longtime married couple Dino and Clara run a successful bail bond company. But when Dino's long hours and a missing bail jumper make Clara both suspicious and nervous, a hidden secret is all it takes to make this bond come undone in the blink of an eye.

  • Francis "Nicky" Nicolosi and his devout new wife Ellie are living out the perfect retirement. But when one is found dead in an apple orchard, police discover that there's more to this seemingly frail and religious couple than anyone imagined.

  • Jeff and Jeanine Glanda have a picture-perfect family until selfishness and a shameless affair mark the beginning of the end. As money troubles and the threat of divorce breed paranoia and hate, a plot is hatched in the dark heart of a twisted killer.

  • Worlds collide when Donald and Umi fall in love in Indonesia; while Umi strives to become the perfect American woman in Don's native Kentucky, he longs for something or someone more exotic.

  • When Tim meets Maryann at a Catholic mixer, it's a match made in heaven, but while the future looks bright, a dark cloud gathers on the horizon in the person of Tim's ex-wife.

  • High school sweethearts Linda and Derrick Yancey become sheriff's deputies with a picture-perfect marriage, then their marriage degenerates into a tale of good cop/bad cop ending in murder with one of them on the run.

  • Marc and Michelle's teenage romance is fast and serious. But these spring chickens have a hard time crawling out of their respective parents' nests

  • Tom and Lynette's love story spans decades from grade school to a posh house with a pool. But dark secrets from the bedroom bleed out onto other aspects of the marriage and a dangerous obsession rips their romance into pieces.

  • Julie and Keith's relationship stands the test of time. But after 35 years together, a profound restlessness seeps into their union's foundation. As these lifelong partners pursue very private adventures, their once fiery love is reduced to ash.

  • Luther is a minister's boy who falls hard for a pastor's daughter, Anita. With love and faith, they make it work until the work runs out. And the crushing blast of failure transforms heaven-on-earth into a bloody hell.

  • Ed is a retired pilot whose sense of adventure is reawakened by a seaside encounter with the much-younger Denise, then the couple's idyllic life on a boat in a Florida marina is rocked by a sudden change in their fortune.

  • Eric gives up the U.S. Marines to follow his dream as a baker, and falls for Constance on a blind date; these two "foodies'' indulge in the sweet life until a seven-year itch is scratched by murder.

  • Carli marries a police officer who takes his role as protector a little too seriously; Carli attempts to break free from the confines of wedlock, setting off a chain of deadly events.

  • California beauty Pegye meets volleyball player Eric in Newport Beach, Calif.; with good looks and success, the couple appears to have it all, but hedonism comes at a price, and their dream life quickly becomes a waking nightmare.

  • Janice thinks Brett is a good, old-fashioned country boy who just needs a woman's touch. Brett thinks she's the ideal woman to turn his country house into a home. As family tragedies mount, their dream of a perfect life together soon goes up in flames

  • While mourning the death of his wife, Julian falls hard for his much-younger coworker, Teresa; for a time, Teresa's spunk lifts Julian's spirits until a sordid affair plunges him into an abyss.

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