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  • TV-Y7
  • 1998
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.5  (1,455)

In the late 1990s, Nickelodeon brought the popular book series Animorphs to life with a live-action television show. The show followed a group of five teens who were given the power to transform into animals in order to fight against their alien enemies, the Yeerks.

Leading the group was Jake (played by Shawn Ashmore), the responsible and level-headed leader who struggled to balance his duties as an Animorph with his life as a high school student. His best friend Marco (Boris Cabrera) added some much-needed humor to the group, often using his new animal form to get himself out of sticky situations.

Meanwhile, Rachel (Brooke Nevin) was the group's fierce warrior, unafraid to take on the Yeerks head-on. Tobias (Christopher Ralph) was the outsider of the group, a quiet boy with a tragic past who found solace in flying as a hawk. Finally, Cassie (Nadia Nascimento) was the empathetic animal lover, who often struggled with the ethical implications of using their powers to fight.

The show was unique in its use of practical effects to create the animal transformations. Rather than relying on CGI, the actors would physically transform on-screen using prosthetics and makeup. This added a level of realism to the show and made the Animorphs' abilities feel tangible and believable.

Throughout the show, the Animorphs faced various challenges and conflicts as they tried to stop the Yeerks from taking over the world. They had to balance their secret superhero identities with their normal lives, which often put them in difficult situations. Additionally, they had to deal with personal issues such as family problems, romance, and the moral implications of their actions.

One notable aspect of the show was its willingness to tackle serious themes and issues. The Animorphs faced situations such as child abuse, war crimes, and discrimination, which added depth and complexity to the show. It was refreshing to see a kids' show that didn't shy away from difficult topics.

Overall, Animorphs was a well-acted, thought-provoking, and entertaining show that was a cult favorite among its fans. While it only lasted for two seasons, it left a lasting impression on those who grew up watching it.

Animorphs is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on September 15, 1998.

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Changes - Part 3
13. Changes - Part 3
April 23, 2000
There is a group in town that seems to know about the Yeerks. They even have their own website. Apparently they have some interest in Tobias and eventually he is drawn to their headquarters. Are these freed controllers? Are they Yeerks trying to lure the Andalites? Tobias is about to find out more that he bargained for!
Changes - Part 2
12. Changes - Part 2
April 16, 2000
The World's Weirdest Videos is about to receive an award winning tape. Someone has captured, on film, a dog turning into a boy! While the Animorphs try to stop this tape from making it to air, they make a startling discovery about Visser Three. Tobias continues to find images of hawk graffiti.
Changes - Part 1
11. Changes - Part 1
April 9, 2000
It's the end of the school year and the prom is just around the corner. Rachel has finally convinced Cassie that she should go to the dance with Jake - even though they are just friends. While shopping for their dresses, Cassie has a confrontation with the cosmetic counter staff because they test their products on animals. She convinces Jake to help her. However, while in morph, Jake's animal instinct takes over and animal rights activists steal him for a protest. Will Jake make it to the dance? His 2 hours are almost up. Meanwhile, Tobias finds a mysterious hawk-in-flight logo.
Face Off - Part 3
8. Face Off - Part 3
February 20, 2000
The Animorphs have unlocked Elfangor's disk and Tobias is now able to appear in human morph. Meanwhile, Jake has been captured in the Yeerk Pool and learns of a new breed of Yeerk, and that Cassie and Ax are scheduled to be infested. Tobias, Rachel and Marco must use all their wits to battle Visser III and save Jake, Ax and Cassie.
Face Off - Part 2
7. Face Off - Part 2
March 7, 1999
The Yeerk's plan is revealed when Principal Chapman stops the game and announces that there is a tornado warning in town and everyone must retreat to the basement shelter for safety. The Animorphs know that there is nothing safe about this shelter - it's the Yeerk pool and the plan must be to infest everyone at the game. But with new secret powers from the disk, the Animorphs enter the Yeerk pool and the battle begins... but we won't know how it ends until next season!
Changes: Part 3
6. Changes: Part 3
October 1, 1999
Tobias follows a trail of hawk images to find a secret group that knows all about the Yeerks.
Changes: Part 2
5. Changes: Part 2
September 24, 1999
Someone has videotaped Jake morphing into a dog. Can the Animorphs stop the tape from airing?
Changes: Part 1
4. Changes: Part 1
September 17, 1999
While in morph, Jake is "stolen" by animal rights activists. Will he escape before he morphs back?
The Front
3. The Front
October 8, 1999
Ax needs to learn the value of money and gets a job in a gadget store. But is his boss a Controller?
My Name Is Erek
2. My Name Is Erek
September 10, 1999
The Animorphs have a new classmate with superhuman abilities. Is he friend or foe, human or alien?
Face Off: Part 3
1. Face Off: Part 3
September 3, 1999
Tobias, Rachel and Marco must use all their wits to battle Visser III and save Jake, Ax and Cassie.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 15, 1998
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (1,455)