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"Snapped" is a true crime original series which focuses on the exploits of real life "femme fatales" and the various and insidious ways in which they manipulate their mates and friends for their own personal benefit. The documentary show first aired on Oxygen TV as part of their original true crime programming series. Like most other televised true crime series, Snapped: She Made Me Do It, is part documentary, part cinema, with dramatic reenactments based upon the evidence obtained from specific cases as well as direct, eye witness testimony.

Despite the title the show does not begin with an outright vilification or condemnation of the supposed perpetrator, but rather takes a very sanguine, almost murder mystery-esque, approach to the way in which the explanations are structured. Every episode begins with an overview of specific and horrible crime, usually a murder, wherein the main suspect is always woman whom is suspected of masterminding the deadly events.

Then, through the use of the aforementioned staged reenactments, personal interviews with those who survived the crime or took part in the investigation into it as well as tapes, files and, in some cases, the prime suspect herself, the audience will be given the chance to make their own evaluation. At the end of each episode the verdict given to the suspect will be revealed followed by a short epilogue of the case.

Snapped: She Made Me Do It is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on September 9, 2015.

Where do I stream Snapped: She Made Me Do It online? Snapped: She Made Me Do It is available for streaming on Oxygen, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Snapped: She Made Me Do It on demand at Amazon, FuboTV, Google Play, Peacock online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Oxygen
2 Seasons, 17 Episodes
September 9, 2015
Documentary & Biography, Drama
Cast: Dan D.W. McCann, Alicyn Packard
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Snapped: She Made Me Do It Full Episode Guide

  • When a family man is shot dead in a parking garage, clues lead to questions about gang affiliation and an estranged wife with a mysterious new lifestyle.

  • A young woman is found viciously murdered in her fiance's home and investigators struggle to understand who would have wanted to the woman dead. That is, until they uncover details of a torrid love triangle.

  • A loving husband and father is found dead and all clues point to his wife's lover. Was this crime the result of lust and jealousy, or did a relentless seductress use her lover as a pawn to gain a huge life insurance policy for herself?

  • A day at the Iowa State Fair turns deadly when two funnel-cake business owners are killed. Police later discover the couple's daughter is having an affair with a bitter employee. Did he kill out of revenge? Or did she orchestrate it?

  • A pregnant woman is found dead on the side of the road and investigators discover that the baby's father is a married man. Did he take her out to eliminate his problem or did his wife eliminate her competition?

  • A young mother is found brutally murdered in a cornfield and investigators learn that she was caught in a complex love triangle with career criminals. But did her dangerous lovers commit the crime? Or was a romantic rival behind it all?

  • When a woman is found dead investigators discover that a tumultuous family dynamic may have triggered her murder. Could her ex-husband, her daughter or her daughter's older boyfriend have been the mastermind to this gruesome crime?

  • When a British millionaire turns up missing during a trip to Miami, an international manhunt ensues and police are left to figure out if the family man led a double life, or if a sultry business partner let greed manifest into murder.

  • A small town's mayor is found dead in his bed. Was this a tragic case of death by natural causes or did his daughter-in-law orchestrate his murder?

  • A prominent husband and wife are assassinated at the side of the road. When investigators take a closer look at the husband's mistress, they unravel shocking secrets. Was she a pawn in a game of two cunning men, or the mastermind behind a double homicide?

  • When a man is shot while driving on the freeway, clues point to his adopted son and brother-in-law. Did they act alone, or did his estranged wife put them up to it?

  • When a family is viciously killed in a town by the border, investigators suspect the local MinuteMen Organization.

  • When a jock is murdered and burned, his part-time lover accuses her high school boyfriend.

  • A man is brutally attacked by a machete wielding ninja and his wife's friends are suspects. Did they act alone or at her request?

  • Investigating the 2003 shooting death of a student.

  • What was to be a reconciliation dinner ends in murder. A husband dead, his cousin-in-law identified as the killer. Did the sexy wife put him up to it, or was she just an innocent bystander?