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Any American born after 1980 has heard of at least one Wahlberg. She may have heard of Donnie Wahlberg, a singer for popular boy band New Kids on the Block, or Mark Wahlberg, originally known as rapper Marky-Mark and now a well-known actor. What most people do not know, however, is that the celebrity Wahlberg family is not only known in the entertainment industry, they are also looking to break into the culinary industry.

Paul Wahlberg is one of Mark and Donnie's older brothers and also stars in the new hit reality television series Wahlburgers, which follows Paul and his family as they work to grow their burger restaurant into a chain.

What makes Wahlburgers interesting is the family dynamic that is unveiled so naturally onscreen. Watching Paul interact with Mark and Donnie, and listening to their commentaries, keeps viewers glued to the screen, but it is the matriarch of the family, Alma, who truly shines. This mother of nine shows that it takes someone with a sense of humor to raise so many children.

Wednesday 9:30 PM et/pt on A&E
9 Seasons, 86 Episodes
January 22, 2014
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg, Paul Wahlberg, Archie Gips
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Wahlburgers Full Episode Guide

  • Mark strikes a deal that will put Wahlburgers on military bases both here and abroad. Meanwhile, Paul and Donnie come head-to-head about the need to freeze and ship their proprietary beef blend around the world. Also, Donnie learns about his local town's culture in order to gain the St. Charles City Council's approval to build his own Wahlburgers.

  • Over 15,000 fans greet Mark, Donnie and Paul at the largest grand opening in Wahlburger's history--inside the infamous Mall of America. While there, the brothers discuss the future of Wahlburgers where Mark and Donnie try to convince Paul on expanding their product line, "Wahlburgers at Home."

  • In this special episode of Wahlburgers, get ready to laugh your buns off. Mark, Donnie, Paul, and Alma recall the most hilarious moments over the last nine seasons. It's a no-holds-barred romp down memory lane where no Wahlberg is safe.

  • The new Wahlburgers in Pittsburgh is facing a unique challenge where their sports team rivalries have put a dent in the restaurant's success. Paul and Donnie fly out to try to build a bridge with the community by diving in to the Pittsburgh culture in hopes of infusing that flavor in to this store. Meanwhile, Mark is building his own boardwalk empire by opening a Wahlburgers inside an Atlantic City casino before he heads out to join his brothers at the giant Pittsburgh VIP event. Will the city embrace these Boston boys or send them packing?

  • Paul goes to Big Cedar Lodge where he gets a crash course on being an outdoorsman.

  • Mark selects Paul to be the pitchman for a business partnership.

  • The plan for global expansion continues as the Wahlberg brothers plan to break ground on a new Wahlburgers in their very own hometown of Dorchester. Chef Paul continues to work on the "Express Model" and thinks it's ready to do a test run at the Dorchester groundbreaking. But tensions reach an all-time high, when Donnie finds out that Paul made an executive decision on the Wahlburgers beef packaging without the brother's input. And Alma finally starts her memoir...again.

  • Mark, Donnie and Paul have big plans for Wahlburgers' ever-expanding burger empire. Chef Paul is working on getting the right equipment and their burger times down in order to step in the fast food market with their "Express Model," and Donnie risks a personal mission to open a Wahlburgers in his home town of St. Charles. Meanwhile, the brothers disagree on the packaging of their own brand of retail beef, a financial risk that puts real world business pressure on the family like never before.

  • Paul's idea for Wahlburgers delivery provides the perfect cover for Donnie and Jenny to distract Alma.

  • In this unprecedented episode, Mark gives TV viewers unique and intimate access into a day of his life.

  • As Mark negotiates a deal to put Wahlburgers into Bass Pro locations, he puts Alma to work there as a greeter. Meanwhile, Paul offers his brother Arthur to babysit his newest nephew.

  • Donnie helps Jenny do test marketing for her new vodka at the Vegas Wahlburgers. As a surprise, Donnie enlists Boys II Men to test the flavors.

  • When Mark attends the VIP party at the Las Vegas Wahlburgers, Paul enlists guests Penn and Teller to make the event magical. Meanwhile in Hingham, Donnie suggests that Alma cook a meal as a way of introducing herself to all the new Wahlburgers corporate employees.

  • In Philadelphia, Donnie, his son Elijah, and his son's friends steal their food truck for the New Kids on the Block concert. Paul is asked to cater a wedding in Boston. Mark closes a deal in L.A. to bring their brand to the Midwest.

  • Donnie scouts a potential location in Nashville, Tenn., with New Kids bandmate Joey MacIntyre and NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick; Paul helps a veteran from the Wounded Warrior Project recover his passion for cooking.

  • Mark embarks on a packed business trip across the U.S. that includes an opportunity to create the first Wahlburgers action figure. While Paul is traveling with Mark, Alma secretly hires her best friend as the newest Alma Nove hostess.

  • With Wahlburgers on the verge of closing a deal to open hundreds of locations in the Asia Pacific, Mark gives Paul the final say in testing the relationship of this new partnership.

  • Paul discovers a meatless patty that he wants to put on the menu, and delivers the burger to Mark for the ultimate taste test; Donnie asks Danny Wood to help him convince the rest of the New Kids to showcase Wahlburgers gear on their upcoming tour.

  • Donnie's trip to the grand opening of the second Orlando Wahlburgers is diverted when NSYNC's Joey Fatone seeks advice for his new hot dog joint, Fat One's; a secret diner tests out the food and service at the Lynnfield, Mass., location.

  • Mark invites Alma to be his red-carpet date for the Boston premiere of the film "Patriots Day''; Paul visits the Las Vegas Wahlburgers, where new neighbor and country-music artist John Rich proposes a business partnership.

  • Donnie invites food critic Day'm Drops to Wahlburgers to help convince Paul to change up the fries. Also: Alma enlists the help of Johnny Drama to teach her golf so she can spend more time with Mark.

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