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  • 2013
  • 1 Season
  • 4.5  (154)

Urban Tarzan is an action-packed reality TV show that premiered on Spike TV in 2013. The series stars John "Urban Tarzan" Brennan, a professional animal wrangler who rescues, captures, and relocates all types of animals that pose a threat to humans. The series combines intense action sequences with heartwarming moments as Brennan dedicates his life to saving animals and educating the public on the importance of conservation.

Throughout the series, Brennan is assisted by his team of animal experts, including Ripley, Jackie, and Danielle, as they travel across the United States responding to calls for help from people who have encountered dangerous animals. Whether it's capturing a python that has escaped in a residential area or safely relocating a family of raccoons from someone's attic, Brennan and his team always rise to the challenge.

One of the highlights of the series is the relationship between Brennan and his family. Although he was born into a family of animal lovers, Brennan's wild and unpredictable lifestyle has caused tension over the years. However, as the series progresses, viewers get to see the deep love and respect that Brennan has for his family and how they eventually come to understand and support his work.

Another aspect of the show that makes it so captivating is Brennan's personal story. He grew up in the Bronx and spent much of his youth on the streets, getting into trouble and using drugs. However, after hitting rock bottom, Brennan turned his life around and found redemption in his passion for animals. He now uses his skills and experience to help both animals and people in need.

One of the most impressive things about Urban Tarzan is the cinematography. The action sequences are thrilling, and the camera work is often up-close and personal, putting viewers right in the heart of the action. The use of slow motion and stunning aerial shots also adds to the show's cinematic quality.

Although the show can be intense at times, it also has a lighthearted side. Brennan's sense of humor and infectious personality make him an endearing character, and viewers can't help but cheer him on as he takes on new challenges.

Overall, Urban Tarzan is an exciting and heartwarming show that will appeal to animal lovers and action fans alike. Brennan's dedication to animal welfare and his fearless approach to capturing dangerous animals make him a true hero, and the show's high-quality production values and stunning visuals elevate it to something truly special. Whether you're a fan of reality TV or just looking for an adrenaline-packed adventure, Urban Tarzan is definitely worth checking out.

Urban Tarzan is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on March 19, 2013.

Urban Tarzan
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King of the Urban Jungle
10. King of the Urban Jungle
May 14, 2013
URBANTARZAN and Caveman discover a mysterious importer behind an exotic animal bloodbath. A deadly crocodile monitor traps a girl in the shower at the Jersey Shore, and a bear terrorizes a children's birthday party.
Elephant Rampage
9. Elephant Rampage
May 14, 2013
URBANTARZAN and Caveman try to rescue a baboon from an exotic animal smuggling ring, find a bobcat in a hot car trunk in South Central L.A., and attempt to save an out of control lost elephant.
Carjacking Bear
8. Carjacking Bear
May 7, 2013
Team Urban Tarzan intervene to save a black panther and alligator from an exotic animal fight ring, find a black bear stuck in someone's car, and try to prevent a ram from killing some drunken jackasses who are making it ram them.
Horse in a Nightclub
7. Horse in a Nightclub
April 30, 2013
Team Urban Tarzan try to rescue a horse and a monkey. Then they face off with a rampaging wild boar in a frat house hazing gone wrong.
Grave Robbing Wolf
6. Grave Robbing Wolf
April 23, 2013
URBANTARZAN & Caveman try to save a battered pet owner from an abusive kangaroo, have an encounter with an enraged wolf digging up the grave of a family's dead dog and face off with a raccoon ruining a rapper's recording session.
Wild, Sexy & Deadly
5. Wild, Sexy & Deadly
April 16, 2013
The guys rescue an ostrich in a supermarket, a giant snake terrorizing a model at a photo shoot and a lion roaming a suburb.
A Grizzly Find
4. A Grizzly Find
April 9, 2013
Team UrbanTarzan rescues a Grizzly Bear before it can be killed and sold for parts. An exotic lemur is trapped beneath a house, and a camel terrorizes a Christmas nativity scene in Downtown Los Angeles.
Stung, Sprayed, and Subdued
3. Stung, Sprayed, and Subdued
April 2, 2013
Urban Tarzan & Caveman are surrounded by dozens of deadly scorpions, skunks are rescued from a sorority prank gone wrong, and a junkyard owner mistakes a cougar for a Chupacabra.
Welcome to the Jungle
2. Welcome to the Jungle
March 26, 2013
Team UrbanTarzan stalk a male lion in the LA River, UrbanTarzan comes face to face with a deadly King Cobra, and a loose zebra is tracked down in the woods near a highway rest stop.
Loaded Chimp
1. Loaded Chimp
March 19, 2013
The guys deal with a gun-toting chimp and a bull who is terrorizing people. Also a 300 pound alligator is left in a woman's pool by her estranged husband.
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Urban Tarzan is available for streaming on the Spike TV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Urban Tarzan on demand at Amazon, Vudu and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    March 19, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    4.5  (154)