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  • 2011
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.4  (96)

Devil You Know is a true crime documentary series that premiered on the Investigation Discovery channel in 2010. The show focuses on the stories of ordinary people who have been tragically deceived by someone they thought they knew well. These deceivers turned out to be psychopaths, sociopaths, or other types of criminals who used their charm, intelligence, and charisma to manipulate and exploit their victims.

Each episode of Devil You Know tells the story of one such victim, using interviews with family members, friends, neighbors, law enforcement officers, experts, and, in some cases, the criminals themselves, to recreate the events leading to the crime. The show also uses archive footage, news reports, court recordings, and other materials to provide a comprehensive and detailed picture of the case.

The cases featured in Devil You Know are diverse in terms of the types of crimes committed, the backgrounds of the victims and the perpetrators, and the locations and circumstances of the crimes. Some episodes deal with murders, while others focus on fraud, theft, identity theft, kidnapping, or other types of crimes. Some victims are children, while others are adults. Some perpetrators are strangers, while others are family members, friends, or romantic partners.

Despite the diversity of the cases, Devil You Know is united by a common theme: the devastating impact of deception on the lives of the victims and their loved ones. The show highlights the psychological, emotional, and social toll of the crimes, as well as the legal and practical challenges of investigating and prosecuting them. It also provides insights into the motives, methods, and personalities of the criminals, as well as the warning signs and red flags that may help others avoid falling prey to similar deceptions.

One of the strengths of Devil You Know is its focus on the human stories behind the crimes. Rather than simply presenting a dry recitation of facts, the show uses personal testimonials and emotional interviews to bring the victims and their families to life. Viewers get to know these people as individuals, not just as statistics or case studies. This makes the crimes all the more poignant and heartbreaking, as viewers feel a sense of connection and empathy with the victims.

Another strength of Devil You Know is its balanced and nuanced treatment of the criminals. While the show does not excuse or justify their actions, it does seek to understand them in a broader context of mental illness, trauma, abuse, addiction, or other factors that may have contributed to their behavior. This does not absolve them of responsibility for their crimes, but it does provide a more complete and complex picture of the motivation and mindset of someone who would commit such acts.

In addition to its powerful storytelling, Devil You Know also benefits from its high production values. The show features polished editing, cinematography, and sound design, as well as an engaging and suspenseful soundtrack. The pacing is brisk but not rushed, with each episode building to a dramatic climax that leaves viewers both satisfied and disturbed.

Overall, Devil You Know is a compelling and thought-provoking true crime series that explores the tragic consequences of deception, manipulation, and betrayal. It is not for the faint of heart, as some of the crimes depicted are disturbing and graphic. However, for those who are interested in true crime, psychology, and human nature, Devil You Know provides a fascinating and insightful look at some of the darkest corners of the human psyche.

Devil You Know
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