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Animal Face-Off is a predator lover's dream. The show uses computer generated images to create epic battles among the top predators nature has to offer. Like gladiators in a ring, animals fight to the bitter end using every tool and weapon to gain the upper hand. Animal experts consider the strengths and weaknesses of each species and compare them to the strengths and weakness of the rival species. Animal weaponry like teeth and claws garner high marks. Solo hunters that rely on individual cunning, stealth and ability often receive higher marks than predators that rely on group participation. Experts also consider speed, agility, raw power and aggression. Many of the combatants will hardly come face to face in true combat scenarios as they often live in completely different geographical locations. For predators occupying the same territory, conflict is generally over food and is usually defined by small skirmishes that end with one group chasing the other group away from the kill.

However, after all data has been calculated scientists and animals experts build robotic prototypes designed to inflict much of the damage of the real predator. Studio tests are run. Scenarios are created, and results are studied as the robotic killer unleashes his wrath on an unsuspecting object. As the show culminates in the big, computer generated show down; graphic artists create the perfect scenario. Appropriate music plays as the two predators stalk each other over various terrain. The scenario captures the strengths of each animal as it attempts to gain the upper hand over its opponent. Fights usually last a couple of minutes until the superior predator unleashes his ultimate weapon killing his opponent.

No doubt results can and will be debated by enthusiasts who support their favorite animal. Regardless of opinion, Animal Face-Off shows the importance of predators to ensure the balance of nature. Stealth, cunning and coordinated hunting techniques prove these animals to be more than mindless killers looking for their next meal, but when they face-off it is nothing less than extraordinary.

Animal Face-Off is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on March 5, 2021.

Where do I stream Animal Face-Off online? Animal Face-Off is available for streaming on Discovery Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Animal Face-Off on demand at Hulu, Amazon, Apple TV online.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
1 Season, 12 Episodes
March 5, 2021
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Animal Face-Off Full Episode Guide

  • What would happen if the Colossal squid, with eyes the size of dinner plates, met the humongous 25 ton sperm whale? Will the squid squeeze its way out of the predicament, or will the Moby Dick whale eat the squid?

  • What would happen if the American killing machine, the American alligator, met against the black bear? Will the alligator tare the bear into shreds, or will the bear whack and bite his way to victory?

  • What would happen if the Western Low-Land silverback gorilla met the feline stealth hunter known as the leopard? Will the gorilla, representing bronze defeat the leopard, or will the cunning of the leopard outwit the ape?

  • What would happen if the largest snake in the world, the anaconda, met the jaguar. Will the snake eat the jaguar, or will the cat pull out a win?

  • What would happen if the king of the beasts, the lion, met the Nile stalk hunter known as the Nile crocodile? Will the lion once again retain his title, or will the croc become victorious?

  • What would happen if the arctic predator known as the polar bear met the long tusked walrus? Will the walrus become lunch for the polar bear, or will the polar bear be gouged out by the walrus?

  • What would happen if the swift, fast killing cougar met the stay strong, bad attitude of the alpha wolf? Will the feline prevail this time, or will the dog kills cat theory stay in effect?

  • What would happen if the 4 ton hippopotamus met the agile predator known as the bull shark? Will the hippo impale the shark, or will the shark rip the hippo to shreds?

  • What would happen if the lion met the tiger? Would the lion still be king of the beasts, or will the tiger steal the crown?

  • What would happen if the 2 1/2 ton rhinoceros met against the 8 ton elephant? Will the rhino gore out the elephant, or will the elephant retain his heavyweight title?

  • What would happen if the 15 foot salt water crocodile met the 25 foot great white shark? Will the crocodile become the new terror of the sea, or will the shark retain his title?