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Animorphs is a TV and book series concerning a set of teens who receive the power to transform into any animal that they come into physical contact with from an alien entity. All is not fun and games for these teens however, as they are thrust into a violent conflict between two alien factions, the Andalites and the Yeerks. The Yeerks seek to take over the human race, enslaving them for the rest of eternity and resemble large, parasitic slugs. They control the humans by invading their brain via the ear canal and the human has little to no control over what they do after the Yeerk takes over.

The Animorphs fight as a group against the Yeerks, having the advantage that the Yeerks do not know who they are. However, they face one problem in that they can only stay in their animal form for two hours, else they risk becoming the animal for the rest of their lives. But sometimes, transforming back into their human form can risk getting their identities revealed.

Animorphs is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on September 15, 1998.

Where do I stream Animorphs online? Animorphs is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Animorphs on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 31 Episodes
September 15, 1998
Kids & Family Science Fiction
Cast: Shawn Ashmore, Brooke Nevin, Boris Cabrera, Nadia-Leigh Nascimento
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Animorphs Full Episode Guide

  • There is a group in town that seems to know about the Yeerks. They even have their own website. Apparently they have some interest in Tobias and eventually he is drawn to their headquarters. Are these freed controllers? Are they Yeerks trying to lure the Andalites? Tobias is about to find out more that he bargained for!

  • The World's Weirdest Videos is about to receive an award winning tape. Someone has captured, on film, a dog turning into a boy! While the Animorphs try to stop this tape from making it to air, they make a startling discovery about Visser Three. Tobias continues to find images of hawk graffiti.

  • It's the end of the school year and the prom is just around the corner. Rachel has finally convinced Cassie that she should go to the dance with Jake - even though they are just friends. While shopping for their dresses, Cassie has a confrontation with the cosmetic counter staff because they test their products on animals. She convinces Jake to help her. However, while in morph, Jake's animal instinct takes over and animal rights activists steal him for a protest. Will Jake make it to the dance? His 2 hours are almost up. Meanwhile, Tobias finds a mysterious hawk-in-flight logo.

  • The Animorphs have unlocked Elfangor's disk and Tobias is now able to appear in human morph. Meanwhile, Jake has been captured in the Yeerk Pool and learns of a new breed of Yeerk, and that Cassie and Ax are scheduled to be infested. Tobias, Rachel and Marco must use all their wits to battle Visser III and save Jake, Ax and Cassie.

  • Tobias follows a trail of hawk images to find a secret group that knows all about the Yeerks.

  • Someone has videotaped Jake morphing into a dog. Can the Animorphs stop the tape from airing?

  • While in morph, Jake is "stolen" by animal rights activists. Will he escape before he morphs back?

  • Ax needs to learn the value of money and gets a job in a gadget store. But is his boss a Controller?

  • The Animorphs have a new classmate with superhuman abilities. Is he friend or foe, human or alien?

  • Tobias, Rachel and Marco must use all their wits to battle Visser III and save Jake, Ax and Cassie.

  • The Animorphs have new secret powers from the captured Yeerk disk, and they try to stop a massive Yeerk infestation.

  • How will the Animorphs fend off a new breed of Yeerks that don't need a Kandrona to live?

  • The Animorphs discover that the Yeerks are dying in the heads of many Controllers, and they fight to save freed Controllers.

  • The weight of battling the Yeerk invasion is wearing on Jake and he wishes he'd never met Elfangor at all.

  • Tobias and Ax share memories with the help of Andalite technology.

  • Rachel crashes in the woods while in hawk morph. The Animorphs rescue her from the Controllers.

  • The Animorphs destroy a Kandrona, and Marco vows to fight the Yeerks until he gets his mom back.

  • The Animorphs discover a terrible secret about Visser I and Marco's mother.

  • Cassie cant control her morphing. Perhaps it has something to do with her most recent aquisition.

  • Cassie has an allergic reaction to a crocodile's DNA, and has trouble controlling when she morphs.

  • On the ship, Marco makes a discovery that will chnge his veiws of this war permanently.

  • Jake and Marco get captured and taken to the mother ship. How will they escape?

  • Homesick for the Andalite planet, Ax uses a high-powered telescope to contact his father.

  • The Animorphs have discovered a secret weapon to use against the Yeerks - maple-flavored oatmeal!

  • Rachel morphs into a cat to discover why her best friend is acting strange.

  • After a close call in the Yeerk Pool, the Animorphs decide to split up and gather more information.

  • Something wierd happens when a controller eats maple oatmeal. How will the gang use this to their advantage

  • Jake and the others need to retreive the disk Elfangor tried to give them, before the controllers get it. But the site is crawling with controlers. Perhaps a prank will sufice as the proper destraction....

  • Jake, his cousin and some of their friends cut through a construction site on the way home and run into a downed alien space craft. Is the alien friendy? And whats this about Earth being in danger??