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Fatal Vows is a documentary reenactment style cable television show that is broadcast on the Investigation Discovery Network. The premise of the show involves detailing how marital unions fail through betrayal, greed, spite, assault and end in murder. Each episode explores the criminal psychology concerning how these relationships become tumultuous, disturbing and end up in shocking circumstances. Ultimately, viewers may discover how and why spouses determine that murder is the only way out of their unpleasant situations.

Hosting the show are forensic clinical psychologist and attorney Dr. Brian Russell along with relationship expert and psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser. During each episode, the experts review each featured couple with an analysis of each marriage to find out how the break downs evolved toward divorce and wind up in murder.

The showcased marriages that become violent include stories that begin at courtship, progress to the altar and then wind up with a fatality. The experts guide viewers through the labyrinth to learn about each individual psyche and why things went awry.

One story features a seemingly perfect couple named Bob and Becky Klosterman. They are wealthy and considered stand up citizens in their community. Retired Navy commander, Bob and his stay at home wife, Becky have a seemingly wonderful life together, enjoying retirement. Their friends, family and the public see a model couple.

However, Becky is actually in fear of her own life. When she discovers Bob's second life at a strip club, Becky confronts Bob. Becky files for divorce and Bob is none too pleased, since this will affect his stellar reputation in the community. Before the proceedings are finalized, Bob shoots and kills her to also prevent her from being in a position to recoup any financial assets from the marriage.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on ID: Investigation Discovery
4 Seasons, 48 Episodes
November 17, 2012
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama, Family, Mystery
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Fatal Vows Full Episode Guide

  • A millionaire man is afraid he will lose half his money from his divorce.

  • A man has a blackjack habit that results in losing more than just money.

  • An free-spirited barkeeper meets and falls in love with a family guy, but their relationship has bumps and turns tragic.

  • The story of a husband and wife in Wyoming, Lynn and David Bush. Lynn disappeared in 1990 and 17-years later a person was convicted of killing her.

  • A Marine weds the girl of his dreams, but their far-apart relationship ends in misfortune.

  • A couple's second honeymoon turns disastrous. She falls from a cliff at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan and dies, and he goes to court and is convicted of murdering her.

  • A women who is tired of supporting her spouse chooses to conclude their relationship, but the choice has a sad ending.

  • When a mechanic dates a lady, it ends in tragedy.

  • The tale of Jerry and Rebecca Barker, who wedded after his first wife's death. They opened a general store together, but in the end, she was accused of killing him.

  • A couple get in a car accident that puts an end to their search for a quiet life in Vermont.

  • Problems arise between a rodeo star and his country girl when she becomes fascinated with his best friend.

  • High-school sweethearts get back together 20 years later, but their past issues return.

  • Crazy Kim wants to change her way of life after she meets solid Frank. They are opposites, they are attracted to each other, but could it turn out to be fatal attraction?

  • John and Evie Watson's marriage deteriorates after 25 years of long-buried secrets comes to light.

  • The only thing going for Christina Corrigan is Keith Belajonas, a cute 25-year-old she meets online. After a couple of years and kids, they marry. But the honeymoon won't last long, and the jagged edges of their broken dreams will lead to a blood bath.

  • Steve Dingle, a young Filipino immigrant, returns to his homeland to find a bride.

  • A decade into his second marriage, a high school basketball coach lives a life of deceit.

  • A wife keeps looking at other men, leaving her husband suspicious and one of them dead.

  • A wife's betrayal causes an odd chain of events.

  • Tami and Alan got married in only a few short months of meeting, but Tami begins using her looks to her advantage and someone ends up dead.

  • Tommy Kane is dropped from the Seattle Seahawks, becoming so depressed that he kills his wife.

  • Judy Parker has romantic entanglements with several of her husband's employees and it becomes too much for her husband to cope with.

  • A 16-year-marriage takes a turn for the worst.

  • In the third season premiere, a stressful custody battle turns deadly.

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