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  • 2016
  • 8 Seasons
  • 7.6  (238)

60 Days In is an American television series that premiered on A&E in March 2016. The show centers around innocent civilians, who volunteer to go undercover and spend 60 days in a correctional facility. It aims to show the reality of life behind bars, and to gather information about the problems faced by inmates and correctional officers.

During the show, the participants, also referred to as 'inmates', are fitted with hidden cameras and microphones and are assigned to different pods within the jail. Their main goal is to blend in with the rest of the prisoners and gather information that can be used to help the jail's administration make improvements.

The mix of volunteers between male and female, of different races, ages, and backgrounds is not coincidental. This approach provides a comprehensive look into how different groups experience incarceration, as each volunteer brings their unique perspective and skills to their role.

As expected, the transition is not an easy one as prison life is a stark contrast to the freedoms that we enjoy in the free world. Volunteers quickly realize they are at the mercy of the jail's rules and must adjust quickly or risk facing the consequences, which could range from being transferred to another pod to even facing disciplinary action.

The show also highlights the significant challenges that correctional officers are facing while trying to keep the peace in the jail. The job is tough, emotionally draining, and can be understaffed. The officers must work with the limited resources at their disposal and manage a growing population of inmates with diverse temperaments and attitudes.

60 Days In does not shy away from showing the harsh realities of life behind bars. The show deals with the daily realities of inmates, such as overcrowding, violence, drugs, and gang activity.

The premise of volunteers risking their safety to voluntarily enter a correctional facility has received controversy, with some questioning the impact the show has on the mindset of incarcerated individuals. However, the show's producers have consistently maintained that the purpose of the show is to shed light on the problems faced in the jail and that the gathered information is used to improve correctional facilities.

The show has great production quality, with its hidden camera footage capturing the reality of life behind bars in a way that has never been seen before. We see how the inmates go about their daily activities, how they interact with each other, and how they are affected by the harsh reality of incarceration.

Overall, 60 Days In is a mesmerizing and thought-provoking show that takes an in-depth look at what goes on behind bars. It has become one of the most popular docu-series on TV, educating viewers on the challenges that are faced by inmates, officers, and the corrections systems. The show is perfect for anyone interested in criminal justice reform, and it provides a unique, first-hand perspective of incarceration that is not easily accessible to the general public.

60 Days In is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (128 episodes). The series first aired on March 10, 2016.

60 Days In
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Season 8 Reunion: Part 2
15. Season 8 Reunion: Part 2
September 14, 2023
Summary is not available.
Season 8 Reunion: Part 1
14. Season 8 Reunion: Part 1
September 7, 2023
In part one of the season 8 reunion, sparks fly and tempers flare as host Mona Scott-Young grills the original six participants, who reunite with Sheriff Dance and Chief Capehart for the first time since leaving the 60 Days In program.
After the 60 Days: Part Two
13. After the 60 Days: Part Two
August 31, 2023
The participants have left the program, cameras remain to document changes being implemented throughout Pitt County Detention Center, and the raid expands to the men's unit which takes the inmates by surprise.
After the 60 Days: Part One
12. After the 60 Days: Part One
August 24, 2023
After the remaining participant leaves the program, the Sheriff and her staff process how to implement the feedback as the inmates continue serving their time.
To the Bitter End
11. To the Bitter End
August 17, 2023
As each participant nears the end of the program, Jamil tries a new tactic; Brittany reconciles with her roomie; Orion's old cellmate gets into a brutal fight; officers raid one cell, which pleases Kendra but puts Sara in the crosshairs.
One Pill Too Many
10. One Pill Too Many
August 10, 2023
Orion moves to a new pod and is forced to make a tough choice, Jamil faces an old foe, Brittany loses her patience with Candace, and a vicious fight breaks out between two inmates which affects Kendra and Brittany.
Pill Trades, Drug Raids
9. Pill Trades, Drug Raids
August 3, 2023
The remaining participants encounter obstacles while trying to fulfill their missions as drugs run rampant throughout PCDC, resulting in a full shakedown.
Mama Didn't Raise No Punk Bitch
8. Mama Didn't Raise No Punk Bitch
July 27, 2023
The last new participant Kendra embeds, while Orion loses his cool with a CO. Meanwhile, accusations of stealing lead to chaos within the women's pod and one participant seemingly gives up on the mission.
New Clown, Same Circus
7. New Clown, Same Circus
July 20, 2023
Sheriff Dance meets the two new volunteers before Orion enters the program. Jamil and Drip go head-to-head while constant aggression in the women's pod force. Brittany and Sara to try to find a solution.
Sheriff... We Have A Problem
6. Sheriff... We Have A Problem
July 13, 2023
Chaos reigns in both the Men's and Women's pods, leaving Sheriff Dance apprehensive about the program's future.
You Can Die in a Place Like This
5. You Can Die in a Place Like This
July 6, 2023
Suspicions mount and pressure builds as the participants try to focus on their missions and keep their cover.
Welcome to Gen Pop
4. Welcome to Gen Pop
June 29, 2023
As a new volunteer arrives at the Pitt County Detention Center, Jamil and Steven are transferred to thegeneral population, and another participant challenges their decision to stay in the program.
Ready, Set, Nope!
3. Ready, Set, Nope!
June 22, 2023
As two more participants enter Pitt County Detention Center, some may already be wavering on their commitment to make it through quarantine.
Welcome to Pitt County
2. Welcome to Pitt County
June 15, 2023
The first three participants enter Pitt County Detention Center in North Carolina to begin their 60 days inside the jail.
Before the 60 Days
1. Before the 60 Days
June 8, 2023
One month before participants enter Pitt County Detention Center to help identify problems inside, the inmates and staff tell an unflinching story of what life is like inside the jail.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 10, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (238)